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SITES: Ryan Boyd Models, USAMuscle



"Chris can be summed up in just three words; POWERFUL, BOLD and CREATIVE. These are the exact words from his web bio, and I couldn't agree more. A highly established fitness model and competitive body builder, his career is just starting to soar, like superman himself. I was lucky to be there for the prelaunch of his career.

The results of our collaborative session are here for you to see. I personally couldn't be more please with what we were able to achieve and there is more to come in the future.

At 5'6" tall and weighing in at 160 lbs., he is pure muscle, power and total enthusiasm, in every inch of his being. A power that was beyond a pleasure to work with. One of his personal goals is to make every session UNIQUE, CLASSY and SEXY. I hope you enjoy the images in his gallery."

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