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Sebastian From Active Duty
Jean Franko


SITES: Drill My Hole, Falcon Studios, Kristen Bjorn, Lucas Entertainment, Lucas Kazan, Men at Play, Stag Homme Studios, The Gay Office

43943 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

Taking Flight Part 1, Scene 5

Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

"Josh wanders the club and spies Brad Patton and Dean Monroe along with Arpad Miklos and Jean Franko in a fuck frenzy that leaves Dean filled with cock. He takes all three in his mouth and up his ass, and even takes two at once before they blow their loads."

43944 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43947 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43948 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43950 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43946 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe 43949 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

43951 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe 43952 Jean Franko, Arpad Miklos, Brad Patton, Dean Monroe

Casting Couch #279

Featuring Jean Franko and Roman

August 23, 2012

"Roman has arrived in the city for a well deserved holiday. He has been doing some research prior to his trip and has arranged to meet with his favorite porn star: Jean Franko. Jean meets Roman at his opulent hotel and the two immediately find a deep interest in one another. Roman is very excited to get his hands on Jean’s hairy chest and abs. Jean can feel Roman’s desire swelling in his pants and quickly releases his engorged cock. The head of Roman’s hard cock is treated to a tongue bath by Jean that leaves Roman panting for more. Jean then takes a seat and unleashes his substantial and impressive fat cock to Romans delight. Roman quickly gets on his knees to service his idol. He has dreamt and fantasized about this day, this moment for a long time. Now that huge cock is just inches away awaiting him to live out his dreams. Jean takes Roman’s head in both hands and forces him down on his fat cock. Roman is taken to his extreme limits with Jean’s cock stretching his hungry throat. The feel of total pleasure while sucking on a hot cock that you have jerked off to for years has Roman so hot that he blows his load while sucking on Jean’s fat meat. The invitation of a hot fat cock in front of him only begs Roman to do what came naturally in his fantasies. He sits down on top of Jean and begins to ride Jean’s cock with intense fury. Jean then turns Roman around so he can penetrate that hot ass from different angles. With his balls getting heavy and full Jean takes this man’s fantasy to the level that Roman will be dreaming of for a long time. Jean continues pounding Roman hard as his balls draw up tight and close to his body ready to ejaculate his hot load. With each thrust he comes one step closer. Roman feels the sensation building in his ass as Jean’s cock appears to get harder and fatter deep within him. He sucks at Jean’s cock with his ass muscles and Jean can no longer hold out, he erupts his hot load all over Roman’s hungry ass. Never stop dreaming and never stop living out your fantasies."








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Casting Couch #5

Featuring Jean Franko and Luca

"Jean Franko and Luca will give you a new perspective on your kitchen table. Luca with his lean, sculpted body, Jean with his beefy,hairy muscular body gives us the options to always choose. Both men give us the slow and seductive striping of clothes until both huge and hard cocks are exposed and demanding attention. Luca can't keep his desires for Jean's fat cock at bay any longer and lowers his lips onto his juicy uncut head. Filled with pleasure and desire Jean's cock is harder then granite. He sees Luca's cock straining for attention and shows him just how much he desires to feel his long cock sliding deeper and deeper into his mouth and down his throat. Luca is thrilled to see Jean's expertise and begins to face fuck him. Jean takes it all with total pleasure. Luca now bends over the table and Jean begins to devour his ass. Licking, sucking and fucking Luca's sweet hole with his tongue. Jean has worked himself up so much that he immediately sits down on Luca's hot cock. It is a pleasure to watch Jean fuck himself on top of Luca's cock while his own fat, hairy cock is flopping up and down as he rides harder, enjoying every inch penetrating deep within his hole. Both men take pleasure in fucking, Luca pounding Jean hard, Jean taking long strides on top of Luca. Jean now places Luca on the table on his back. Forcing his fat cock deep within Luca. Jean gives Luca's ass a treat, long, slow strides, then pulling out completely teasing Luca's hole with his head as he re-enters again and again. Luca is quickly approaching the point of ecstasy and takes his own cock in hand and strokes in unison with Jean's cock stroking his ass. Feeding off of each others pleasure Luca erupts his load while Jean continues pleasuring his hole. Feeling Luca's ass muscles milking his cock Jean is unable to withhold any longer and shoots his hot load all over Luca's thigh. Is it time to clear the table to eat, or are you full?"

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Men in Love, Scene 5

Sensual Jessie Colter Gives His Body to the Powerful Jean Franko
Lucas Entertainment

January 23, 2012

"Young, muscled power bottom Jessie Colter isn’t just about fucking -- he enjoys when a strong man takes him in his arms and makes deep and passionate love to him. Meeting his needs is Jean Franko, a powerful man who uses his thick uncut cock for both sexual gratification as well as treating the men who submit to him with tender care. Jessie wastes no time showing Franko the attention he deserves: he worships his hard uncut cock with his lips and tongue, keeping the top hard and ready for what’s to come. When Jessie’s ass is prepared, Franko enters him with deep, penetrating ferocity, testing the limits of what Jessie can handle in his ass. But for his love, Jean, the intensity is all pleasure as they reach orgasm."




LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_10 LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_09

LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_01 LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_02

LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_04 LVP117_05_Jessie_Colter_Jean_Franko_05

Auditions 43: Euro Guys, Scene 5

Power Top Jean Franko Fucks Tavor Wolf Up the Ass Deep
Lucas Entertainment

December 19, 2011

"Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi closes out this round of auditions in Ibiza by talking to tall, hunky Hispanic man Jean Franko and the handsome, demure Tavor Wolf. Jonathan's talk gets these two hot guys ready for sex, and in this sexy romp it's Jean who is taking control. Tavor is going to be his bitch, and he starts out by running his hands all over Jean's impressive body. Tavor's mouth is hungry for cock, and Jean's hard, uncut piece of meat is alert and ready for oral alert. Tavor sucks and swallows on Jean, who can't get enough. Tavor likes to be dominated, so Jean smacks and slaps his bottom's ass, getting it ready for the ultimate punishment. Jean hammers away at Tavor when he’s ready: his massive, uncut dick takes no mercy on Tavor’s backside, who submits his ass totally until their orgasms are complete."



MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_02 MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_03

MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_06 MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_07

MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_08 MLA43_05_Jean_Franko_Tavor_Wolf_09

Missing, Scene 5

Jonathan Agassi and Jean Franko
Lucas Entertainment

May 28, 2010

"Jonathan Agassi is being hotly pursued by the aggressive Jean Franko, who captures him and ties him to a pier at low tide. Helpless and beaten, Jonathan has no choice but to succumb to the lascivious advances of his muscular captor, who licks him and jerks him off at his own pleasure. Spitting, slapping, and sucking, Jean Franko shows Jonathan who's boss with heart-pounding ferocity. Soon he strips and lowers his sweaty hole over Jonathan's mouth, and unties him. The captured becomes the captor, and the results are nothing short of captivating, as Mr. Agassi pushes Franko up against a rusty pier structure and fucks his brains out. Franko finishes up in Jonathan's mouth."

Rentboy Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux


Starring Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux

February 5, 2010

"18 year old Philippe is about to lose his virginity to an escort (hung Jean Franko). Will the reality of Philippe's first time live up to his fantasies and expectations? Will it quench his thirst for romance or his hunger for cock?"

Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux_05

Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux_07

Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux_12

Jean Franko and Philippe Delvaux_01 Lucaskazan_08
Jean Franko and Jordan Fox


Starring Jean Franko and Jordan Fox

December 11, 2009

"Jean Franko neglects his chores at the farm and hides with a bottle of wine. When hung Jordan Fox catches him drunk, Jean is forced to put out. Hairy, manly Jean Franko in a rare, yet strong performance as a power bottom."




Lucaskazan_03 Lucaskazan_05


Cruising the Urinals

Jean Franko and Lucio Saints
Stag Homme Studios

November 12, 2009

"This video footage was filmed during an actual club night at the legendary Spanish hook-up bar “Black and White” (discoblack-white.net). Jean Franko walks into the toilets to take a piss. Lucio Saints notices Jean and follows him into the toilets as well. What unravels is one of the best public suck and fuck-fests of the year."






Cruising_5 Cruising_6

Cruising_7 Cruising_8
Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho in Clerks

Clerks5 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho


Starring Francesco D’Macho and Jean Franko
Stag Homme Studios

September 10, 2009

"Being a clerk at a sex shop, with sex videos flashing on screens and horny customers looking to get off, has gotta be tough. You’re bombarded with sex but you can’t get off if you wanna keep your job. But Jean Franko and Francesco D’Macho are two horny clerks that constantly need to get off and don’t give a fuck about keeping their jobs. Watch these two superstars suck each other's big fat uncut cocks before Jean Franko pounds the hell out of Francesco with that massive piece of his until he busts his thick messy nut all over his face."


Clerks26 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho

Clerks19 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho

Clerks22 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho

Clerks25 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho

Clerks27 Jean Franko and Francesco DMacho
Jean Franko and Damien Crosse in Kamasutra

Kama5 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama Sutra

Jean Franko and Damien Crosse
Stag Homme Studios

July 2009

"One of porn’s biggest and most sensual tops, Jean Franko, graces us in Stag Homme’s latest XXX feature, “Kama Sutra”. Jean Franko and Damien Crosse happen to cross paths on the sweaty streets of Barcelona when the Venezuelan sex-god decides to invite him over for some action. But this is NOT your usual sex romp! Franko voraciously fucks Crosse in four sweltering positions, even lifting him off the ground and plows him while holding up his brutalized bottom in his massive arms. Our deified top pounds the cum out of Damien without even touching himself during just the second position. But Damien, still hungry, grabs Jean Franko’s cock and sticks it back in his ass until he fucks another load out of him this time into his own mouth. Vatsyayana, eat your heart out!"

Kama1 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama8 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama9 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama10 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama3 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse Kama4 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse

Kama6 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse Kama7 Jean Franko and Damien Crosse