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Jet & Trevor Laster: RAW

April 19, 2013

"I got a glimpse of Trevor's ability to top and bottom during his Edge video with Glenn. I was eager to see him take on a dude in a setting where he could really maneuver and make things happen. Trevor prefers to top, but he also enjoys bottoming, so I knew he would enjoy a flip-flop video.

I found out that Jet will actually jerk-off a couple times before doing a shoot. I knew he struggled to NOT cum while being fucked, but I had no idea he was resorting to ejaculating before each shoot.

Not sure if he was extra extra horny the day we shot this, but we weren't a couple minutes into the oral and he was already telling Trevor to ease up. Team Gay does it best! Trevor decided it was too easy to make him cum so he had Jet Service his rather thick cock. Watch Trevor's face as Jet's teeth and goatee become an issue.

They both enjoy rimming, and the ass eating in this video is awesome. I love watching Jet stroke his cock while he happily tongues Trevor's hole. Turnabout is fair play, so Trevor lubes up Jet's hole with spit, making it nice and slippery to push his cock inside. He struggles a bit to find the proper angle, but once he is up and stabilized, he fucks Jet like the pro he is. He eventually pushes Jet flat, fucking him in a more "at home" style... a personal favorite of many a Top.

That was making Trevor close, so he flips Jet over and sits on his cock. There is a lot of it falling in and out as they try to find a rhythm, but eventually they hit their stride.

Jet's favorite position is on his back, and by now I should know that he then has access to his cock and keeps himself on the edge of busting the entire time.

This time out, he pushes it too far, and accidentally blows his load. Trevor is lost for a few moments, but quickly scoops up the cum, slicks up his cock with it, and proceeds to fuck him with his own jizz!

I left this in the video as an "outtake" only because you see me drop my camera angle, walk calmly around the bed, and as I am stepping up on to the bed to get another angle. Jet, is shouting, "I'm going to cum again!" I quickly get my camera in place and catch his second misfire.

Yep, he cums twice in about 60 seconds!

I get some more footage, and he is still trying to not bust. I finally took pity on him and I let Trevor totally fuck the cum out of him. Trevor pulls out and bust a massive load all over Jet's asshole.

Jet squeezes out the load and it is quite messy. Trevor shoves his cock back in to help tidy things up.

Jet cums three times in this video, but get this, after the shoot, he goes to shower up and yells out to me that he came again while douching his ass! I don't think I have ever met a performer who's prostate is such a hair-trigger button to make someone cum!

Some credit has to go to Trevor. He is gay, and as a Top that likes to bottom, he seems to know how to fuck in just the right way. A method that the other guys that Jet has worked with have not learned!

This is a long video. 36 minutes but I didn't want to cut out all the cum shots, cock jousting, and ass eating. It all was just too delicious!"











Glenn & Trevor Laster: Edge

March 22, 2013

"Glenn finally requested some time in the Edge chair, and after all this time, I figured he was well-beyond being a nervous -first-timer and we could push the scene. The last couple Edge videos I have filmed, the guys have been too uptight about doing any of the fantasy elements.

So with Glenn eager to do the video, I figured if I put him with Trevor, I could get a very 'interactive' Edge video for a change. I knew Glenn was totally Trevor's type of guy, so if things got a little out of hand, he would be down for anything.

We played a bit with reversing the roles. Kind of a "who is servicing who" type of video. Some great fucking, and I think this was the first time Glenn struggled to accommodate a dude's cock. Trevor is quite hung!

This is a long one at about 35 minutes, so be patient for the download. It is worth it!

Won't spoil the video with a lot of text. The images this time out will give you a pretty good idea of what went down...and in...and out...and in..."

1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_007 1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_015

1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_023 1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_033

1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_053 1166_chaosmen_glenn_trevor_edge_hires_057













Aries & Trevor Laster: Serviced

February 13, 2013

"I usually like to get a feel for a new model's energy, enthusiasm and skills before plunking them into a full-on sex scene. Trevor was in town to do a solo and an oral video, and despite him being down for some penetration, I kinda wanted to make sure everything would be going smoothly.

Aries is down to fuck also, and you will be seeing more of that in the coming weeks. He has actually been fairly busy as he is local, and has jumped into a couple films where one of the models has missed a flight or got sick (Flu Season! Hate it!) So if you like Aries, be prepared for a marathon of videos in the coming months. He really is an amazing performer!

Every model seems to have strengths and trading oral seems to be Aries favorite thing to do. Well, at least I am gauging his enjoyment by how hard his cock gets. It stands at attention while getting or giving head.

Trevor so far seems to like both, but given the toy he used in his solo and his past work, my guess is he will be eager to start doing some fucking. He has an ass-splitting cock, but would love to see him get fucked.

Both guys are way into this oral video. We got some rimming in, and Aries, who seems to just giggle when his ass is rimmed, held his glee at bay.

Both guys nut within a minute of each other. This video is airing out of sequence, but Aries took on a new challenge and that was getting his first facial. Trevor cums like a fire hose, but plenty drops onto Aries' face and into his mouth to get a 'lil cum eating action. I have to give Aries props as he ramped up his own cock and shoots his load while his mouth, face and body is coated in Trevor's DNA!

Blow Job Bliss!"













Trevor Laster: Solo

February 4, 2013

"Trevor has done work for other production companies and when he ran across another one of my models, I apparently got a very high recommendation. He lives relatively close, is very polite and professional, AND he seems to be very versatile. Beautiful blue eyes, hot body, fat cock, and ass begging to be fucked. Score!

I have been saying in these summaries that I am a little bottom heavy right now, so getting someone in to do some scenes with new guys is just what I needed. Kind of a a pro to help lead the way, whether that be Top or Bottom.

He is a smart guy and a pleasure to talk to. He has been working hard on putting some mass on, and I think he is morphing from "twink" status to a fine mature young man. He is very comfortable performing, and was even willing to do some different things to make his solo stand out.

I still wanted to keep it simple for his first shoot, so we went through things he has not done on video. Surprisingly using a toy was one of them. I also asked him if he had ever done a self-facial, to which he replied that if he had a toy inside him, he could likely cum in any position. Especially if it was a large toy.

True to his word, he gets his ankles over his head with a rather large blue torpedo deep in his ass. With just a little bit of effort, he bust his nut all over his face!

Look for more Trevor in the coming months!"

Chaosmen_trevor_hires_04 Chaosmen_trevor_hires_09

Chaosmen_trevor_hires_15 Chaosmen_trevor_hires_18











Jake Austin vs Trevor Laster

Featuring Jake Austin and Trevor Laster
Kink | Naked Kombat

August 25, 2010

"This week on NK, two newcomers battle for sexual dominance. Jake Austin is a tattooed and handsome stud. He is the youngest of 2 brothers and is no stranger to wrestling and having to defend himself. His plan is to use his powerful legs to dominate his opponent. Our second newcomer this week is Texas boy, Trevor Laster. Trevor has a big, thick, cock and is extremely lean and agile. He has been hitting the gym hard and his strategy is to use his agility to escape his opponents grasp and eventually wear him down. When he wins he is going to make Jake worship his cock and then fuck him all over the mat. It's a contest of strength versus agility this week, in a loser-gets-fucked battle for the top."















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