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ALIAS: Kasper, Ryan Evans
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Get This On Film

Featuring Cole Brooks and Ryan Evans
Drill My Hole at

April 21, 2014

Cole Brooks and Ryan Evans in "Get This On Film" from Drill My Hole at












The Rematch

Featuring Chris Tyler and Ryan Evans
Str8 to Gay at

August 8, 2012

"Shit talking Chris Tyler & Ryan Evans play a high stakes rematch that ends with Chris Tyler getting fucked!"









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Wife Woes

Featuring Jake Steel and Ryan Evans
Str8 to Gay at

April 14, 2012

"Newly wed Ryan Evans is quickly finding out that the married life isn't all that it's cracked up to be, he just isn't getting the "attention" that he use to get from his wife. Ryan needs a little time for himself and heads over to his friends (Jake Steel) place to have a couple drinks and one thing leads to another."

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Dominic vs Kasper

Battlespace 32

"Kasper (“with a K”) is the new guy at Thunder’s Arena, and Dominic (“the Dominator”) wants first crack at him. “You don’t even know what’s comin’,” Kasper warns Dominic … as well as the fans. The guys agree to arm wrestling, Indian leg wrestling, and line wrestling as initiatory tests of strength. Both men have strong upper bodies, but Dominic’s iron biceps give him the edge in arm wrestling. In leg wrestling, Kasper’s pillar-like thighs make him all but unbeatable. The new guy carries the standing line-wrestling contest too, which leads him to challenge Dominic to a full-body wrestling bout, in which the two are more evenly matched.

Dominic’s brawny arms make for lethal bearhugs, chokes, full nelsons, gorilla presses, and headlocks. But can Dominic elude Kasper’s scissorholds, exerting devastating pressure and pain? Dominic, the more experienced and skilled wrestler, unsurprisingly dominates the newcomer at wrestling. When Kasper gains an advantage, however, he lays claim to the Arena as “MY house … a house of pain.” The braggadocio ticks Dominic off, and he furiously lights into Kasper, with a spine-jangling backbreaker that ultimately forces the newcomer into abject submission. “Kasper ain’t got shit on Dominic,” Dominic boasts, clearly on a roll at Thunder’s Arena these days."


Dominic_vs_Kasper_Kasper Dom 51


"Stewart... what a guy. Young, hot and hairy. Just the way I like them."

Age: 24
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 190
Eyes: Brown
Shoe Size: 9.5

103 Private Viewing 2

Private Viewing 2

Starring Arthur Gordon & Stewart Wellington

April 11, 2008

"Stewart’s work in real estate has been keeping him in the sharpest suits for some time now, but even showing people round London’s most beautiful apartments can become quite repetitive. That is until prospective buyer Arthur Gordon re-ignites his passion for the job and Stewart is soon showing him more than just the fixtures and fittings. He wastes no time pinning down Arthur, unleashing his throbbing cock and taking it all in his waiting mouth faster than you can say ‘first time buyer’."















Stewart Audition

Stewart's Audition

Starring Stewart

March 28, 2008

"Shy and sweet American hunk Stewart has moved to London for new adventures and experiences - and this straight stud definitely gets to expand his horizons in his hot audition. The 24 year old has a killer body that nearly bursts out of his suit and has us salivating at the sight of his bulge in tight white underwear and stunning cock. He soon loses any inhibitions, as not only does he get to wear a suit for the first time, but also recieves some special attention courtesy of the hand of Matt."

Stewart_WhiteChair_020 Stewart_WhiteChair_041

Stewart_WhiteChair_050 Stewart_WhiteChair_053

Stewart_WhiteChair_070 Stewart_WhiteChair_084

Stewart_WhiteChair_107 Stewart_WhiteChair_150

Stewart Wellington Solo

"With his great sense of humor, huge chest, arms, and thigh muscles, and an exhibitionist streak a mile wide, Stewart Wellington is quite a package. He's also a bit of a tease. He agreed to let me undress him, but wanted to do all the real work himself. After showing off his rock hard body, Stewart spreads out and gets right down to business, expertly pulling and squeezing his cock and balls. The view is incredible, especially when he bends over and shows off his bubble butt. Stewart's so good-natured, though, he doesn't tease for long, and I get to take the full force of his huge blast of cum that covers my face and beyond. I even get to suck his hot cock, and do a little teasing of my own."

Stewart Wellington

September 21, 2007

"When you first glance Stewart Wellington's sweet, boy-next-door face, you'd never know that he's got the body of a linebacker under his clothes. And as far as fucking goes, he's got some serious game. While he may look innocent, he definitely knows how to turn Ricki White on with a few naughty words. He hammers Ricki tirelessly until creaming his tight abs in a record-making dozen explosive spurts!"


Brodie & Stewart

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 9, 2007

"The other day Stewart had some time alone before he and Brodie left for a nearby fair to meet up with some of their friends. With the short time alone that he knew he had, Stewart decided that he's try to stroke himself off. To his surprise, as he was fingering his ass, Brodie burst into the room. Brodie is obviously surprised, but Stewart wanted to make the best of it, so he offered Brodie a nice, tight ass to fuck. Brodie, having an open mind, said sure.

First Stewart blows Brodie, making his thick cock rock hard for a nice fuck. Once Brodie slips the condom on, Stewart puts his ass in the air, begging to be penetrated.The two get it on this way and that. Brodie pounds that ass and Stewart loves it. When it's time to cum, both studs lay back and spew their loads all over themselves, bringing an end to a hot scene. Enjoy!"

WATCH Brodie & Stewart at Next Door Studios





Phoenix & Stewart

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 12, 2007

"Stewart got a call from Phoenix the other day, asking him if he'd be down to come over and give him a massage...since Stewart is a certified masseur, it wasn't a problem. Stewart was at Phoenix's door within 30 minutes. Phoenix lets the muscled hunk in and the two head to the living room where Phoenix strips and lies on his stomach, waiting for the rubdown to begin.Stewart oils his buddy up, and then starts slowly rubbing deep into Phoenix's muscles, releasing the stud's tension. Stewart gets a bit warm from all the movement, so he strips down to the nude and continues his massage.

Stewart notices Phoenix has a hard on, so he offers him the 'full service' option, which Phoenix happily agrees to.In the end, Phoenix gets his dick stroked, sucked and cums all over himself, and Stewart gets to suck on some hot cock and also cums all over himself. A happy ending to a great massage. Enjoy!"

WATCH Phoenix & Stewart at Next Door Studios











Samuel and Stewart

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 12, 2007

"It's been about a month since we used Samuel to suck some cock. For this scene, we'll use him for that(his favorite activity), but we're also going to borrow his cock for some ass fucking. Who's the lucky SOB that gets the pleasure of feeling that big, thick cock pound their hole? None other than the body-builder Stewart.

Stewart is only attracted to women, but he's been feeling a bit 'curious' lately, so before he changes his mind, we had to get him and Samuel involved in a kinky fuck fest. The two get straight to the point by jumping into a hot makeup session while they undress each other. Once in the nude, Samuel goes down on the muscle hunk before they switch into 69, giving Stewart an equal opportunity to suck some cock (which Samuel much appreciated).

After sucking each other, Stewart asks if Samuel wants to fuck him. The answer is a big yes, and so the story continues with Stewart's ass in the air and Samuel mounted behind him, pumping his big member in and out of his buddies puckered hole.

This scene's hot hot hot, and doesn't disappoint one bit. They two finish themselves off and dump their loads onto each other before passionately kissing one another as the scene fades to black. Enjoy!"

WATCH Samuel & Stewart at Next Door Studios














Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

April 23, 2007

"Wow. Have you seen this guy's muscles? He's huge. We'd be talking about Stewart, our newest addition to NextDoorMale. At only 23, he's almost got the body of Arnold...but he's much sexier than that. Stewart got talked into doing porn for a bit by his girlfriend, Lisa, who he's been dating for over 2 years. This one's taken, but that doesn't stop us from offering him all sorts of work on our other sites. So far he seems pretty open minded, luckily for us...and you. Stewart decides to start touching himself while lying in his bed. The hulk of a man undresses and continues the teasing of his cock. Stewart then gets off the bed and walks outside where he takes a seat on the steps, and begins stroking himself again. When he wants to cum, he wonders around the house to the back yard, where he lubes himself up with massage oil before bringing himself to climax, which leaves his ripped abs covered in his thick, warm cum. Enjoy!"

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1623_137 1623_139

Stewart and Tommy D

Next Door Studios | Tommy D XXX

March 30, 2007

"Tommy has a new friend he'd like to introduce to you today. Meet the 23 year old Stewart, a massively ripped straight but curious guy who has shown up on TommyD's set to push his boundaries, have fun, and make some cash. Tommy quickly introduces Stewart, giving us an insight into this hulk's life. He seems pretty kinky and ready to have fun. These two hit it off real well, with Tommy taking the big man's cock into his mouth first, but shortly thereafter, Stewart doesn't want to Tommy to feel left out, so they move into a hot 69, where both of these studs end up blowing their loads onto each other. Enjoy!"

WATCH Tommy D and Stewart at Next Door Studios

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Heavyweight (6th)