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Trent Locke
Steven Daigle


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Custodian Dick

Jeremy Bilding, Brandon Lewis, Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

December 8, 2011

"Steven Daigle and Jeremy Bilding are a couple of rascals! They've decided to go wild with a couple locker room towels at the gym. They're jumpin' around, slappin' each other like a couple of wild banshees! Goofin' off sure is their forte. When custodian Brandon Lewis enters, he doesn't like what's going on. Brandon has been an outspoken advocate AGAINST horseplay for years and he's trying to put a stop to Jeremy and Steven's antics.

But they don't like this custodian killjoy. Now they're towel snappin' Brandon too and there's nothing he can do! Well except suck their hard cocks! And to show there's no hard feelings, Jeremy and Steven are both gonna slurp Brandon's hard boner together, taking turns enjoying his fat mean meat. They soon figure out how to have SAFE fun, the kind that won't have Brandon worrying someone might slip and fall on a slick spot on the freshly mopped floor. Brandon the custodian is totally fine with Jeremy fucking Steven sweet asshole while Steven bobs on Brandon's throbbing dick. He's also alright with being in the middle of a hot, buddies fuck train, including Jeremy's cock in Brandon's own tight hole and Brandon's hard cock in Steven's ass. Now THAT'S safe locker room fun. The only drawback is the cleanup of 3 giant, hot loads. Enjoy!" WATCH Jeremy Bilding, Brandon Lewis, Steven Daigle in Custodian Dick










Spitshine Clean

Brandon Lewis and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

August 25, 2011

"Stephen Daigle & Brandon Lewis are trying to sell their ATVs on the internet. But first, they need to be cleaned & photographed. Brandon has the cleaning down and Stephen has the camera out, but it quickly becomes evident that Stephen has little interest in shooting the ATV. Instead the two of them move indoors for a little more candid photos until they just can't take any more. With hard-ons throbbing they go at each other in a raunchy and rough afternoon fuck, before finally shooting all over their ATV helmet. Now put that pic on the internet and see what kind of responses you get! Enjoy!" WATCH Brandon Lewis and Steven Daigle in Spitshine Clean









Good Little Piggy Boy

James Jamesson and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

June 30, 2011

"Dear Steven Daigle,

You are required to report to Mr. James Jamesson. Your movement will be restricted and your basic human liberties will be suspended. This order is not up for contest. Be prepared to accept a large, hard cock in (and around) your mouth and also in your ass.

Mr. Jamesson has been fully briefed regarding these terms and conditions. He has taken the necessary precautions to ensure a hard pounding of your asshole and a thorough abuse otherwise. You will be ball gagged for an indeterminate amount of time and cuffed as well. The nature of your interaction with Mr. Jamesson will most certainly result in warm cum spread evenly or unevenly about your face and possibly your chest. And be prepared to shoot your own load if Mr. Jamesson feels it a necessary requirement.


Your Best Buddies


WATCH Good Little Piggy Boy Featuring James Jamesson and Steven Daigle

13184_007 13184_021






To The Mat

Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

April 7, 2011

"Cliff Jensen & Steven Daigle have a standing workout appointment at the gym every week. You know the routine: a little lifting, a little cardio, a little bag work, and then a little grappling. Of course, once the wrestling begins, anything is possible. Once the competitive spirit kicks in, and the adrenaline gets going, you kind of can't help getting overly excited. Well before you know it, Steven and Cliff are on the mat in nothing but their jock straps and fighting is the last thing on their minds. Enjoy!" WATCH Cliff Jensen and Steven Daigle in To The Mat








11060_013 11060_025

Amateur Film

Rod Daily and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Rod Daily

March 4, 2011

"When Steven Daigle got a call from Rod Daily, specifics were not necessarily discussed. The only thing Rod mentioned was money. Well, Steven is never one to shy away from making a buck, so when he gets off soccer practice and finds Rod playing with a new camera app on his phone, he is intrigued to say the least. Well it turns out Rod has been tinkering with a few ideas on how to make some spare scratch, and the best idea he can come up with is to make one of those newfangled amateur porn films everybody is watching there on the internets. Turns out Rod & Steven are naturals, and as the camera rolls, they take turns fucking and sucking, finally cumming all over themselves in front of the lens. Enjoy!" WATCH Rod Daily and Steven Daigle in Amateur Film





9980_008 9980_010

9980_013 9980_015

Workin' It Out

Tyler Torro and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Next Door Buddies

February 17, 2011

"One look at Tyler Torro tells you that he is XXXtreme. Guy is an animal. Ferocious. Does everything full bore and with crazy intensity, often to the detriment of his own well being. Such is the case with his work out regimen, where Tyler maxes out and hurts his wrist. Luckily, Steven Daigle is there to take care of Tyler's pain and turn it into extreme pleasure. Enjoy!" WATCH Tyler Torro and Steven Daigle in Workin' It Out







Steven Daigle

Next Door World | Next Door Male

January 31, 2011

"Steven Daigle is an avid soccer player who is running a little late for practice scrimmage this evening. But it's going to have to wait, because Steven has a pre-game ritual that he must adhere to (you know, superstitions and all that). First he showers and shaves, then once he is all nice and clean, he jerks off on his cleats. And strange as it may sound, Steven has found that it brings him luck, eases tension, and clears his mind for the goal at hand. Enjoy!" WATCH Steven Daigle at Next Door World



Over The Top, Under The Bull

Trystan Bull and Steven Daigle
Next Door World | Trystan Bull

January 24, 2011

"For the most part, reality television stars have three things in common: drinking, fighting and fucking. Steven Daigle, fresh from his stint on Big Brother, is well versed in all three. So when he and Trystan Bull commence to a friendly drinking game of low stakes arm wrestling, Steven decides to up the ante for the loser. This, of course, is a fool's bet, and in the end, Trystan is all too happy to introduce Steven to a whole new reality: when you mess with the Bull, you get the horns... and a big dick in your mouth. Enjoy!"

WATCH Trystan Bull and Steven Daigle in Over The Top, Under The Bull








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Movie Stills





Big Wood, Scene 3

Aden Jaric and Steven Daigle
Falcon Studios

October 29, 2010

"Rolling a wheelbarrow of heavy logs around is hard work and Steven Daigle is pooped. So when horny Aden Jaric drops by and teases him with a lewd proposal, Steven happily stops to take the muscly visitor up on his offer. Aden knows his way around wood, especially the one that's standing erect and stiff outta Steven's crotch and he immediately goes down on his new friend. Steven sits back, enjoying the feel of Aden's lips around his dick and grows dizzy with excitement. Soon he takes his turn to feed and he gets busy sucking Aden's cock and then eating out his ass. Steven then lays back and spreads his long legs wide apart so Aden can rim his hole. After that the guys start to fuck hard and good with Steven crying out for Aden to screw him more and more. And they continue fast and furious until both shoot their goopy loads."





Snap Shot, Scene 2

Erik Rhodes and Steven Daigle
Falcon Studios

July 22, 2010

"Steven Daigle wanders inside the warehouse looking for trouble and finds big-muscled Erik Rhodes. The two men face off and quickly let their hands and tongues do all the talking. Steven is all over Erik's cock, savoring the foreskin's fleshy excess. Then it's the big man's turn to service his wanton comrade. Steven next zeroes in on Erik's bubblebutt, diving tongue-first into the clenched aperture. Erik responds in kind, priming his opponent's hole before he drives his dick in. Steven grows excited with each fierce thrust, even during his bouncy ride on Erik's hot rod. They finish off with Steven on his knees jerking himself off while he fellates Erik's big sausage. The young buck cums first and creams all over. He quietly waits as Erik showers him with his spooge and then he takes off.Wanting more, Erik kinks it up. He grabs a traffic cone, squats over it, opens up and slides down. His sphincter stretches wide as it eats up the pillon, exciting him to a second gooey ejaculation."



81296 81297

81300 81302

Sextortion: The Evidence

Starring Steven Daigle and Pablo Nunez

April 1, 2011

"The SEXTORTION saga comes to a sizzling climax, as we finally get to see the complete video footage behind Steven Daigle's blackmail plot. In a shocking twist, and despite his constant claims of innocence we see him clearly blackmailing a potential business contact Pablo Nunez and using his power and influence to take advantage of him sexually. "I always get what I want" claims the cunning business man, as he takes out his hard cock and pushes the unwilling Pablo down to suck him off. But that's just for starters as Steven only has one thing on in mind, and that's overpowering his business associates by fucking them hard and rough, especially when they are as young and innocent as Pablo. Unfortunately for Steven, but fortunately for us, his savvy butler captured everything on video and now we get to see every single second of this HOT meeting."






TheEvidence_Aff3 TheEvidence_Aff6

TheEvidence_Aff5 TheEvidence_Aff13

Sextortion: The Trap

Starring Steven Daigle and Carl Wilde

March 4, 2011

"Carl Wilde makes much awaited return to Menatplay and sets a trap for shamed exec Steven Daigle in this sizzling Episode. With his business empire at stake it seems everyone wants to find out the truth behind the Sextortion scandal and Carl uses his every charm, as well as a sneaky camera hidden in his briefcase, to expose the truth. However Steven notices his strange behaviour and quickly clocks him, spotting the tiny lens. But instead of throwing him out, he uses the situation to his advantage and plays along in order to get his own back on Carl. So after fucking the handsome young man and blowing his load on him, he grabs the suitcase, destroys the tape and throws him out onto the street without even giving him time to dress."

Sextortion Part 2  The Trap

















Sextortion: The Denial

Starring Steven Daigle and Neil Stevens

February 4, 2011

"In his first television interview on since his recent sex tape scandal made waves all over the internet, Steven Daigle makes a compelling case for himself, defending his innocence and reaffirming his status as the respectable business man we all know. However what we never saw was what happened only minutes before in Neil Stevens' dressing room when Daigle met with the presenter to agree on what what questions would be allowed. But its clear that the media world is just as corrupt as the business world with Neil having his own way of negotiating business deals. And with Daigle's infamous lust for uncut cock, its not long before Neil has him on him knees sucking hungrily on his juicy meat, getting it nice and hard before giving Daigle a good fucking over his dressing room table. And being the professional that he is, Neil shoots his load with only second till show time, zips up and strolls calmly to set ready for his interview."




SextortionPt1_aff03 SextortionPt1_aff05

SextortionPt1_aff06 SextortionPt1_aff07

SextortionPt1_aff011 SextortionPt1_aff012

SextortionPt1_aff015 SextortionPt1_aff016

Record and Play

Starring Jay Roberts and Steven Daigle

July 30, 2010

"Menatplay welcomes Gay Rodeo Champ, and ex Big Brother USA contestant turned porn star Steven Daigle to the world of office sex. Steven's handsome boyish good looks and tight body look super hot in a light grey suit as he tries to film an induction video for Menatplay Enterprises. However, the horny cameramen Jay Roberts cannot resist Steven's good looks and has other things on his mind! "Are you getting a hard on?" Steven says noticing Jay's expanding trouser crotch. The two get into it hard and fast, revealing their swollen cocks through their trouser flies, sucking and licking each others cocks and balls. The suits are stripped off and the cowboy dives his cowpoke in between Jay's sweet butt cheeks, riding him like a Billy Bronco and with camcorder in hand, they never miss a second on the sizzling action."


StevenDaigle_Aff3 StevenDaigle_Aff4

StevenDaigle_Aff1 StevenDaigle_Aff2

StevenDaigle_Aff6 StevenDaigle_Aff7

StevenDaigle_Aff8 StevenDaigle_Aff9

StevenDaigle_Aff10 StevenDaigle_Aff11

StevenDaigle_Aff12 StevenDaigle_Aff13

StevenDaigle_Aff14 StevenDaigle_Aff15

StevenDaigle_Aff16 StevenDaigle_Aff17

StevenDaigle_Aff18 StevenDaigle_Aff19

Daigle-ing Modifier

Starring Max Sinclair and Steven Daigle
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

December 9, 2010

"Back for more this week is Max Sinclair. Yes, our hot beefy str8 boy from Orlando, FL is here to see what it would feel like if it wasn't a strap on in that hot ass. C'mon, he should have known that letting girls use a strap-on on that outrageous ass of his would only peak his curiosity for the real thing. We're peaking in all sorts of places already just thinking about it. Helping out this week is a sexy newcomer, Steven Daigle. Steven is 37. He's originally from San Diego, CA. Steven may look familiar and he gets recognized since his appearance on Big Brother. He doesn't mind at all. He wasn't on there for long; but admits he was his "happy" self while he was there. Had he been there longer he might've had to show a different, more conniving side, of Steven. Being on camera 24/7 however, gave him a whole new perspective on being comfortable around them. It has come in great in the adult industry since he can perform without inhibitions. Speaking on "perspective", Max walks away with a new one in regards to the fun you can have on the other side of the sexual fence. Steven left the kind of impression we all hope to, as a completely satisfied Max grins and admits that even though this was his first cock ever...it won't be his last. Steven clearly wins Immunity! lol "Have you ever been 'pegged' by a girl?" asks Steven as Max gives him a confused look. "Pegging" is when a girl uses a toy or a dildo on your ass. Max grins and concedes that he has, in fact, been pegged. Steven grins and tells him that if he likes the pegging as much as he says, he'll definitely like the real thing. Steven praises Max on his defined frame making him more at ease. Steven plays to his strengths as he asks Max to show off for him. Max obliges as he start to flex and pose. Steven can't help but want to feel that for himself. He gropes at Max' crotch and abs as Max starts to bone up. Steven drops to his knees and frees Max' cock that is already throbbing for attention. Str8 dick is what's for lunch as Steven greedily gobbles it up. Max just watches as he gets his first blow job from another guy. Steven knows exactly what he's doing as his fingers start to flirt with Max' back door. Steven then stands and frees his own raging cock giving Max something to play with. Max dives right in as he takes Steven's thick cock deep inside his hot mouth. Steven just groans as Max does his best to return the favor.Steven has him where he wants him and to seal the deal he gets Max bent over on the couch. He spreads his muscular cheeks apart before going in tongue first. Max just groans as he gets his ass rimmed. He holds his cheeks apart so that Steven can get that hot tongue deeper inside him. Steven then gets into position and starts to slide his big cock home. Max just grunts as he gets what he's needed all along - a real cock in that tight ass of his. Steven slowly picks up the pace and is soon fucking Max. Max' tight ass grips Steven's cock making him moan and groan at the sensation. Steven breaks that ass in doggy style before reconvening on the floor. Max squats on that cock and begins to ride it. He braces himself on the chair's edge and does dips repeatedly onto Steven's meat, fucking himself silly. Steven then gets him on his back and slides back inside for more. He pounds away at that ass missionary deeper and harder as they both near climax. Steven can't hold back any longer and pulls out before unloading a cum-drenching all over Max' hairy chest and abs. Max then strokes off his own rock hard cock as he adds even more load to the mix. Welcome to the club, Max; Steven's just earned himself a toaster oven."











Duo124__45 Duo124__68

Duo124__82 Duo124__86

Manifest, Scene 1

Starring Junior Stellano, Steven Daigle, and Tom Wolfe

December 4, 2011

"With sunglasses over his excited eyes, scruffy Steven Daigle sits by a dark stage as his fantasy comes to life in the form of muscle men Junior Stellano and Tom Wolfe. After licking Tom's pit, the tattooed Junior drops down to feast on his boner as he grabs Tom's pec. Now on stage, Steven feasts on both cocks -- taking his turn on each before shoving both heads into his mouth. Junior spits down on his dick again, spit strands soon clinging from Steven's mouth. Junior sucks both of his buds before the three soon dump their loads on each other. Junior then gets his cock and hole double-teamed by two hungry tongues that warm him up for a tag-team fuck. Tom slides in first, ramming Junior as the bottom sucks on Steven. The two switch positions as both of Junior's holes continue to get stuffed. Steven soon begs to get fucked, and Junior is happy to oblige. Tom then slips inside Junior, a hot fuck train taking over. Soon on his back, Steven gets rammed by Junior again as a great aerial captures the action. Junior strokes Steven’s stiff dick, which explodes all over the top's abs and chest."

Mfrv_0447 Mfrv_0491

Mfrv_0739 Mfrv_0765

Mfrv_0872 Mfrv_0892




















Breaking Bed

Steven Daigle and Trent Locke

November 2, 2010

"Trent Locke has been lying in bed waiting for his boyfriend, Steven Daigle, to finish his shoot with Brady Jensen. Steven is exhausted and just wants to go to bed but Trent is horny and won't take no for an answer. Steven proves to be a pushover as all it takes is a few kisses to get him ready for round 2 of the day. And so the fun begins! Steven attacks Trent's cock like he hasn't had one in weeks, never mind just a few hours ago. These guys are TOTALLY into each other both figuratively and literally as they take turns sucking cock before Steven jumps on Trent's dick. After getting his ass pounded Steven flips and fills Trent's hole full of his man meat. He fucks Trent with so much fervor that they break a piece of the bed off but don't stop for a second! You can't get more high intensity than that! With both of their assholes stuffed and stretched the guys shoot their loads; Trent blowing his all over his furry body and Steven giving Trent a tasty facial."


Steven Daigle and Brady Jensen


July 30, 2010

"It's BBQ time! After cracking open a cold beer and firing up the grill, Brady Jensen asks Steven how he likes his sausage. Steven responds "Rare and hard," as they tease each other jokingly. Brady's rare beauty and hard bod is exactly what Steven hungers for. And Steven Daigle is far from your "average Joe." His glacier blue eyes, sculpted muscles, and fat cock are a cut above the rest. The two super-studs go back and forth, sucking and pounding each others' tight assholes. This is one of the hottest flip-flop fucks we've ever had finishing with two bangs as both guys launch their loads onto Brady's 6-pack abs."







6 13

20 60

25 29

Dakota Rivers and Steven Daigle


July 2, 2010

"Steven Daigle is best-known as the bucking bronco-riding rodeo cowboy who found fame on TV's "Big Brother," but today he's riding the big dick of Dakota Rivers. The two tall and toned men are hard and ready to go before the pants come off. Steven keeps flashing his bedroom eyes at Dakota while blowing him, making it harder and harder to resist pillaging his sweet ass. Dakota manages to control himself long enough to throat Steven's beautiful cock and eat his ass, but lust gets the best of him as he soon finds himself balls deep in Steven's hole. Steven shows us that he hasn't lost his talent of riding that Texas long horn and takes every inch that Dakota gives him, never losing that trademark wink and smile... even when he's covered in two loads of cum."












Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle4 Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle5

Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle6 Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle7

Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle8 Dakota_Rivers_and_Steven_Daigle14

Steven Daigle Solo


October 5, 2010

"Controversial porn star Steven Daigle has a legion of dedicated fans dating back to his days as the Gay Cowboy on Big Brother 10. Like any celebrity in the internet age, he's also got a few detractors who have at one time or another told him to go fuck himself. Never one to shy away from controversy, Daigle does just that - literally. With the help of his own Steven Daigle dildo, Steven, fully aware of the irony, fucks himself to a thick creamy load of jizz on the back of his pickup on a quiet country road. But he doesn't stop there. Keep watching through to the very end when Steven lets his truck fuck him too, as he slaps Steven Jr onto the back windshield and takes one final ride on his own cock!"


Steven Daigle


October 1, 2010

"Steven Daigle was introduced to the world as the horse-riding, bronco-taming, shit-kicking gay rodeo cowboy on Big Brother 10. Since then, he's made himself an even bigger star in some of the biggest gay porn movies of the last year including his first web-only performance with Brady Jensen on CocksureMen.com.

Until now, Steven has been a "men only" performer but today he makes his debut here being taught how to have straight sex by not one but TWO female porn stars. He starts out with a lot of nervous laughter, not quite sure what to do, but his two co-stars show him just how to please them. Steven delivers giving them a VERY rough, but fun, ride. Looks like he learned something on those Bucking Broncos! Steven blows a big load on a girl's back and the three fall into a pile, gasping for air and laughing together. When asked if he's still into men, Steven emphatically responds, "Yep… still gay."



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