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Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas

Hairy, Leather and Cigars

"This is the only place where you will see Alexsander smoke and inhale his cigars. He is dressed in head to toe leather and very hairy. He draws you in while he sucks on his cigar taking more and more smoke. His tight leather pants cannot conceal the huge throbbing cock underneath. This video will have you cumming again and again."

Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Leather and Cigars
Alexsander Freitas Boxing and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas & Wayne

Smooth, Boxing and Cigars

"Alexsander pumped up from his workout, enjoys his muscles being touched. He lights up a cigar to enjoy all of the attention coach Wayne is going to give him for the next 30 minutes."

Alexsander Freitas Boxing and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Boxing and Cigars

Alexsander Freitas Boxing and Cigars Alexsander Freitas Boxing and Cigars

Custodian's Fury

Featuring Alexsander Freitas and Tyler Sweet
Drill My Hole at

August 16, 2012

"Tyler Sweet is left to pay the price when the school janitor Alexsander Freitas decides to fight back against disrespectful students. "Custodian's Fury" is one of the most intense punishment scenes from MEN.COM's "Drill My Hole" subsite in a while!"

CustodiansFuryDMH (3)


CustodiansFuryDMH (4)

CustodiansFuryDMH (5)

CustodiansFuryDMH (6)

CustodiansFuryDMH (7)

CustodiansFuryDMH (8)


CustodiansFuryDMH (9)

CustodiansFuryDMH (10)

CustodiansFuryDMH (11)


CustodiansFuryDMH (12)

CustodiansFuryDMH (13)

CustodiansFuryDMH (14)

CustodiansFuryDMH (15)


CustodiansFuryDMH (16)

CustodiansFuryDMH (17)

CustodiansFuryDMH (1)

Legally Fucked

Featuring Alexsander Freitas and Jessie Colter
The Gay Office at

December 26, 2011

"Alexsander Freitas really needs some help, he has some tough charges coming up against him and he would very much like not to go back to jail. Alexsander has booked an appointment with one of the best lawyers in town who he hopes can help him. Criminal lawyer Jessie Colter takes one look at Alexsander's case and knows it's not worth his time, but then Jessie takes a second look at the bulge in Alexsander's jeans and finds something that is!"









IMG_0764 IMG_0830

IMG_1112 IMG_1171

Fix My Case Or Else

Featuring Alexsander Freitas and Logan Scott
Drill My Hole at

October 6, 2011

"Alexsander Freitas is raging mad, he just got news that a key piece of evidence is not being accepted in his case which may put him back in jail. Confused and angry Alexsander races over to his lawyer’s office to confront him about this slip-up. Logan Scott is on the phone when Alexsander barges into his office, Alexsander is clearly upset screaming at Logan to fix his case. Logan will do anything to calm down this hard-core criminal."
















Kink Men


Alexsander Freitas and Ned Mayhem

September 23, 2011

"Ned a businessman heading off to his meeting in the middle of the day and two thugs drag him into a porn shop and take him down. Other horny men jump in and rip off his business suit. One stud pulls a red lace nighty off the rack and turns a dignified businessman into a porn shop whore. Ned is taken into the video arcade and made to suck cocks. He endures harsh corporal and an even harsher bondage fuck through the glory holes. The crowd makes him lick his own load off of a stud's bare foot and they all cum on his face."










The Shark

Starring Alexander Freitas, Bruno Knight and Dean Monroe

January 21, 2011

"With his dark Mafioso looks and his famously inked physique, Alexander Freitas is an very misunderstood and often feared man. His mission in life is only to help people however when those people don't pay back as agreed, that's when his darker side comes out. So when Dean Monroe fails to pay up on the loan that Alexander had so generously lent him a month earlier, Alexander turns up at his office accompanied by his trustworthy aide Bruno Knight, and together they show Dean what the consequences are of not living up to a gentlemen's agreement. If you like your sex rough and hard make sure you check this out!"
















Muscle Milk

Featuring Alexsander Freitas & David Scott
Pride Studios | Men Over 30

September 23, 2010

"Alexsander Freitas is finally here: MenOver30 has been waiting to get this sexy slice of Brazil with us and today’s the day. Alexsander just oozes sex and back to help welcome Alexsander is recent favorite David Scott. A photo shoot is the scenario as David snaps picks of Alexsander. They start to make out as Alex strips off David’s clothes. Alexsander takes off his shirt and we get a better view at his intricate ink. David gets a better view too…of Alexsander’s uncut cock. “Suck that cock!” he orders as David hauls it out and goes to work. Alexsander crams his thick meat down David’s throat making him take it. Alex then moves David over to the couch and starts to explore his smooth ass. He fingers that ass and licks it getting it ready for a good fucking. He suits up and then starts to slide inside. David’s hole eases a bit as Alexsander starts to fuck him. David can only moan and hold on as Alexsander starts to pound away at his hole. David winces with every thrust and hearing him whimper just makes Alexsander harder for more. He pulls out to admire that smooth hole he’s fucking, spits on it and then slams his thick cock back in. He then lies back on the couch and has David ride him. He piston-fucks that hungry hole harder and harder as David takes every thrust. Alex then gets David on his side on the floor. No matter the position Alex is fucking David silly. David can’t hold it anymore and they move to jack on the couch. David cums within seconds and as Alex get ready to bust, he gets up in front of David. He blows his wad ALL over David’s face leaving him spent and dripping!"










Duo114__15 Duo114__21

Duo114__79 Duo114_112


Alex Freitas and Dean Monroe

December 1, 2010

"Alexsander Freitas orders Dean Monroe to strip. "Turn around, show me your ass," Freitas grunts. Alex bends Monroe over the table and fucks him with his stiff uncut cock. When it's all over, Dean is sitting back in a leather chair and his hairy chest is covered in spunk."

IMG_8343 IMG_8401

IMG_8416 IMG_8423

IMG_8456 IMG_8482

IMG_8498 IMG_8558
PGz Alexsander Freitas - 5

Alexsander Freitas

Age: 35
Zodiac: Scorpio
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 168lb
Waist: 31"
Chest: 42"
Shoe Size: 10
Cock: 8" cut
Physique: Ripped

"Introducing Alexsander Freitas for PerfectGuyz. There is something truly erotic about Brazilian men - handsome, dark curly hair, olive skin, athletic and muscular with big cocks. This is a very accurate description of Alexsander. Like most Brazilians we've met, Alexsander is endearing and confident and sexually adventurous. When he removed his clothes and stood proudly naked before us, we saw his chest and ripped abs, lightly covered with curly black hair and a treasure trail that led down to his package - a beautiful 8" hard cock with big balls. As he stroked his engorged cock he let out moans of ecstasy to the rhythm of each stroke. It was so hot watching him get off - seeing him enjoy every inch of his man meat, caressing his abs and pecs, listening to his breathing getting shallower as he worked himself to an orgasm. And.when he did come, it was explosive. He shot load after load of hot Brazilian boy cum! Enjoy Alexsander Freitas in this special PerfectGuyz presentation.

PGz Alexsander Freitas - 20 PGz Alexsander Freitas - 25

PGz Alexsander Freitas - 27 PGz Alexsander Freitas - 29

Alexsander Freitas

July 2010

"This steamy sensation is one BONIFIED reason Paragon has reached over a million hits and has so many satisfied subscribers! Alexsander – yes, he spells his name that way - is clearly hooked on phonics and we can’t help but be hooked on him! The tats, the dark hair, the fur. Let’s hear it for this proud mammal!

Alexsander literally oozes sex. He showed up to our shoot in skin tight jeans and they didn’t last long. What’s a website to do? The reason there are few gallery shots is because this stud literally could NOT keep his clothes on! Blame it on the ridiculously carnal combination of Italian and Brazilian breeding. He is a Carioca stallion with a raging hard…well, check out the Penthouse to see the machinery he’s packing!

Mr. A has won bodybuilding competitions and stars in adult films. Let him fill you with more at his website:"

03 05

07 08

09 10

IMG_0193 IMG_0226

IMG_0379 IMG_0419

Bedroom Sensuality

Featuring Alexsander
Jimmy Z Productions

March 8, 2009

"It’s time for a little Latin luvin'. Alexsander is beautifully built with that young tender subtle smooth bronzed skin. Abs of steel and he wants you to see them. He flexes and poses as he strips down to his red 2xst shorts. But wait, they come off too and he relishes every second of his mind blowing jack off session."






Working Out 1 & 2

Featuring Adir
Jimmy Z Productions

March 9, 2008

"This competitive bodybuilder takes us through a routine work-out, and boy does he put himself through a tough gym session. He works every muscle group for us and then takes us back to the posing room, where he demonstrates each muscle group in detail with his posing in full force."



Adir31 Adir34

Jackson Lawless & Alexsander Freitas

"Home Invasion"

February 3, 2012

"Jackson Lawless is living up to his name as he breaks into Alexsandro Freitas’ house for a little crime and misdemeanor. Problem is, he’s bitten off more than he can chew with this dominant Brazilian top, and in no time at all he finds himself the victim at Alexsandro’s extremely capable hands. This is a sexual cat and mouse game of sizzling intensity, and if after this you end up on GoogleEarth, trying to find your way to Alexsandro’s house to see where breaking and entering gets you yourself, we wouldn’t blame you in the slightest!"












Alexsander Freitas

5'9 | 190lbs | 29 yrs old | 8" cock

"Supper hot competitive bodybuilder and fitness model from Brazil now living in LA. This is Alex's first ever nude work and another Wolffpac exclusive.

"Alex is back for his exclusive Wolff Nubreed video debut. We start on the roof of my hotel. Just me, Alex, a skimpy pair of trunks, and a bottle of oil. The crystal clear California sky and hot sun, make his rock hard physique look totally amazing. Wait till you see the quality of his muscle, and how perfect his abs and tiny waist look!

Alex flexes and teases my camera for about 5 minutes before we head inside to get naked. Watch Alex furiously stroke his dick and get into some hard core muscle worship, before shooting a big load up to his pecs. Then he finishes with a nice cool down shower."




001 003

005 006

002 007

011 013

014 016

Hole Busters, Scene 2

Starring Alexsander Freitas and Ryan Patrick
Club Inferno Dungeon

December 6, 2010

"Alexsander Freitas, a wild Latin top, knows how to bust a hole! When he catches red-headed bottom-boy Patrick Ryan fingering his ass Freitas instinctively grabs the biggest dildo he can find and works it into Ryan's puckered butthole. The giant toy only makes Ryan crave more - and Freitas responds with his greased up fist. The anal stimulation proves almost too much for Ryan who finger-fucks his own hole while Freitas jacks and blows!"

WATCH Hole Busters, Scene 2 Starring Alexsander Freitas and Ryan Patrick

Image1 Image3

Image11 Image12








Image1 Image2

Image3 Image4

Image6 Image8





Major Asshole, Scene 3

Alexsander Freitas and Craig Reynolds
Hot House Video

August 9, 2010

"Like every good soldier, PFC Craig Reynolds knows how to give a good spit shine. When Alexsander Freitas finds the muscular hunk working on his boots he has something else he needs polished. The aggressive soldiers pound each other's rock hard abs and bulging pecs before Freitas shoves his fat cock down Reynolds' throat. Freitas barks orders as he rips Reynolds' clothes off and throws him up against the wall where he fucks him like a jackhammer. Covered in bruises and spit they finally get their nut!" WATCH Alexsander Freitas and Craig Reynolds in Major Asshole, Scene 3






Image2 Image3

Image7 Image9

Image8 Image11

11869_01 11869_02

Image7 Image11

Lucky Fuck, Scene 1

Muscle-Bottom Marc Dylan Worships Alexsander Freitas' Cock
Lucas Entertainment

September 16, 2011

"The sexy, southern Marc Dylan has great taste: he's cruising the Lucas Entertainment website, playing with himself under the desk, when he enters a chat room with photographer Alexsander Freitas. Marc shows Alexsander every inch of his sculpted torso -- he has the build of a superhero, and the Flash underwear to top it off! Alexsander needs to see the hunk in person, so Marc flies to Manhattan for a photo shoot. But pictures are not what Alexsander is interested in -- after a brief shoot, the submissive Marc gives his body to Alexsander. The top laps Marc with wet kisses and worships the grooves of his defined muscles. Alexsander pops his pants off, and his fat, uncut cock bounces out; Marc swallows it right up, opening his throat for every inch of the Latino's meat. Alexsander returns the favor by sucking on Marc's dick: Marc grabs hold of Alexsander's head and pumps his mouth, his low-hanging balls flopping with each thrust. Marc is a passionate power-bottom always craving cock: Alexsander gives his muscle boy's hole a wet, hard tongue bath before before slipping on a condom and sliding into Marc's ass. Alexsander shows Marc no mercy, and the bottom asks for none -- as he takes every deep plunge from Alexsander, he cries for it harder and harder! Alexsander fucks and pumps Marc silly, flipping the naive country boy in various positions, each one showing off his ripped body!"









Sex Addict, Scene 3

Alexsander Freitas and Jake Steel
Lucas Entertainment

October 25, 2010

"Jake Steel is diligently working at his desk when he can’t help noticing the buff and brutally hot Alexsander Freitas making eyes at him from an adult DVD store across the street. The tattooed stud shows off his washboard abs and soon Jake’s come hither stare results in an office visitor. Alexsander strips his white collar prey at his company board room table and Jake immediately shoves the bodybuilder’s big bulge in his hungry mouth. He deep throats Alexsander’s beefy cock, unconcerned about who might walk in and see! Next he rims Alex’s masculine and muscular ass and lays him out on the table like a huge Brazilian feast. He perches his boyish white ass over the hulking top, who rises up and penetrates him in one hot thrust. Alex bangs his bottom boy like a man, bending over him doggy style and slamming his ass until he screams. He pounds the twinkish Jake until Jake shoots a creamy load across his abs!"





Alexsander_Freitas_Jake_Steel_4 Alexsander_Freitas_Jake_Steel_5

Alexsander_Freitas_Jake_Steel_2 Alexsander_Freitas_Jake_Steel_3

Auditions 36: Pounded, Scene 3

Phillip Aubrey and Alexsander Freitas
Lucas Entertainment

September 27, 2010

"Bodybuilder Alexsander Freitas is a powerful match for the athletic and flexible Phillip Aubrey. Phillip strips down to his undies and goes to town on Alex’s stiff cock. The hairy, tattooed Brazilian face fucks blond Phillip, showing off his massively sculpted thighs for the camera. Phillip takes his dick like a cock-starved slut and indulges in Alex’s asshole with his curious tongue. Though his English is limited, it’s beyond clear that Alex wants to fuck, and he is bouncing Phillip’s billion dollar butt off of his tall bone in a matter of seconds! Hands behind his head, he fucks Phillip’s ass like a stallion and throws him down to pound him until he explodes in a shower of cum."

Phillip_Aubrey_Alexsander_Freitas_1 Phillip_Aubrey_Alexsander_Freitas_8

Phillip_Aubrey_Alexsander_Freitas_2 Phillip_Aubrey_Alexsander_Freitas_5

Phillip_Aubrey_Alexsander_Freitas_10 AUD36_Alexsander_Freitas_10

AUD36_Alexsander_Freitas_1 AUD36_Alexsander_Freitas_5

AUD36_Alexsander_Freitas_6 AUD36_Alexsander_Freitas_9

Man Up, Scene 3

Shane Frost and Alexsander Freitas
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

February 4, 2011

"Shane Frost and Alexsander Freitas have been summoned to the commander’s office to answer charges that they were caught sucking dick behind the latrines … charges which they deny. The two soldiers decide that if they’re gonna get kicked out for such an infraction, they might as well make the accusations real. Shane gets down to suck his co-conspirator’s stiff uncut cock and Alexsander gets so excited he begins to facefuck his slim friend hard. Then the hirsute bodybuilder lays Shane down with his buttcheeks spread wide, exposing his hole so he can rim him, prepping his ass for the fierce fucking he quickly delivers. They fuck non-stop and in different positions until Shane and then Alexsander let loose and shoot their cum all over."







Adrenalin, Scene 4

Dominic Pacifico, Spencer Reed & Alexsander Freitas
Mustang Studios

"Like the charismatic Pied Piper, DJ Dominic makes all the guys hop to a driving disco beat. Spencer Reed wants to thank the music meister personally so he pays homage to the man, sucking, kissing and deepthroating his meaty baton. Dominic cranks the music up higher drawing Alexsander into the mix and Spencer now has two big cocks to suck. As if programmed, the talented DJ shows his multi-tasking skills as he rims Alex's ass while guzzling Spencer's pole. Then he bends over to get screwed at both ends, sucking Spencer's dick while Alex fucks him from behind. Spencer and Alex switch places as Dominic relishes being the middle of this 3-man fuck sandwich. The studs rock it out until they each shoot their big loads one after the other.



80127 80186

Brutal Part 1, Scene 3

Alexsander Freitas and Draven Torres
Raging Stallion Studios

"Draven Torres joins the South Side Gym to learn how to defend himself, not from the bullies on the street but with the bully he lives with-- his boyfriend Alexsander Freitas. Draven comes home after along day of training to find his boyfriend at home watching TV. Alexsander is not happy that Draven has been spending so much time at the gym. As Draven is making food in the kitchen, Alexander will not be ignored and takes what he wants. He wants Draven's ass and he wants it now. He comes up behind Draven pulls down his sweat pants and stars grinding his already hard cock against Draven's hot ass. He bites him on the back of the neck and grabs his body hard. He forces Draven down on to his knees and fucks his face with his hard tattooed dick. He the bends him over the stove and shoves his cock fast and hard into Draven's ass and begins plowing him up against the stove. Draven wincing in pain but he knows he can't complain. Alexsander fucks him standing up then on all fours then pushes his face down and fucks him into the floor. He pounds Draven relentlessly until they both shoot big loads. Alexsander when finished slaps Draven's ass hard and sends him in to fetch him a beer."



3216_AFDT_8133 3216_AFDT_8137
Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146688 - Copy

Alexsander Freitas & Landon Mycles

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks at

"Everybody wants to fuck in a pool, and Alexsander loves playing with himself in one. His brother however, likes to swim in them and has told his friend Landon (Marcus Mojo) that it's OK to come over to practice his strokes whenever he wants. When the brother is out, and Alexander has his cock out, Landon finds more than one way to practice his strokes." See more of Alexsander Freitas & Landon Mycles

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146711 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146789 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146818 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146530 - Copy Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146572 - Copy

Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146226 - Copy Alexsanderfreitas_landonmycles_P8146394 - Copy


Alexsander Freitas and Kevin Cavallie

I'm a Married Man at

"Kevin invited the gang over for a game of poker, and Alexsander is the first to arrive...2 hours early. When the chips are down, Alexsander likes to have his way with married men, and 5 card stud isn't what he has in mind. Kevin says that isn't in the cards, but the pair in his pants with an ace high calls his bluff." See more of Alexsander Freitas and Kevin Cavallie