Thomas Austin a.k.a. Bo Dixon
PJ Braun
Mario Caladera


ALIASES: Mario Capelli, Mario O
SITES: Buff and Bound, Manifest Men, Mission 4 Muscle, My Friends Feet, Paragon Men, The Guy Site, Thunder TV Wrestling

Manifest Men Mario Caladera

Mario Caladera

Height: 5'11
Weight: 212
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Chest: 48
Waist: 33
Biceps: 20
Quads: 20
Body Hair: Shaved

Manifest Men Mario Caladera Manifest Men Mario Caladera

Manifest Men Mario Caladera Manifest Men Mario Caladera

Manifest Men Mario Caladera Manifest Men Mario Caladera
Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie

"Friends that Cum Together Stay Together"

Comments from TheGuySite:

"I've had so many hot guys applying to be on the site lately that it truly is an embarrassment of riches. When the chance presented itself, why not have three jerk off all at once? Marky, Mario, and Ronnie had so much fun one even said they should have paid me! I left in a lot of footage that might otherwise get scrapped so you'll be able to hear all the laughs, and, even all the farts."

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Marky, Mario, Ronnie at The Guy Site

Mario Gym Bound

July 17, 2012

"While working out at his private home gym Mario finds himself attacked and bound to the gym equipment by the brutal masked muscle hunk Frank The Tank who slowly rips away Mario's clothes revealing his rock hard abs, huge pecs and muscle cock. Frank then terrorized the helpless Mario by fondling and whipping his naked buff body."


Mario Hogtied and Stripped

July 28, 2012

"While coming home from the gym our muscle hunk Mario found himself attack by the brutal bodybuilder Frank The Tank who gagged and hogtied him on the floor. Frank slowly cuts away Mario's clothes revealing his muscle body and cock before proceeding to fondle our muscle hunk with his huge hands squeezing his pierced nipples and then leaving him bound and helpless."


Mario Bound and Tickled

July 17, 2012

"Mario is a Mix Martial Art fighter and stripper from New Jersey takes on his first tickling experience. He strips completely naked and is tied down to the table as Frank The Tank began to work on his feet and continues toward the Italian muscle stud's rock hard body. Unable to move, he is subjected to extreme tickling from Frank The Tank who tickles his feet and armpits. Mario struggles with laughter as the intensity of the tickling gets too much for him to handle."


Mario Shower Bondage

December 23, 2010

"Handsome buff Italian muscle Mario finds himself attacked, bound and taken to the bathroom shower by the brutal muscle man Frank The Tank. With his hands tied up to the shower head, The helpless muscle hunk is fondled, stripped off naked and beaten by his attacker while the water cascading down on his muscular body."

Mission 4 Muscle Mario

Muscle Battle Bam Bam vs Mario

"Muscle Battle: Bam Bam vs Mario"

Starring Bam Bam and Mario

March 2, 2011

"New Jersey muscle jocks Bam Bam and Mario battle each other on the mat in this latest Muscle Battle series. Watch as these muscle hunks exchange hits, slams, leg locks and bear hugs in a wrestling match to see who comes out the strongest."


"The Massage"

Starring Mario

"Mix Martial Art fighter Mario stops by to see our muscle masseur Frank The Tank for a deep full body massage as he gets ready for a fight later that night. With no time wasted Mario strips off his clothes and is completely naked revealing his hot muscle body and rock hard abs. Frank was impress with the condition and shape Mario was in. Frank starts off the massage with the back and then work his way up to Mario's quad lifting his legs to to display his muscle ass. Next Frank targets the arms and pecs squeezing them sensually to release the tension and stress in this hot steamy massage session."


"Rip & Strip"

Starring Mario

November 4, 2010

"Meet Mario, the newest muscle hunk on in his debut solo video "Rip & Strip". Mario strips off his clothes to reveal his rock hard abs and muscle cock and then sits on the sofa in the living room, rubbing himself down, slowly making his cock grow into its fullsize. See him stroke, pose and flirt like he was giving you your own private show as he works it up and down, stroking his cock eagerly to bust his awaiting load."

Mario Capelli

Mario Capelli

March 2011

"Super Mario! Who wants to play with his Donkey Kong? If you can’t stand the heat – stay out of the Penthouse! There is nothing like a natural, and baby he was born this way! Mario is our J.O pro.

Mario prefers a well-groomed woman (you can tell everything by the teeth, he explains). Girl, you need to open wide! This man is the cream of the cock – but he can’t stand it when asked: “Are you on the Jersey Shore?” No, his hot stuff is strutting the boardwalks of Paragon Men!

Mario's biggest fantasy is to have sex with a blind person. They'd be much more sensuous without being visually distracted. He's loves touch. And when you play Braille on his body, do not forget to tweak the nipple ring – it drives him wild!"


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Mario and Marky D

Muscle Studs Mario O and Marky D Get Their Size 12 Feet Worshiped

"Mario O and Marky D kicked back so I could worship their size 12 feet in this smoking hot MyFriendsFeet video. It's times like this when I know I started a great site at MFF. To have two gorgeous muscle hunks with huge feet relax in front of me so I can worship their feet to my heart's content is something most men can only dream about. Both Mario and Marky loved the way I adored their size 12s with my hands and mouth!"

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Mario Tickled (2)

"Marky D wanted me to help him get some information out of hot muscle hunk Mario with some tickle torture. So I set up the MyFriendsFeet cameras and made it happen right away. Mario is one of the biggest muscle men I've had on MFF, so tying him up for this tickle torture session was a given. There was no way Mario was going to be tickle tormented while untied. Marky D certainly wanted it that way, as he knew it would help him get the information he wanted out of the muscle stud as we tickled his stunning body and size 12 feet!"

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Mario Tickled

Mario Tied Up and Tickle Tortured Naked

"Huge muscle guys are always on my hit list for some bondage and tickle torture on the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. I wasn't going to waste any time tickling muscle hunk Mario. He's really quiet and laid back, but I always had the feeling that he wanted to be taken control of. Mario actually loved being tickled. Although, he did go crazy when I got my tickle toys on the soles of his size 12 feet!"

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Mario's Size 12 Bare Feet & Flip-Flops

"Mario is a big bruiser with a heart of gold. He also has some amazing and ticklish size 12 feet. With this killer body and masculine feet this Italian is practically a Roman god in sandals..."

My Friends Feet Mario

My Friends Feet Mario

10 38

64 69
Mario at ThunderTVWrestling




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