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ALIASES: Billy Heights, Mike, Mike Fox
SITES: Jake Cruise, Jet Set Men, Paragon Men, Slow Teasing Hand Jobs, Straight Men in Trouble, The Guy Site


Mike Fox Serviced by Jake Cruise

June 24, 2016

Comments from Jake Cruise:

"Mike Fox is a hunk of a man. At 6' 2" tall and 200 pounds he meets the definition of "hunk." Seems like a good number of pounds can be found in his thick 9 inches of meat. Mike is very easy going and fun to service. I licked him from head to toe, including his pits and ass. After sucking him every which way, Mike fucks my face until he shoots his load into my mouth - sort of. He squirted past my mouth and onto my face but I got my mouth around his still-exploding cock before he was done. I ate a lot of his sweet cum. I recently found out that Mike had made a lot of porn several years ago using the name Billy Heights. No matter what his name is, Mike Fox or Billy Heights, he is a sexy hunk of a man and I loved every inch of him. I can only dream what his 9 inch monster cock could do to my ass!"












Mike Fox Massaged

April 19, 2016

Comments from Jake Cruise:

"Tall, tatted, and hung, Mike Fox is a dream come true. I couldn't wait to get my hands on his body and my mouth around his cock. Mike lays on the massage table, his feet almost at the end. I slowly touch the smooth skin on his body, especially his soft white ass. After I finish oiling him up I begin my massage, his muscles relaxing underneath my finger tips. I knead his gluts and legs. I massage his butt hole, too, rubbing my finger on the entrance, wishing to go further. My tongue goes where my finger couldn't - into his hole. After a good tongue lashing I turn Mike over and I see his big, floppy cock and huge balls. I love that Mike has a bush and isn't shaved or heavily trimmed. I put oil on his front then massage his chest and arms. With each stroke Mike's cock grows as I rub him down. Once fully hard I suck his thick meat and balls. I massage his big dick giving it all of my attention. Mike is ready so I jack him fast and hard until he shoots his sweet cream onto his flat belly. I suck his cock and lick the cum off his body. I thank Mike Fox with a sweet kiss to his forehead."












July 19, 2013

"Our MMA fighter Brolly is back in this update from Slow Teasing Hand Jobs. Brolly is a 26 year old, straight, Mixed Martial Arts fighter with a well developed, muscular body, big bulging biceps, thick thighs, big cock and balls, and a sexy face and pleasant personality on top of it all. He made a few videos with us a 2 years ago and he's back for more. Scott gets the stud tied to the rack and gives him a sexy handjob as Brolly submits to the pleasure from another man. Scott puts a cock ring around his cock and balls and soon Brolly is rock hard, thrusting his hips, panting and gasping as he tries to get off. Ultimately, Brolly grows quiet and still as he surrenders tot he pleasure, until he throws back his head, gasping as he shoots his thick load onto Scott's hand."

Brolly Davis

"Fill ‘er up, stud! After a sweaty lube job and rub in the Paragon Penthouse, auto-enthusiast Brolly lost a litre of hot oil and needs a top up! This Brooklyn-bred Chevy freak gives his mighty pistons a prime 42-point inspection no responsible driver would elect to miss!

Brolly is prolly smart, but who cares? He’s a tall as model with hairy long legs that lead to a juicy tubesteak (aka the Brolly-dog) which once (accidentally?) shot a wad in some chick’s eye. She stood up, screamed, and ran into a wall. So yeah, he’s single.

The nicest thing he’s done on a date is wear a really tight shirt to better show off that muscle-swelled physique. His philosophy? The smaller the shirt, the bigger he looks. 13 year-old fan girls: Brolly accepts t-shirt donations!

He now lives in California and works on cars, as well as races them. He also likes to skate, cook and (prick up those…ears!) he’ll try anything because, “you never know if you might like it”. We’re certainly liking that gorgeously unreadable face, meaty back, long dick and big babymaking balls – we’re liking it so much we may be up for a frantic squirt in the ol’ eye!"


Tall Man with a Big Sack

Featuring Mike

"Mike is a first timer who was just a bit nervous being filmed buck naked and masturbating. He's got a big dick and nice hefty nut sack. I hope to get him back soon."

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Wk085_2"Mixed Martial Arts Fighter"
Straight Men in Trouble

"It was a championship fight, he remembered being in the cage, a typical ground and pound that must have been a knockout. The next thing he knew he was tied up in the quiet locker room with a strange masked man taking advantage of his helpless position. The man oiled and massaged every inch of his hard, muscled body, groping, fondling and invading as the fighter struggled and cried out through his gag, until he finally lowered his trunks and cut away his briefs to reveal a long, thick cock and big, low handing balls just waiting for his attack."

Wk085_1 Wk085_3

Wk085_4 Wk085_5
Billy HeightsTSA Strip Down, Scene 2
Billy Heights and Chaz Riley
Jet Set Men

April 29, 2011

"Jet Set Exclusive Billy Heights is a TSA Agent on a mission, that mission, find all dildos in bags and shove them up the passenger's ass after they've been strip searched at the gate. Talk about gate rape! Hunk Chaz Riley pops a boner at the sight of hunky Billy during a strip search with his magic wand. Billy is in for a surprise as Chaz turns the tables on the hunky TSA Agent in a twist that leaves Billy with his legs up and Chaz's hot cock planted firmly in his ass. I sure hope Chaz made his flight!"

Billy Heights

Billy Heights and Chaz Riley

Billy Heights and Chaz Riley

Billy Heights and Chaz Riley

Billy Heights and Chaz Riley

Billy Heights and Chaz Riley
Jersey Score 2-Cover

Jersey Score 2, Scene 1

Jimmy Clay Slams Jet Set Men Exclusive Billy Heights
A New Scene Premiers on Jet Set Men

"The Guidos of Summer have officially invaded the Jersey Shore for 2011. Billy “The Stimulation” Heights takes on and gets a hot piece of Jimmy “Nookie” Clay that puts summer of 2011 into a totally different situation which gets the guidos dicks hard and the roommates talking.

These tan gym rats are relentless this summer with their quest to pound as much ass as possible in the short time they have the shore house. Billy and Jimmy decide to hit club Karma but find them selves back at the shore house late night empty handed and rocking big hard dicks with no holes to score with and that doesn’t make pickle knobbing Nookie to happy.

Jimmy “Nookie” who is always in a battle for control in the shore house with Billy “The Stimulation” takes fully advantage of the situation with both of them being wasted. Jimmy knows the only way to shut Billy up is to start putting things down his hot wet throat.

Jimmy lunges at Billy and darts his tongue right down Billy all too willing throat and the clothes start flying to expose those hard ripped tan bodies. Billy goes right for what he has been craving all night which is that fat cock Jimmy has been keeping hidden in his jeans all night. Its pure ecstasy to watch Billy deep throat Jimmy’s rock hard cock and to see it drip with salvia is perfection.

After worshiping Jimmy fat dick Billy pushes Jimmy into the position to enable him to go face first into Jimmy’s incredible bubble ass. Billy illustrates his marathon mind blowing tongue skills all over that beautiful pink hole which puts Jimmy into a fuck frenzy.

Jimmy then tosses Billy onto the couch and mounts that big boy and forces his way into that fun hole with every thrust that hole gets stretched and Billy loves every second of it. The sweat begins to pour all over their ripped bodies as Jimmy goes balls deep in that tight hole. Jimmy flips Billy over as too let him know its not over till he says it is over and with Jimmy’s hard wet dick and an open hole you know Billy is going to get it good and hard.

Billy collapses on his back and lets Jimmy pummel his perfect ass over and over. The building up of a mother load is evident as you watch the sweat drip down Jimmy’s face and land on Billy’s sculpted abs. Jimmy then rockets out a load that completely drenches Billy which sets Billy off to fire a load of his own that cascades all over both of them."