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SITES: Bentley Race, Men at Play

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Bailey's Return

Starring Bailey Morgan

June 1, 2012

"Finally he's back. Bailey Morgan pushed all the right buttons when he appeared for the first time on Menatplay back in February this year. Bailey's stunning masculine looks go so perfectly with the classy suited image that Menatplay have given him. And the initial shots of him walking along in his suit conjure up fantasies we all have of seeing city guys on their way to work every day here in London. Only in this case we get to see the suit stud strip in front of us and show us such a perfectly proportioned body and veiny thick cock that you'll be drooling for that South African dick in your mouth. Bailey is not only Menatplay's main feature this week but he also gets front cover of QXmen and full centre spread too."

Bailey’s Return

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Introducing Bailey

Starring Bailey Morgan

February 24, 2012

"OK granted we don't usually go for blondes or young guys for that matter, but Bailey Morgan just made us break all our rules. Within five minutes of meeting him we were blabbering nervously like teenage girls. And its not just because of his ridiculous good looks, or his tall, muscular physique.. there's something a little bit special about this guy. Bailey exudes charisma, and a cool, calm confidence that had us eating of his lap. Not to mention his deep and sexy voice and here at MAP were just suckers for handsome, straight man with a deep voice (swoon). But of course most of this you wont be able to appreciate in a video so I'm afraid you'll have to settle for watching the sexy stud strip out his suit and flex his muscles, as he plays with his tight hole and rubs his thick, veiny cock... slowly.. slowly.. until he shoots his juicy load all over his ripped abs."






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Straight Muscle Boy Bailey Morgan

March 22, 2012

"You’re gonna love our new British mate Bailey. Zac met 26 year old Bailey a couple of times at the hotel gym during their work outs. And Zac loves to tell guys what we do. One night in the lobby bar after a couple of drinks Zac decides to tell Bailey what we were doing in the rooms there. And to our surprise Bailey told us that he was interested… and had even done it before! I thought it was pretty funny because then Zac had to explain more about what we were doing. It was later the next day that Bailey came round and Zac took him to the other room for this impromtu shoot. Bailey is smoking hot! When he get’s that shirt off and starts showing off those ripped abs in front of the camera he’s becomes a bit of a tiger. After seeing these photos Zac took, I think I’d really like to see Bailey fucking. That would look amazing! But he still looks hot here as he pulls down his pants to reveal his cheeky monkey undies. I’m generally pretty amazed over how many stunning guys there are in London. We were kept very busy with all these guys coming round and getting there gear off on camera. It was so nice having hot looking guys like Bailey ready to model with us."






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