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BlackboardOutlineJIZZORGY (8)

Blackboard Outline

Featuring Brad Foxx, Devin Adams, Jared King, Jason Goodman, and Johnny Rapid
Jizz Orgy at

May 18, 2012

"Devin Adams is a hot teacher with 4 unruly students. Johnny Rapid, Brad Foxx, Jared King & newcomer Jason Goodman take turns on teacher until they jizz all over him."

BlackboardOutlineJIZZORGY (4) BlackboardOutlineJIZZORGY (5)

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BlackboardOutlineJIZZORGY (16)

The Checkup

Featuring AJ Monroe and Devin Adams
Big Dicks At School at

January 20, 2012

"AJ Monroe is due to get his student physical today with Devin Adams at the school hospital. The physical is completely voluntary and is designed to help the medical students train, but it pays a little money as well, something that AJ could use. Devin is enjoying inspecting AJ's body so much that he offers AJ a little extra money to examine his prostate..."

AJ Monroe and Devin Adams

AJ Monroe and Devin Adams


AJ Monroe and Devin Adams

AJ Monroe and Devin Adams


AJ Monroe and Devin Adams

AJ Monroe and Devin Adams


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Convincing The Coach

Featuring Devin Adams and Matt Cole
Big Dicks At School at

October 21, 2011

"Devin is a hot head athlete, arguably one of the best at his school but he has anger issues. Devin has been kicked out of another game and his coach Matt Cole has had enough with losing his star player yet again. Matt confronts Devin in the locker-room about his attitude, but Devin isn't listening, he's only talking. Finally Matt explodes and pushes Devin into the lockers, Matt screams at Devin telling him that if he wants to be on this team he's going to have to convince him. Devin has a sweet sweet plan to convince his coach, his ass."

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P9037321 P9037338

P9037417 P9037435

P9037445 P9037541

P9037557 P9037560

P9037565 P9037568

P9037593 P9037615

P9037637 P9037653

P9037690 P9037699





Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

The Nude Model

Featuring Devin Adams and Jacob Durham
Big Dicks at School at

September 30, 2011

"Jacob Durham is struggling with his school art project in the dorm common area late at night, nothing seems to be working and it's due tomorrow morning! Frustrated and tired Jacob is about to give up when in walks Devin from a late night out. Devin is extremely handsome, tall, well built with a never ending boyish charm that has always made Jacob wonder what was hiding in those pants. Devin can see that Jacob is frustrated over his art project and being the nice guy he is encourages Jacob that his project is decent and that he will be fine, Jacob disagrees and with nothing to lose he propositions Devin that if he were to pose as a nude model Jacob would without a doubt do very well on his project. Devin isn't interested at first and laughs it off, but Jacob is clearly distraught and Devin wants to help, "I'll do it for a case beer of my choice" - Jacob would have bought a brewery to see this stud naked. Devin isn't shy at all and immediately rips off his shirt and pants, leaving his briefs on - he can already taste the free case of beer. Jacob tells Devin to lose the briefs, for his class of course. Devin can't believe he has to lose the briefs, but being a good sport and a good friend they come off. Devin is curious about how to be a model and playfully poses for Jacob, flexing with his meat flopping every which way. Jacob, the ever serious artist, tells Devin to stop fooling around and that if he really wants to help out he should get hard, for the projects sake of course. Devin lets Jacob draw his naked body, but soon grows curious and wants to see the picture, flipping it around Jacob's true intentions are easy to see, Jacob has spent most of his time drawing Devin's beefy cock. Smiles between them are exchanged, shy laughs follow - Jacob might not be finishing his project tonight after all."

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham

Devin Adams and Jacob Durham Devin Adams and Jacob Durham
Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Don't Tell My Girlfriend

Featuring Devin Adams and Gavin Waters
Str8 to Gay at

September 21, 2011

"Devin Adams has always had a crush on his workout partner Gavin Waters, and who wouldn't. Gavin is stunning, equipped with all the right tools - smart, blond, ripped, and constantly horny. Devin has wanted Gavin's cock in his tight hole since they first met, but Gavin has a girlfriend who Devin is so cruelly reminded of every time Gavin talks about fucking her. They begin their routine together at the gym, working dumbbell sets - Devin smiling tells his workout partner that one day he will rip him away from his girlfriend, Gavin brushes off the comment. Devin knows that Gavin's girlfriend is gone for the weekend and that Gavin hasn't fucked anything for at least a couple of days, his balls must be full of cum and it's driving Devin crazy thinking about it. Devin is becoming braver with his come-ons, finally as Gavin is doing crunches telling Devin about how good his girlfriend sucks his cock it becomes too much for Devin's imagination, Devin blurts out, "I gota couple of tricks I could show you". Gavin reminds his friend that he's straight and has a girlfriend, but all the talk about getting his dick sucked and the constant rubbing of his giant cock while doing crunches is making him hard. Devin is persistent, guided by his hungry hole he reaches for Gavin's growing bulge - if he can get a tight grip and stimulate Gavin's massive head, Gavin's hornyness will do the rest. Gavin tries to hit away the skilful hand, but he's already weak from the tough workout and his legs are locked into an inclined Ab bench - Devin is clearly taking advantage of this stud. Gavin hits away the confident hand once, twice, three times! He's fighting a losing battle however because each time Devin's hand touches him he just gets harder. Gavin stops fighting and in a quiet voice says, 'Dude you cannot tell my girlfriend...'"

Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Devin Adams and Gavin Waters Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Devin Adams and Gavin Waters Devin Adams and Gavin Waters

Free To Play

Featuring Devin Adams and Luke Hass (2)
Damn Thats Big at

June 27, 2012

"Devin Adams and his new boyfriend (Luke Hass) are home alone and free to play. They've been waiting for some time alone so that they can fondle each other all over the house. Their games are cute but what they really want is one good, long day of fucking."






















Devin's Ass Cock Stuffing

Featuring Devin Adams and Luke Hass
Gay Room | Damn Thats Big

September 21, 2011

"Luke Hass stuffed Devin Adams's brown eye with his huge hard cock. Luke thought he felt the end of Devin's rectum when he was in too deep. After this sensational cock massage, Luke blew my load all over Devin!"













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Dtb_devinadams_pics_262 Dtb_devinadams_pics_287

"I Dream of Weenie"

Devin Adams & Chase Young
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

August 3, 2012

"We're all in for a treat as we welcome back Devin Adams to and joining him is a new hottie to our site Chase Young. Devin is asleep on the couch when Chase comes in to wake him up. "Wake up, Dude we gotta go!" Devin flips over and is popping some serious wood in his tight briefs. "You have a good dream' Chase grins 'or you just happy to see me?" Devin tells him it was definitely a dream with him in it. Chase decides he needs to get a closer look as he drops to his knees between Devin's legs. He pulls down his briefs freeing Devin's rock hard cock and goes to work. He finally swallows it to the hilt and starts to savor every delicious inch. Devin just moans as he watches his dick get worshipped. He gets curious about what else Chase may have to offer and sits up as he gets that dick worked. He then slides his hand down Chase's back into his shorts checking out his smooth ass. He gets Chase up and strips his shorts off leaving him in a hot jock strap that fr! ames a rather spectacular ass. Devin is unable to resist and grabs that ass with both hands before shoving his face into it. He shoves his tongue deep into Chase's puckered hole as he gets it nice and wet ...and ready. Devin then flips Chase over and takes care of the tent in his jock strap as he frees his aching cock and gives it some attention. Devin swallows that dick with ease as Chase moans in appreciation. Devin then sits back on the work out bench as Chase straddles him to make out. That leaves his hard cock conveniently close to one tight ass as Chase suits up and climbs on. He slides all the way down on that fat dick as he starts to ride Devin's meat. "Ram that hole!" Chase orders as Devin obliges. Devin slams that cock harder and deeper inside as they both go at it. Missionary is next as Devin gets Chase on his back and impales him again. Chase can't help but cum as Devin dicks him deep drenching his smooth abs and chest with cum. Devin then pulls out and delivers! a huge face full of cum all over his willing accomplice. Some! guys have ALL the luck..."

"Seventh Devin"

Aiden Lane & Devin Adams
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

May 11, 2012

"Today on we have our local favorite Aiden Lane and joining him is hottie Devin Adams. Aiden's painting the apartment when he starts getting creative. Devon comes in wearing a shirt that says 100% straight. Aiden laughs as he paints over the 10 leaving 0%. Devin rolls his eyes and has to take his shirt off now. "That was the idea", says Aiden with a grin. He pulls Devin in for a hot make out session that eventually leads Devin's tongue south until it discovers Aiden's fat cock. Aiden moans as Devin starts to pleasure his aching meat. Aiden just watches as Devin savors that thick dick and takes it all the way down his throat. Aiden then kicks back on the couch to give Devon room to do his business. Devon kneels and gets right back on that dick as he shoves it down his throat. Aiden's curious to see what he's working with so he stands Devin up and hauls out his cock. Aiden doesn't want to be a rude host so he gladly returns the favor. Devin h! olds Aiden's head as he slides his cock all the way down his throat. Aiden laps at that hard shaft and pays lots of attention to his balls. The chemistry is off the charts as they get back to making out for more. Aiden's tongue isn't done with Devin as he bends him over the couch. Devin moans as Aiden's hot tongue discovers his tight ass. He eats that ass out getting it nice and wet for that thick dick he intends on giving him. When that hole is good and ready, Aiden stands up and starts to tease that ass. He then slides that cock home as he starts to fuck Devin's sweet ass doggy style. Devin is rock hard as Aiden starts to mount him deep. "Oh it's so fuckin' big!" coos Devin as his ass gets stretched wide. Devin loves every inch of it and just begs Aiden to fuck that ass. Aiden rails into that sweet ass with ease as he just watches his dick disappear into that hungry hole. Aiden then gets Devin on the couch for more missionary dick and once he gets back in there it's enoug! h to send Devin over the edge. He cums all over himself as Aid! en pounds that cum out. Aiden then falls back onto the couch and unloads a massive load drenching himself in cum from his shoulders all the way south to cum central. Seems like somebody WAS a bit backed up..."

"The Nicks Game"

Devin Adams & AJ Banks
Pride Studios | CircleJerkBoys

February 10, 2012

"AJ Banks is back on and here to help us welcome sexy, newcomer Devin Adams to the circle. Devin is workin on his homework when AJ walks in and asks him for a Band-Aid. When Devin asks him what for AJ pulls down his shorts and shows him. Devin sees the small nick at the base of AJ's cock and tells him he doesn't have a Band-Aid but he could kiss it to make it better. We LOVE this guy! AJ grins as Devin goes in for a kiss making it a French one as he starts to suck on AJ's growing cock. AJ holds Devin's head as he slowly fucks that handsome face until Devin's dick is screaming for attention. He hauls out his own dick for AJ who goes for it, shoving that dick so far down his throat he gags on it. "Yeah, you like that big dick?" Devin coos as AJ worships his meat and smooth nuts. They take turns sucking on each others cocks until Devin gets horny for more. AJ suits up and sits back as Devin straddles his dick and starts to ride it. He takes that co! ck to the hilt and goes for it. Devin gets AJ so hard he has to slow down. AJ then wants more control so he bends Devin over the same chair. "Fuck my ass, yeah" Devin begs with that sexy voice of his. AJ's balls slap away at Devin's ass as Devin, taking it doggy style just begs for more. Devin then gets on his back so he can watch as AJ pounds his ass harder and deeper. That does the trick and soon Devin can't hold off any more. He starts to nut as AJ pounds him harder. He coats his smooth chest and abs as AJ pulls out and goes for his. AJ jacks his throbbing cock until he shoots a huge load all over Devin drenching everything from his shoulder all the way down to his cum-coated cock. Anyone else need a Band-Aid? lol"

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

December 15, 2011

"Bryan Cavallo is back! After a year of absence, we were thrilled to find out that Bryan wanted to come back for some more ass-pounding, so we called up Devin Adams and had these two studs in bed together quicker than a jack-rabbit! Bryan is looking great, as is Devin, and these two go at it with a passion that is almost indescribable. With each initial kiss Bryan and Devin get harder and harder, their cocks pressing out through their underwear. Devin decides to go first, devouring Bryan's uncut cock. Bryan is in heaven as Devin works on his dick, and he soon gives it a go himself. Bryan is better at cock-sucking these days, with Devin being the satisfied beneficiary. Devin wants the cock in his ass, though, badly. Devin hops on top of Bryan, and as they kiss Devin works Bryan's cock with his ass. Bryan is loving Devin's riding action, and he almost cannot control himself as he moves in to spoon-fuck Devin with gusto. Bryan pounds away as Devin gets even more worked up. Before long Bryan is fucking the cum out of Devin, who has an amazing orgasm. Not to be outdone, Bryan produces the most spectacular cumshot of his life, completely drenching Devin from his balls to his face. Hot Fuck!"

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Devin Adams
Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum

Top Service, Scene 5

Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum
Lucas Entertainment

December 09, 2011

"Devin Adams is caring for the property around his apartment, and Diego Vena knows it -- he's spying on the young hottie as he waters the shrubs, sneaks up on him, and gets sprayed with water. Devin feels guilt, so he and Diego retreat into his home to clean up. They both strip their wet clothes off in Diego's kitchen and start making out, and the two have never looked hotter. Diego gets down on his knees, yanks down Devin's tight blue sports briefs, and starts sucking on the cutie's hard cock. Devin has such a hot, frat-boy voice: listen to him as he says "yeah" over and over again as Diego works hard to please his fuck bud! They switch positions and with Diego leaning against the counter, Devin starts slurping and sucking on his dick. Devin is a horn-dog that loves to get his dick up a guy's ass, so he wets down Diego's backside with an eager tongue bath before throwing him over the counter and sliding his dick inside. With vigor, Devin fucks Diego hard, who despite loving getting fucked, he has to adjust to the thrusts Devin gives him. Devin enjoys feeling a dick in his ass, too, so Diego straddles him while standing on the counters and sticks his dick up Devin's ass in an impressive feat of sexy acrobatics. How else could a hot encounter like this happen without heavy loads of cum!"

Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum

Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum

Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum

Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum Hot Guys Devin Adams and Diego Vena Squirt Loads of Cum
Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Wet, Scene 2

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

March 18, 2014

"In an outdoor shower, muscular Liam Magnuson lets the water run over his smooth, light-skinned bod—his red-hot boner at full attention. He’s soon joined by tan Devin Adams, their cocks briefly touching before they stand and watch each other, Devin lathering up his toned bod. The two kiss, their cocks grazing before Devin deep sucks Liam. Devin’s own cock throbs as he sucks, Liam soon offering his smooth hole for licking. Liam smiles as he gets munched, then sucks Devin back. Liam devours it, then teases Devin’s sac and shaft with his tongue as side shots capture every slurp. Liam turns his bud around to eat him out, then fucks him doggie style as low shots show his balls banging deep. Devin stays stiff as he gets reamed, pressing his boner down to show it off. Liam flashes a sexy smile as he fucks, his chiseled abs and muscles beautifully tightening up. The two share a final kiss as they stroke out their loads."

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Liam Magnuson & Devin Adams

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Signals, Scene 3

Starring Anthony London and Devin Adams

March 4, 2014

"Parking his pickup, shirtless Anthony London—his massive tan and hairy chest on display—removes hay bales with Devin Adams, who has two weeks before going back to school. “I’ll miss having those extra muscles around,” says Anthony, touching Devin’s arm. Anthony grazes Devin’s groin, pulling him in for a kiss. Devin unzips his boss and sucks his big dick. “That feels good, man,” moans Anthony, getting deep throated by a choking Devin—whose face gets closer to the stud’s hot tan line and hairy abs. “Suck those sweaty balls,” says Anthony as Devin snaps up the tall hunk’s dick. A spit strand connects Devin’s mouth to Anthony’s cock, the two switching positions as Devin gets his steel shaft sucked—Anthony gripping the toned stud’s balls. Bent over the trunk, Devin gets eaten and fucked: “I’m definitely gonna miss being on the farm!” The bottom gets fucked on the hay, Anthony grinding in balls deep. Devin flashes his killer smiles as he gets slammed—the two releasing their wads as the bottom yells “I wanna see your cum!”"

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London

Devin Adams & Anthony London Devin Adams & Anthony London

Reckless, Scene 3

Featuring Brad Kalvo and Devin Adams

May 22, 2012

"Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who’s strapped for cash. “Is there any other way I can pay you?” asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin. The sideburned Brad then has Devin lay back and enjoy, beautifully working the moaning stud’s big dick. Devin places his hand on Brad’s head, holding him down on his cock as he rub’s the sucker’s bod—Brad’s huge chest, shoulders and arms filing the frame. “Suck that shit!” says the jock-voiced Devin, whose balls get worked over. Devin smiles as his cock gets stroked while Brad’s fingers enter his ass, warming it up and teasing it. Devin snaps his cock as he talks dirty. “Beautiful ass!” compliments Brad, who soon fucks Devin doggie style, the bottom showing off his stiff shaft as he gets rammed. On his back, the bottom gets it some more—his body soon coated in both of their loads."














TitanMen | Hard Up

Hard Up, Scene 3

Featuring Devin Adams and Tristan Jaxx

March 21, 2012

"Bursting through his tank top, Tristan Jaxx sets his sights on cute passerby Devin Adams -- who follows his admirer into an empty building. The two lock lips, Devin's tongue roaming Tristan's pit. Devin unzips the hung stud, working up the huge bulge in his briefs. Tristan's uncut beast grazes Devin's jeans before getting devoured, spit strands clinging between his shaft and Devin's wet face. The breathless sucker looks up at the smiling Tristan: "Choke on that!" After fucking Devin's mouth, Tristan tightly wraps his juicy lips around the cutie's stiff shaft -- then strokes their cocks together as they stare at each other. Tristan eats up Devin's hole, fingering him before sliding his huge cock inside. The top starts slow before picking up the pace. "There you go!" whispers the bottom as Tristan hits the spot, his pecs and abs clenching. Devin sits down on the top, his boner bouncing as he slides up and down. Devin gets on his back and rubs Tristan's bod as he gets fucked some more -- Tristan's curved cock sliding all the way inside. "Make me blow!" begs Devin, who soon releases his load before Tristan fires a hot multi-gusher that flies over Devin's bod."