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ALIAS: Antonio
SITES: CockyBoys, Falcon Studios, Hancock Men, Jake Cruise, Randy Blue, Straight Fraternity, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes

Tony Capucci and Alex Vaara


Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Featuring Alex Vaara and Tony Capucci

April 20, 2012

"What goes around comes back around. And so do our cockyboys. Tony has been enjoying his time back at the Cockyboys Mansion but he needed to take a break. So he went out for a hike only to run into one of our hungry little cock-sucker, Alex Vaara. (I swear to God, we're everywhere). Tony showed Alex a few exercises but all he wanted to do was put his dick inside his mouth and shoot like a loaded gun. So he decided to give the little one a chance (as if he ever had one...) and suggested that the make a bet- the usual "You lose, you suck" type of bet but hey - any way we can get cock in our boys' holes is fair game to me! Watch as Alex drools all over Tony's muscular body and worships much more than just his cock! This is every boy's fantasy come true. After all, that's what we do here- we make reality into fantasy... Or was it the other way around?"

Tony-alex-06 Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony-alex-09 Tony-alex-10

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Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara

Tony Capucci Trains Alex Vaara
Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci


Jimmy Clay Rides 4-Wheelers...and Tony Capucci

Featuring Jimmy Clay and Tony Capucci

March 22, 2012

"Gentlemen, Cockyboys is proud to present the scene that is going to win the Award for Best Cumshot of the Year. This may not come as a surprise to most of you who are already familiar with Jimmy Clay's unbelievable cum-shooting skills but I do have to warn you - this is like nothing you've ever seen before. One time I asked Jimmy to fill me in on his secret and he said it's all in the water - drinking a gallon of water before his scene makes him shoot like a volcano. Well, naive me of course drank two gallons of water the next day but my load was still nothing compared to what I've seen cum out of Jimmy's dick (still quite impressive though, if I may say so myself!). So I thought about it and I figured - it's always when Jimmy has a big hard cock up his ass that he shoots his heart out. I decided to do some tests. I wanted to somehow get him to ride Tony Capucci's cock all day just to see if the longer stimulation would produce a bigger load but I knew th at would have been a bit too much to ask for. Instead, I decided to put something big, strong, and very fast between his legs and let him ride it for as long as he wants. As soon as that 4-wheeler started buzzing between his legs I could see the smile on his face and the massive boner in his pants. I knew I was on to something! When they got back home, I told Tony that I wanted him to fuck Jimmy upside down so that he would end up shooting in his own mouth. And when the moment finally came, so did Jimmy! He was eager to taste his own cum so he kept his mouth open. The load filled up his mouth full and then covered his whole face. He was practically drowning in his own cum. With every thrust, Tony kept going in deeper and deeper and more cum kept sperming out of Jimmy's cock until he was completely soaked. And that was just one of the loads! You have to watch and see what happens with Tony's load - I'll tell you that much - of course it ended up in Jimmy's mouth but Tony was nowhere near him..."

Tony-jimmy-03 Tony-jimmy-05

Tony-jimmy-10 Tony-jimmy-14

Tony-jimmy-20 Tony-jimmy-23







Cockyboys Tony Capucci is Back!

Tony Capucci

Tony Capucci is Back!

Featuring Tony Capucci

March 19, 2012

"Capucci! Most of you are probably already pre-cumming in your pants just because of all the good memories that this name is associated with on our website. Back in the day, when Cockyboys was just a small not-so-well-known website featuring a bunch of crazy dudes who didn't give a fuck about anything but getting their nut off, Tony Capucci was a major player in his own league. He left Cockyboys to pursue other interests in life but as we've proven to you a few times already - "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!". In his own words "I just had to come back." Tony is one of those guys that you have to meet and spend some time with to realize how amazing they are because words fail to describe them. So I pulled him aside during one of our shoots (that's right! he did more than just one) and I did a little interview with him (which you can watch in the interview section of this page or just click here). I swear to God, I could cum just by listening to him talk. What's even crazier is that every time I look at him I see my camp coach from HS - he was a typical 100% Italian, dark, strong, handsome, with a thick Italian accent and he always walked around shitless. He's pretty much the reason why I like guys but that's a whole different story. But enough talking! How about we all take a short vacation to Italy and let this stud show us why we love him so much! Italian sausage, anyone?"














Tony Capucci and Jason White

May 15, 2008

"Haven’t you ever wanted to play a game of strip poker, where the loser gets fucked? Come on we’ve all thought about it. Tony Capucci and Jason White are both poker players, so I thought we should ‘up the stakes’ and see what happens. Jason loses, although to be honest I think he lost on purpose. He wanted Tony’s cock from the beginning. The scene starts with Tony shoving his cock in Jason’s mouth. Then Tony stands Jason up, bends him over, and shoves his cock in Jason’s hole. Tony wants Jason’s ass arched up more, so he makes him bend over a chair and gives it to Jason again. You can see Tony’s cock splitting Jason’s cheeks. Then Jason lays down on his back and the fucking continues until Tony can’t take it anymore and blows his load all over Jason’s stomach. Jason’s cum flows right after. Five card stud, anyone? Check it."

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

April 21, 2008

"A self-confessed "wild and crazy guy," Tony is back for more fun with me. And, oh, what fun we have! After stripping him and kissing his oh so kissable lips, I stroke his cock until it's fully erect. Then, Tony drills his hard tool inside me, stroking and pumping away, while looming over me like a classic Roman statue. He really hits my "G" spot, and then covers my ass and back with his hot, sticky cum. After rubbing my cock against Tony's gorgeous ass cheeks and between his legs, I shoot my load, too. A good time was had by all!"

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK

Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK Tony Capucci and Jake BAREBACK
Tony Capucci Massaged

Tony Capucci's Massage

April 18, 2008

"Tony gets my full massage treatment, as befits a hunk of his stature. Not only do I rub and knead all the usual parts - the strong back, the bubble butt, the muscled thighs - but I pay special attention to rimming his ass and playing with his hole. I caress his classic Italian face, then work on the chest, abs and thighs that drive me wild. All this gets Tony pretty excited, so I give him my special cock and balls treatment. Does Tony enjoy it? I think the cum shot says it all."

Tony Capucci Massaged

Tony Capucci Massaged

Tony Capucci Massaged

Tony Capucci Massaged

Tony Capucci Massaged Tony Capucci Massaged
Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced

January 4, 2008

"Lean and smooth like one of Michelangelo's sculptures, Tony is the ultimate Italian Stallion. But this stallion likes to play. Quick to smile and even quicker to laugh, Tony has a great time being serviced by Jake. This is one stallion you'll want to check out. Enjoy the ride!"

Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced Tony Capucci Serviced

Tony Capucci Serviced Tony Capucci Serviced
Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci Solo

September 4, 2007

"Tony Capucci is the modern-day Italian Stallion with perfectly proportioned arms and pecs, and a round, squeezable ass. He willingly pumps his meat for his audience, occasionally casting irresistible come-hither looks at the camera that will make you want to jump through the lens. Somehow, when Tony drips some of his hot cum all over the couch cushion, I didn't mind.

Tony sure showed us he likes to have a good time. If you want him to show you a good time, send him an email at"

Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci Solo

Tony Capucci and Luscious Lopez

February 8, 2008

"Tony Capucci told us beforehand that his favorite porn star was Luscious Lopez. Boy was he surprised to find out she was his scene partner. Tony is a man of many assets and he knows how to put them to good use. First, there's the killer smile that draws you in. Then, the washboard abs and tight round bubble butt perk your interest. The playful, yet sensual personality pretty much guarantees that he gets to do whatever he wants. And his beautiful tool really delivers the goods."

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Best Men, Part 2 - The Wedding Party, Scene 5

Featuring Rod Daily and Tony Capucci
Falcon Studios

October 28, 2008

"The wedding is off. The grooms have split up and poor Tony Capucci buries his grief with champagne. He pours his heart out to Rod Daily and soon learns that when one door closes, another opens. Rod gladly lets his good buddy know that there are a lot of guys who will stand up in lieu of the feckless Andrew, especially him. To his surprise and relief, Tony lets Rod demonstrate just how much he means to him, not only as a friend, but as the desired object of his silent lust. Tony quickly rebounds, running out of his blue funk and into the arms, mouth and asshole of a true soul mate."

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75933 75936









Best Men, Part 1 - The Bachelor Party, Scene 1

Featuring Shane Frost and Tony Capucci
Falcon Studios

"Tony Capucci passes out after having too much to drink, and in this vulnerable state, Shane Frost takes control. The resourceful stripper treats the drowsy bridegroom to some TLC as he plays with Tony's cock, dragging his tongue up and down the shaft. Then he stuffs the meaty pole inside his mouth. He rims Sleeping Beauty's hole and pendulous balls, then mounts his hard cock to ride. Suddenly Tony wakes up, surprised to find Shane screwed onto his dick. Annoyed at first, he quickly takes charge and gets serious, fucking the dancing queen real hard. He pounds away making Shane shoot his load, then stuffs his cock down the boy's throat, driving it in and out until he finally cums."

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75756 75757

75448 75445

75455 75460

75461 75458





Tony Capucci and Trent Davis

Roughin' It, Scene 4

Featuring Tony Capucci and Trent Davis
Falcon Studios

"Tony Capucci finds himself stranded buck naked in the woods. With nothing but his baseball cap to cover up his man bits, he heads back to the cabin. He winds up at a neighboring campsite, surprising Trent Davis and asks for a pair of shorts. Trent's no fool and barters with the buffed wildebeest. Tony promises the happy camper he'll give him the 'fuck of his life' in return. Trent is down on his knees, tasting every scrumptious inch of Tony's wiener. And like the good dirty boy he is, he rims his visitor's asshole, making him pant with pleasure. Then Trent climbs aboard Tony's lap, lowers himself onto the big man's big stick, and bucks up and down. He gets fucked sideways, from behind, on his back with his ankles up around Tony's neck -- no matter what position, the sensations are thrilling. Trent jerks himself off excitedly and cums. Then Tony pulls out and shoots his load across Trent's bubblebutt, leaving a mess but earning himself a pair of shorts to get back home in."

Tony Capucci and Trent Davis

Tony Capucci and Trent Davis

Tony Capucci and Trent Davis Tony Capucci and Trent Davis

After Party, Scene 2

Featuring Damian Rios, Erik Rhodes, TJ Hawke, Tony Capucci
Falcon Studios

"Erik Rhodes is the perfect host to TJ Hawke, Tony Capucci and Damian Rios as he feasts on their cocks, rims their asses and surrenders his hole for them to take turns and plow. The mighty triplets then shove a bottle up his ass before rewarding him with three helpings of cum shot into his mouth."

74481 74500

74501 74502





Blake Riley and Tony CapucciBlake Riley and Tony Capucci

December 21, 2007

"I've had a lot of really great newbies over the past few months. And it's been a wonderful experience watching them progress through their first tentative solos, nervously posing and jacking off, getting more and more excited as time goes on, getting more and more comfortable with being in the spotlight. But now I'm goin' all glam and star fit on you guys with Blake Riley and Tony Capucci. Blake is a well known name in the industry and to think he started out right here. He jumps head first into any project he's given and gives it his all. Tony is still relatively new but has done enough work that you'd think he's been in it for years. His body is amazing and when he smiles at you there's nothing you can do to suppress that raging hardon that's just popped into you pants. Putting these two together was like mixing fire and ice and watching the steam rise. Tony totally takes charge and gives Blake the ass pounding of his life, and Blake loves every minute of it. I love how he goes full throttle and then lets up, never stopping but slowing down so the tension builds and builds, getting more intense every time he speeds up. Blake looks like he's going to explode from the magnitude of Tony's fucking, which isn't helped by the way he smacks Blake's ass and puts him in his place as the power bottom that he is. These two had such energy together that I almost had to go take a cold shower just to be able to finish the shoot. If you're a fan of hardcore gay sex, cock sucking and horny college guys then you'll love this video."

Antonio's First Gay BJ

July 31, 2021

"Italian stud Antonio comes over to shoot a jack-off scene, but I feel like I can go much further with him once we're alone. He doesn't blink when I oil up his cock, so I know I'm on the right track. Antonio begins stroking himself, then I take over. Check out his face when I start to suck his dick. Antonio throws his head back in pleasure as I suck his fat cock and lick his balls, and it doesn't take long before he's ready to cum. His body starts to shake, then this stallion unloads in my mouth. Afterwards, Antonio laughs and rates my head a 15 out of 10!"




















Straight Fraternity

Straight Fraternity AntonioAntonio

"My bathroom is inside my closet so I hid a video camera on the shelf so I could get some 'hidden camera' footage of Antonio. He smokes and plays with his balls!"
Straight Fraternity Antonio

Antonio (2)

"This hot Italian comes back for another jack-off scene (he thinks). I feel that I can go much farther with him now that his friend isn't in the room with us..."