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Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

"That's a Huge Dick"

Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

"I just had a new sofa delivered and the humpy delivery man inspired this video. When hairy and tattooed hunk Junior Stellano arrives to delivery a sofa, he finds Dillon Buck wrapped in a towel. After Junior uncrates the sofa, Dillon pats his towel and says, "I suppose I ought to give you a tip, but I need to get my wallet." Junior replies, "You seem ready to give my a tip," and he grabs Dillon's crotch. The men start kissing and Dillon's towel soon ends up on the floor. His huge dick already fairly stiff.

I was thrilled when Junior Stellano e-mailed me to say that he was coming to London. Junior is a stunningly gorgeous hunk of New York man. His heritage is a mingling of Italian and Portuguese and creates those dark features that I love so much in Mediterranean men. The New Yorker in him gives him an edge that I find so appealing. And his sleeve of tattoos just adds to this bad boy image. Junior Stellano takes very good care of his body, and thankfully, he shuns shaving his body.

After swapping blowjobs and getting one another hard, Junior gets down on all fours on my new sofa and Dillon chows down on Junior's hairy asshole for what seems like an eternity. Junior is a dirty talker and encourages Dillon to really enjoy his butt hole. Dillon fingers Junior's ass and says, "Now that's a tight hole!" As he slides his 9.5-inch cock inside, Junior moans, then says, "Man, that's a huge dick." Dillon works Junior's hole open with slow, but purposeful strokes. "How's my ass feel?" Junior asks. This gets Dillon revved up. He stands on the sofa and starts thrusting his huge dick hard into Junior's hungry hole. Junior's loving every inch of it thrusting deep inside of him, all the while urging Dillon with his dirty talk. Then Junior takes over, sits on Dillon's hard cock and rides it. With Dillon pounding up into Junior's ass, the hairy tattooed stud shoots his massively thick load all over his leg. His jizz slides onto Dillon's leg. Then Junior sits down and Dillon jerks off all over him. The first blasts cream Junior's beard, but the bulk of Dillon's spunk splatters all over Junior's hairy chest. Man, what a huge load!"

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Butch Dixon Junior Stellano & Dillon Buck

Who The F**k Are You?

Starring Ben Brown and Junior Stellano

November 12, 2010

"Fresh from his promotion at MAP Towers, Ben Brown is doing his best not to set a foot wrong and impress his new boss. But his new found eagerness almost costs him his job when he clashes with CEO Junior Stellano, the over a meeting room scheduling. But Junior is taking none of it and quickly saves Ben from potential embarrassment by introducing himself and putting him in his place. And in true MAP style this involves throwing Ben over the boardroom table and teaching him and his smooth. muscular ass a lesson he will not forget in a long time. And you wont be forgetting this sizzling HOT pairing in a long time either!"


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Office Junior

Starring Dillon Buck and Junior Stellano

June 3, 2010

"When two testosterone fuelled alpha males meet in a toilet and one flashes his big hard meaty cock at the other that's all it takes for the beginning of something truly special. Sparks, sweat and cum fly when US porn star Junior Stellano meets UK porn star Dillon Buck. As Dillon takes a leak in the urinal Junior comes out of the cubicle and both men eye each other up. Dillon's large cock stiffens at the sight of the hunky Junior. Junior moves in closer and starts to play with Dillon's rock hard cock and massive balls, he almost chokes on Dillon's meat as he takes it all in his mouth. The action moves from the toilet to the office where Dillon bounds Juniors hands with a tie and force feeds his cock to Junior. Some passionate kissing leads to Dillon ripping open Juniors shirt and feasting on the studs ripped torso and hairy chest. Dillon forces Junior on to the desk and begins to rim his hole. His cock is aching to fuck Junior's hungry hole and pounds away like his life depends on it. Junior stares into Dillon's eyes teasing him, wanting more, wanting it harder! Both studs are uninhibited and very sexually experienced which makes for some mind blowing, sensational fucking! The sex is fast, passionate and aggressive between two men with big throbbing cocks who know just how to use them to drive the other man wild. If you are after real men having real sex then look no further! Menatplay, the number one suit sex site has it all for you!"











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Backdoor, Scene 4

Alexy Tyler Fucks Tattooed Muscle-Man Junior Stellano
Lucas Entertainment

July 22, 2011

"Jonathan Agassi’s next seedy sighting is none other than the burly hunk Junior Stellano seducing muscled sex-god Alexy Tyler. Alexy’s body is a sculpted work of art, and in no time at all, Junior turns him around, pulls down his pants, and worships his perfectly rounded ass with his lips and tongue; he rigorously eats out his ass. From rimming to blowing, Junior begins working on Alexy’s stiff and alert cock, preparing it to penetrate his rock-hard ass cheeks! When Alexy finally mounts Junior, it’s akin to two powerful beasts fucking in heat. Junior’s furry torso against Alexy’s smooth, olive skin makes this scene especially orgasmic, and when the two bust their loads after Alexy finishes railing Junior, everyone is left out of breath!"










04_Alexy_Tyler_Junior_Stellano_02 04_Alexy_Tyler_Junior_Stellano_04
>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

Assassin, Scene 1

Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star
Lucas Entertainment

March 28, 2011

"Michael Lucas is the emotionless and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others. After a brief glimpse into his private world, we are thrust onto a New York City rooftop, which quickly becomes the scene of a crime. From there, we enter an upscale gentleman's club where dancer Adam Killian performs incredibly hot choreography to accompany the club's jazz singer, Ari Gold. When the powerful club owner makes his way back to his office, he finds sexy boy toy Brad Star waiting to service him. Brad wastes no time getting onto his knees and getting Junior Stellano's thick cock wet. Junior decides he wants a taste of Brad's massive member and greedily takes it into his mouth. Junior lies across his desk, letting Brad plunge his dick to the back of his throat while Brad reaches over to choke Junior's down to the base. Brad climbs onto the desk and spreads wide on all fours so Junior can get his tongue into his tight hole. Brad then bends Junior over the desk and fucks him deep. Junior then lies back onto the desk and has Brad climb on top to ride his rock hard pole. Brad busts his load onto Junior's furry chest before Junior drains his own cock of hot cum, which he gobbles down. Now that Junior has had his way with him, he dismisses Brad."

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

>Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star >Muscle Stud Junior Stellano Flip-Fucks Brad Star

Kings of New York, Scene 1

Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight
Lucas Entertainment

June 15, 2010

"Scruffy French daddy Wilfried Knight gets yanked out of the trunk of a car by two ruff and buff cronies and led to a secret dungeon where he finds King of the New York Underground, Junior Stellano. Junior interrogates his captive, until Wilfried pulls his cock out of his underwear, hypnotizing him. Junior's cock comes out in due turn and Wilfried sucks him into passivity. The two strip each other's clothes off and Junior takes a big taste of Wilfried's hairy asshole. Wilfried shoves his cock down Junior's seedy throat and face fucks him, before settling in to a spit-soaked rimjob. The captive becomes the captor as Wilfried fucks Junior into submission. Grasping for a power play, Junior flips Wilfried and fucks him back. He resolves the situation with a double-sided dildo, which the two muscle studs fuck until Junior cums across his chiseled abs. Wilfried finishes on Junior's face and it's clear all debts have been settled for now."

Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight

Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight

Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight Junior Stellano and Wilfried Knight

Men In Stockings, Scene 2

Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas
Lucas Raunch

May 15, 2010

"Michael Lucas makes out with tattooed muscle man Junior Stellano, whose meaty legs are stuffed into a pair of hot black tights. Junior deep throats Michael's sturdy staff as Michael fingers the hungry bottom's excitable hole. Michael tears the tights open like a birthday gift, unwrapping Junior's twitching cavity for serious playtime. Michael buries his cock into Junior's buff, hairy ass and fucks him upside-down, sideways, and all around until he explodes in a gooey climax across his ripped chest! Lingerie has never looked so macho, in this stunning debut by Junior Stellano."

Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas

Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas

Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas Manly Bitch Junior Stellano Services Michael Lucas

Incubus 2: The Final Chapter, Scene 1

Starring David Anthony, Francois Sagat and Junior Stellano

March 28, 2012

"As visions of his ordeal race through his mind, Francois Sagat wakes up suspended from the ceiling as his doppelganger issues commands. He blacks out and wakes up possessed—whispering evil into the ear of Junior Stellano, who joins him for a photo shoot taken by David Anthony. Francois emerges from the dressing room with tortured eyes and a boner that pulses even harder when he spots Junior on his knees worshipping David’s massive meat. Francois approaches, the sucker taking turns on their dicks before his furry body is coated. David slides his cock inside Junior, who moans as the sound of their smacking flesh fills the set. Francois then gets his turn, pounding Junior as David snaps shots. Francois offers his hole, Junior gyrating in for a sultry fuck as the bottom’s ass hair clings to the top’s cock. Junior and David kiss above, soon switching positions as David’s huge sac pounds against Francois’s muscle-ass—the top’s defined shoulders and arms shining on camera as three more loads soon fly."
















Command Performance, Scene 3

Featuring Jessy Ares, Junior Stellano, Marco Wilson and Wilfried Knight

February 8, 2012

"Waiting for his background vocalists, a frustrated Jessy Ares gets reassured by manager Marco Wilson -- who offers a kiss to calm down his client, their jean-bursting bulges rubbing. The tension builds, the two breathing heavy as their chemistry catches fire. Marco works up his buddy, culminating when Jessy's huge cock bounces out of his briefs. Marco sniffs it, deep sucking him as voyeur Junior Stellano's reflection is caught on the other side of the studio window in an amazing shot. Junior feeds Marco's spit-soaked mouth, Jessy then sliding his slab between their pursed lips. Wilfried Knight arrives, slurping on Jessy as Junior gets worshipped by Marco. The four squirt, Wilfried soon deep-fingering Junior as Marco eats an increasingly verbal Jessy ("Spit on it!") before fucking him. Junior gets on the table, which squeaks as Jessy rams him. Marco then slides in behind Jessy, who gyrates between them in a hot fuck chain. Wilfried gets reamed by all three, a great fuck by Marco inside Junior's tight hole ("Fuck me! Don’t stop!") finishing it off."

Cprr_1262 Junior Stellano in Command Performance, Scene 3




























Manifest, Scene 1

Starring Junior Stellano, Steven Daigle, and Tom Wolfe

December 4, 2011

"With sunglasses over his excited eyes, scruffy Steven Daigle sits by a dark stage as his fantasy comes to life in the form of muscle men Junior Stellano and Tom Wolfe. After licking Tom's pit, the tattooed Junior drops down to feast on his boner as he grabs Tom's pec. Now on stage, Steven feasts on both cocks -- taking his turn on each before shoving both heads into his mouth. Junior spits down on his dick again, spit strands soon clinging from Steven's mouth. Junior sucks both of his buds before the three soon dump their loads on each other. Junior then gets his cock and hole double-teamed by two hungry tongues that warm him up for a tag-team fuck. Tom slides in first, ramming Junior as the bottom sucks on Steven. The two switch positions as both of Junior's holes continue to get stuffed. Steven soon begs to get fucked, and Junior is happy to oblige. Tom then slips inside Junior, a hot fuck train taking over. Soon on his back, Steven gets rammed by Junior again as a great aerial captures the action. Junior strokes Steven’s stiff dick, which explodes all over the top's abs and chest."

Mfrv_0447 Mfrv_0491

Mfrv_0739 Mfrv_0765

Mfrv_0872 Mfrv_0892




















Hellions, Scene 3

Starring Dirk Caber, Ethan Hudson, and Junior Stellano

December 3, 2011

"After brushing his boyfriend off on the phone, bearded Dirk Caber eyes Ethan Hudson as the two take a break from work in the woods. Their chemistry is undeniable as they lick, rub and kiss -- with Dirk's deep voice heating things up even more. Ethan gurgles as he plants his lips to Dirk's pubes. Dirk bends down to kiss Ethan, then sucks him back as spit slides down the shaft. From afar, tattooed Junior Stellano -- a dark and hairy mass of muscle -- catches his boyfriend cheating. He strokes his big shaft, then mounts the work table to feed Ethan. At the other end, Ethan is munched by Dirk -- whose scruffy chin makes a bristling sound against the skin. Dirk slaps Ethan's ass and strokes his boner from below, the multiple sensations eliciting a stream of moans. After feasting on Junior, a breathless Ethan sits on the stud's tongue as the three shoot -- including a rocket from Dirk that coats Junior's forearm. In the back of the SUV, Junior fucks Ethan as the bottom sucks a smiling Dirk, who soon switches places with the bottom. Dirk gets rammed hard, his rock-hard dick bobbing like crazy. He sucks Ethan, the two rubbing and spitting on each other. On his back, Dirk gets plowed by Ethan as Junior feeds the bottom and props up his boner. Junior heads to the other end, sliding inside Ethan for a hot fuck train: "Drive it!" he commands as Ethan gyrates between the two studs ("Work my dick! Atta boy!"). Ethan and Dirk rub and punch each other's chests before three more squirts end the enthusiastic threesome."











Fist Deep, Scene 3

Starring Junior Stellano, Spencer Reed, Tibor Wolfe

June 28, 2011

"Massive muscle man Spencer Reed, handsome buzz-headed Junior Stellano, and a furry, inked Tibor Wolfe, wearing latex chaps, swap spit and cock strokes in a dim-lit dungeon. The leather harnessed Spencer face-fucks Tibor, then aims a strong geyser of piss all over Tibor's hole, slapping his ass until drops fly through the air. He gets his big cock into Tibor, holding tight to his waistband for leverage as he pounds away. Junior take his turn on Tibor's hairy hole, fucking him hard until his balls slap the bottom's cheeks. Junior pulls out and works his wet fingers into the stretched hole. Spencer grunts, "It's your turn, boy," ordering Junior down on all fours so that Spencer can get his thick hard pipe all the way into Junior's muscular ass with one shove. Spencer pulls out of Junior to spit on and slap his hole, then plows back in again. Then Spencer slams an enormous, ridged dildo into Tibor's upturned ass. Tibor takes it like a trooper, grunting, his mouth firmly clamped around Junior's cock. Spencer works the monster dildo all the way in, shaking it around to give Tibor's prostate a good work-out. Spencer and Junior admire his stamina before shoving in a thicker dildo. Junior slides his entire fist into Tibor’s stretched hole as Spencer marks the bottom with another piss geyser. Then Spencer works his big hand slowly up into Tibor, opening the man's ass enough to take his entire fist. Then Spencer urges Tibor to back up on both of Junior's slick mitts. Junior punch-fucks Tibor with alternating fists, Tibor's cock standing at attention as he opens up his deep red hole for Junior's inspection. Lodging his fist firmly up the bottom’s ass, Junior urges Tibor to pound his meat until he erupts all over his hairy chest. In serious heat, Spencer and Junior dump their own thick loads of cum all over the blissed-out bottom."













Starring Draven Torres and Junior Stellano

December 1, 2011

"Inked, manly Junior Stellano, in tight latex shorts, ties a young, tattooed Draven Torres face-down on a padded bench, before prying open his cheeks and rimming the boy's hairy hole with slow deliberate tongue strokes. Junior presses a wet finger into Draven's hole, gauging its tightness, telling the boys he's doing good as Draven hungrily deep-throats him. Junior gets his meat up the tight hole and fucks the boy hard and fast, slapping his sweat-streaked ass as he rides him, grabbing onto the boy's shoulders for leverage and pushing all the way in to his balls, rooting around in the young man's hole. Junior's chiseled abs shine with sweat as he rides Draven like a bull, ramming the gasping, captive beneath him. He pulls out and pisses all over Draven with an arcing stream, getting his scent on the boy. The hungry top rims Draven, tasting his own piss on the boy's hole before untying Draven and swallowing his hard brown cock. Draven rubs the back of Junior's head, the trailing rope, now wet with spit and piss, still knotted at his wrist. Junior pushes Draven onto his back and pounds the boy's butt again, Draven madly stroking his own cock as his ass is assaulted. The hairy-chested top rides Draven hard until the boy can't hold out anymore and blasts a thick milky load. Junior lies on his back and makes Draven lower his hole down on the man's tongue, which triggers the top's grunting, jerking explosion, his cum spurting across his hairy chest and abs."



Exposed, Scene 1

Starring Aymeric DeVille, Junior Stellano, and Shay Michaels

June 13, 2011

"In a dirty men's room, tattooed Aymeric DeVille approaches the urinal, his muscular back filling the frame. He pulls down his jeans, his jock butt exposed from his open-ass briefs as he strokes his uncut cock. Dark and hairy Junior Stellano makes his way to the open stall, sitting on the toilet and stroking his big dick as he eyes Aymeric through the glory hole. Aymeric shoves his cock through the wall as Junior starts to feast. Shay Michaels eyes the action from the sink mirror as the suck sounds turn him on. He's quickly on his knees, burying his bearded face inside Aymeric's hole as Junior continues to blow. Shay reaches underneath to stroke Junior's cock, then strips down to show off his built bod. He slides his hard dick inside Aymeric's hole, rubbing the groaning bottom's back. Shay kisses Aymeric's neck and ear, wrapping his arms around the stud to rub his pecs. Junior jacks Aymeric's load out before Shay squirts on Aymerric's ass. Junior comes, then offers his ass to Aymeric's tongue while wrapping his lips around the increasingly verbal Shay: "All the way... there you go!" As Junior deep throats Shay, Aymeric fucks the muscle man from behind -- the bottom’s monster quads clenching. The two rub Junior's bod as they double-team him, then switch positions. Shay's pecs bounce as he plows Junior deep, but the bottom soon turns the tables. Sitting on the toilet, he gets both studs to take turns riding his cock. Their bods tighten up as they shoot their loads while getting fucked, Junior then letting go of his second wad as the three kiss to end the steamy threesome."









Payload, Scene 1

Starring Danny King and Junior Stellano

May 19, 2011

"Hairy muscle stud Junior Stellano basks in his backyard when he catches the eye of dark-haired Danny King. With his cock throbbing, Danny sits his hole on Junior's tongue, the gristly beard rubbing against his smooth cheeks. The two 69, Danny gagging on Junior's cock. Danny stands to feed his bud, rubbing Junior's bod as spit drips from the sucker's mouth. Danny returns the favor before the two squirt. Bent over a lawn chair, Junior gets his hole devoured before Danny slides his uncut slab in deep. Junior sits on Danny, his hairy ass devouring the top's cock. The smiling bottom gets on his back for more, staying stiff as he gets plowed before two more loads coat him."

Pdhd_0093 Pdhd_0192

Pdhd_0898 Pdhd_0921