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Galt's Flip Flops and Size 14 Feet

October 25, 2016

"Galt is one of my favorite guys. He's a big, tall guy with big sexy feet. How do size 14's grab you? Galt is cocky and confident and that even comes through in pictures. Of course, as long as his perfectly masculine and sexy feet come through, that's all I care about. It was so nice to get close to them again, Galt always loves the attention paid to his hairy, muscular physique, flip flops and huge size 14 feet!"





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Mffhq1361_galt_036 Mffhq1361_galt_039

6'3" Giant Galt Strapped Down and Tickled

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"6'3" giant hunk Galt is strapped down and tickled by Edison and I on the MyFriendsFeet tickle table and becomes ours. Huge men like Galt are usually the ones in control of most things around them, but Edison and I soon showed him the other side of the coin. His stellar body and size 11 feet were ours at the ready and is Galt ever ticklish. We soon had him squirming around trying to get free. But of course he couldn't break his bonds and wasn't free until we were done with him!"

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Huge Galt's Tickle Audition

"I love it when I managed to talk a huge man into being tickle tortured in a MyFriendsFeet shoot. Galt is indeed huge. He loves working out, but he's naturally just a really big man. And that means his feet are no less than size 14s. Oh yeah. To have all that foot surface to tickle is literally a dream cum true. Galt is super ticklish too, from head to toe. I ended up driving him insane with my fingers and tickle toys. It's a good thing this behemoth was tied down!"

Huge Galt's Tickle Audition 01 02 03
Galt Gets His Size 14 Feet and Smelly Socks

Galt Gets His Size 14 Feet and Smelly Socks

"Galt has a pair of size 14 feet on him and if there's anything he demands it's that his feet get the full attention they deserve. I called in Dennis from MyFriendsFeet to do what he does best and Galt was very happy. Of course, he wasn't happy until he got to push Dennis around a bit. He just has that kind of personality. Dennis did everything he asked and even ended up with those gorgeous size 14s smothering his face!"

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Galt's Size 14 Socks and Feet Worshiped

Galt's Size 14 Socks and Feet Worshiped

"Galt is tall and absolutely gorgeous. Such incredible European looks to this man. With his size 14 feet and great looks he sure made a great foot worship idol in a MyFriendsFeet shoot. I couldn't resist going absolutely crazy on his huge feet. This dress socks and feet smelled SO good. They tasted amazing too. Galt had never had it so good and I got to foot worship a gorgeous stud!"

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Galt's Huge Size 14 Bare Feet and Dress Socks

"Galt and his big ol' size 14 feet are back at MyFriendsFeet for another round of hot photos. He loves showing off and his dress socks look amazing on those big feet. Galt has a very masculine, studly look to him. I was afraid of him a bit when I first met him, but Galt turned out to be a great guy and just as kinky when it comes to feet as I am!"



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Galt's Huge Size 14s In White Socks and Bare

"Galt is a mountain of a man! This boxer and MMA fighter towered over me when we answered the door for our first shoot. He is almost 6'3" tall and more than a little bit intimidating at first. Once we started talking to him we found out he is the coolest guy ever, but he looks like he could beat my ass with one hand tied behind his back. Actually, that sounds pretty hot - the tying him up part at least! His feet are gorgeous and manly and huge at size 14. He didn't know we were going to be shooting any photos with his socks, so he didn't bring any clean ones. These dirty and smelly white socks were the only ones he had!"




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Manifest Men Tim Adonis


Tim Adonis

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Chest: 48"
Waist: 32"
Biceps: 18"
Quads: 23"
Body Hair: Partially Shaved

"With a hair of golden curly hair classically handsome Tim Adonis could easily be the model for a revival of Greco-Roman sculpture but this modern day stud with flawless smooth skin is as down-to-earth as they come. Serious, yes but with an edge. After you have wetted your appetite for muscle, you can see this stud and his dancers live at the Adonis Lounge in Brooklyn."


TimAdonisShadow_8 TimAdonisShadow_64

TimAdonisShadow_67 TimAdonisShadow_74

TimAdonisFire_1 TimAdonisFire_5

TimAdonisFire_16 TimAdonisFire_22

Thunder TV Wrestling Cage

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 003

Cage vs Rex

Bodybuilder Battle 32

"Cage flew down from Brooklyn because both UPS and the US Postal Service up north told him that hes too good looking to work for them. Or so he claims. Times being what they are, a man has got to take work where he can find iteven if it involves opening cans of whoopass on lesser men green enough to step on the mat against a seasoned killer like him. He looks down on his latest opponent like a small parcel he would just as soon chuck under the wheels of his truck and not have to lower himself to wrestle. Rex (Jaxton Wheeler) looks unimpressed with the trash talk Cage dishes out. The strapping Bostonian is eager to take the arrogant New Yorker and run him through the grinder. He packs shoulders that look like boulders and a background in the martial arts. Sparks fly way too close to the fumes when the two muscle men actually face off. Shoves lead to slaps, and slaps lead to a getting-to-know-you bear hug that would snap a normal man in half. But Rexs python arms dont faze Cage, and the taunts go on till Rex nestles Cages head between his biceps and ribcage and starts cutting off the big talkers air, in a calculated attempt to wear the man down. In a neat reversal, Cage is more than happy to return the favor, choking the dark-haired newcomer while he glares scornfully into the camera lens. The two men favor strenuous holds that shock the nervous systemstrangleholds, body slams, arm bars, chickenwings, and headscissors among themtaking a moment now and then to strike a pose that fills the screen with slabs of USDA prime beefcake. Cage peels off his singlet, all the better to get down tight on his man and try to snap a few tendons. These men pull a little hair, too. They do what they have to do to win, and that means theyll do anything. Gear gets stretched and snapped in the sweaty heat of combat, and soon enough the talking stops and the beatdowns are all thats left. In time, both bodies are flushed and glistening as the men pant for air while they do their damnedest to shatter each otheruntil, in a thrilling climax, one man wrenches a long, agonizing, and humiliating submission out of the other."

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 004

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 026

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 035

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 045

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 054

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 098

Rex_vs_Cage_Rex Cage 106

Ace Hanson vs Cage

Bodybuilder Battle 25

"Ace Hanson is back this time to his old shaved self. He really has changed since the incident with Angel. He has taken on a whole new personality and this time he's out for someone bigger than Angel, the new rookie Cage. Ace is under orders from Mr. Mike, our producer, to teach these new rookies like Cage and Uno a lesson of respect. These two start out having a grappling session but it turns really intense quickly. Ace doesn't like new guys so he decides to show him a lesson. Numerous bearhugs and smashing holds are used where these two grapple crushing each other with various arm bars and leg holds. If you like to see guys work from guard you will find a lot of this in this match. The head scissors Cage gets on Ace almost had us thinking he was going to tap out but Ace grinds his way out of it and comes back to full mount putting Cage in some intense choke holds. The various sleeprs attempted by both guys would make any grappler proud. After they compair bicepts on a break things heat up even more with intense head scissors and grinding full mounts that show these two mean business. Ace just likes to use his chest as a weapon and crush people with it on the mat as he head locks them on the mat. The big shock in this match was how brutal Ace gets in his use of various holds. He puts Cage in a rack that really was brutal to watch and hurts his lower back. That doesn't stop Ace from going back after his lower back again and again in various holds and positions, making Cage almost beg for mercy in the end."








"The Muthafin Man!"

Starring Cage

"Cage is a fitness model and entrepreneur in New York City. Fortunately, he doesn't mind stripping buck naked to show off his ripped body and big curving uncut dick."





TGS267_017 TGS267_025

6'4" Construction Worker TJ Gets a Gay Hand Job!


Comments from Straight Fraternity:

"TJ is HUGE. He stands 6'4" tall and is a construction worker. I didn't expect this big str8 dude to let me jerk him off - but money talks and he's out of work. I love TJ's thick, furry chest and the way he rubs his pecs and nipples to get himself aroused. Once I started jerking his cock (he wanted my grip to be nice and tight) it didn't take him long to get heated up. With a loud grunt he shot his creamy wad on his stomach - and then told me how much he liked it."










John Galt

January 2011

"This is John Galt spouting! And he's got more than a mouthful! This golden beefcake makes one wonder if he's what Nietzsche meant when he said man must transcend himself!

John never got attention growing up and wasn’t in shape, so he killed two birds with one (rock hard) stone! Now that it’s time to blow a hot load for his first time (he doesn’t say that a lot!) online, he loyally chose the Paragon Penthouse!

Locked in a padded room? John Galt likes em mildly psychotic; it keeps things interesting! One time after sex, an ex-girlfriend stuck her chewing gum up inside his sticky, generous foreskin. Yeah, she was probably off her meds. Hot!!

Galt also owns Brooklyn's Adonis Lounge, where young, horned up studs line-up to drop their pants for tips. Gratefully, John helped us hand pick from his sexy stable for our site. Keep coming back, and they'll keep coming!!"

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