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ALIASES: Sylvester Randolph, Xavier Wood
SITES: Live Muscle Show, MuscleHunks, Paragon Men


Xavier Wood

January 2012

"X- marks the spot! Does this dude make you wanna run out and join Boot Camp or what? We simply let the cameras roll with this rip-roaring specimen. How many metaphors are there for chiseled, hung perfection? Fire hydrant just doesn’t quite suffice – though one may be required after choking on his smoke inducing hard candy. Xavier packs a punch, and you trust the man knows how to thrust!

In an effort to stray from the prurient, he’s a math and science whiz. If you have yet to catch his XXX action (wipes brow) in Paragon Men's Penthouse, the deduction is that he’s a supreme equilateral triangle whose hypotenuse is off. the. charts. He has-your-wood indeed! BIG wood. Xavier lives in Harlem, loves tits (small, medium or large) and being passed around a girls’ dorm room. When not having sex in a bed, Xavier prefers “somewhere with handles” because remember - he knows his angles. And it’s all about leverage!

He recently served in the US army with a “high clearance level” – as in, you do not enter, he does! Here’s a bonafied drill sergeant. Fall in line - and if your blood pressure drops, put your head down and worship those humongously pumped appendages. Sir, yes sir!"

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Sylvester Randolph

Age: 35 years
Weight: 38kg (84 lbs)
Height: 150cm (5'10")
Chest: 99.1 cm (39'0 in)
Waist: 71.1 cm (28'0 in)
Bicep: 30.5 cm (12'0 in)
Thigh: 53.3 cm (21'0 in)

"This man is big. SOOO big. And Beautiful. And Black. This is the kind of man who fills your dreams at night, and your day dreams during the long hot day. So go ahead. Dream about it. Dream about how you want to worship him. Then, give his a try... he's even better than your fantasies...."

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks

Dreams of Leather

Featuring Sylvester Randolph

March 2, 2012

"Whoever said that musclemen like's exclusive muscle model Sylvester Randolph don't have private fantasies of their own? Cut and ripped to the bone, competition-ready Big Sylvester's just the guy to show you it just ain't so! Sylvester's kicking around the back streets of Miami on a hot, dark, cloudy afternoon, dreaming of just what his impressive physique might look like with some sharp leather accessorizing - and does it make him hot? Sure does!"

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks
Muscle Hunks

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks

The New Night Watchman

Featuring Sylvester Randolph

May 14, 2011

"New MH muscleman Sylvester Randolph is prowling the studio late at night when he discovers the clothing storage room. Intrigued and turned on by the variety of outfits, Sylvester decides right away to settle down and take care of his own huge man meat. No disappointment for muscle fans here: big n' tall Sylvester's got awesome, rock hard abs and a thick, veiny 10 inch super pole that rival the biggest musclemen you'll ever hope to see!"

Sylvester Randolph Muscle Hunks


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