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Aaron Cage


SITES: Bound Jocks, Butch Dixon, Colt Studios

Aaron Cage and Knotty Brent

Aaron Cage and Knotty Brent


December 23, 2011

"The bigger they are, the harder the fall! Wrestler Aaron Cage learns this the hard way when he is strapped down to the matt and taunted by Knotty Brent. His hard cock trapped by ropes and the nylon of wrestling singlet. Knotty Brent abuses the hairy muscle giant and forces him to suck his big cock before he will let Aaron go."

Aaron Cage

Aaron Cage

Aaron Cage


September 8, 2011




14355_08 14355_12

Manpower, Scene 3

Starring Aaron Cage and Vic Rocco
Colt Studios

January 5, 2012

"Working in the vineyard, a very hot and shirtless Vic Rocco takes a moment to rest and enjoy a handful of ripe juicy grapes. He also enjoys a handful of his thick juicy bulge. The intoxicating heat has Rocco reeling with pleasure. Hairy Co-worker, COLT Man Aaron Cage takes notice and moves in for a full on open mouth kiss. Aaron reaches into Vic’s shorts and grabs ahold of that man-sized cock. That extra-thick piece of meat has Aaron hitting his knees to enjoy a mouthful. As the heat intensifies the clothes come off, both guys taking turns enjoying the pleasures of sucking cock.

Vic turns Aaron around and bends him over a wine barrel as he buries his face in Aaron’s hot furry butt, spreading those hairy mounds to get a taste of that hot man-hole. Probing with his fingers and his tongue, Vic opens up that hole and gets it ready for his thick and juicy pole. Burying his cock deep in Aaron’s ass, Vic starts with a slow deep thrust then quickly picks up the rhythm. Aaron takes it like a man as Vic power fucks his ass. Jacking his hard cock as his ass gets punished, Aaron feels the fire in his balls cumming to the surface. With Vic’s cock deep in his ass Aaron shoots, gushing cum as load manly groans fill the vineyard. With his cock in hand Vic is ready to blow within seconds. Stroking the long length of his cock Vic milks every drop of hot white cum, Spilling his seed on the ground and giving the vine some extra MANPOWER fertilization."


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16696_017 16696_018




















Bear, Scene 3

Starring Aaron Cage and Josh West
Colt Studios

September 1, 2011

"COLT BEAR (noun) - A large land roaming mammal with a taste for raw meat. Having massive muscled bodies covered in fur with an affinity with all things rugged. Grizzlies, Cubs, Black Bears, Daddy Bears, Otters, Muscle Bears and Bulls. A person who shows great ability, enthusiasm, stamina, etc. Bears come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they all have that rugged, masculine appeal that fits right in here at COLT. Get ready to get mauled."

"A bear’s work is never done. As COLT Man Aaron Cage hauls firewood he works up a mean sweat. Stripping off his tank top he takes a break. Showing off his hot furry chest he reaches in and opens up his jeans to reveal ever more hot fur. Taking his cock in hand Aaron plans to really take a load off.

Meanwhile, rugged Daddy-Bear Josh West waits at the wood pile for Aaron to return with some fresh wood. When he realizes Aaron has been gone a long time he whistles out to call Aaron back to the wood pile. Aaron hastily returns hauling fresh wood, with an extra hard piece bulging out of his jeans. When Josh realizes what’s been distracting Aaron, he offers to join in the fun.

It’s fur on fur as these two horny men grope and grab at each other, taking turns as they feed on each other. Aaron gets more than a mouthful when he reaches in for a helping of Josh’s monster bear cock. A giant cock like that deserves expert service, and Aaron is more than capable. Josh enjoys the service so much he rewards Aaron with a searing hot fuck. Bending him over a bale of hay, Josh takes that furry muscle butt. His long hard cock splits Aaron in two. Flipping Aaron over on his back, Josh dives in deep and to the hilt, fucking the daylights out of Aaron’s hot hole. Aaron strokes his aching cock as his ass is punished. When both guys are ready to explode they stand side by side and shoot together, dripping in sweat and spraying cum from their swollen cocks."

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Bear, Scene 1

Starring Aaron Cage and Bob Hager
Colt Studios

August 4, 2011

"Ever wonder what Bears really do in the woods? Chopping wood in the hot summer sun, our newest COLT Man Bob Hager needs little more than a jock strap and his hefty ax to get the job done. Furry Muscle-Bear and COLT Man Aaron Cage watches, stroking his bulge and enjoying the sights and sounds of a hot sweaty man at work. Bob takes a break from his work and invites Aaron over to work on a different kind of wood. Aaron gets down on his knees and devours Bob’s Bear-Meat. Furry beards, hairy torsos and big hard cocks come together as these burly men eat each other up.

Aaron turns and offers Bob a manly helping of his hot hairy ass. Bob dives right in and a taste of that ass makes him hungry for more. Poking and probing that hot hole, Bob takes the plunge. Grunts and groans fill the air as Aaron takes a long hard pounding. In the blazing hot sun they fuck like hungry animals. Bob is oozing cum until the moment he explodes all over Aaron's thick muscled back. With the cum still dripping down his back, Aaron works his meat with his thick paw, spraying a thick ball draining load."

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13627_006 13627_018

13627_030 13627_034



















Minute Man 37: Sun Stroked, Scene 2

Starring Aaron Cage

April 7, 2011

"In the finest COLT Tradition of Hirsute, Masculine, Thick-Muscled and 100% Genuine Men - we give you COLT Man Aaron Cage.

Outdoors, flexing and showing off his furry torso, Aaron greets you with a smile and devilish look in his eye. Letting his hands go where they feel best, Aaron gets in the mood to give you a special one-on-one experience. Slowly stripping, flexing and grabbing at the growing bulge in his pants, he takes his time to let you appreciate the total package.

Naked in the hot sun, he shows you all his best parts, especially that thick piece of meat dangling between his legs. Milking his cock as the camera comes in for plenty of mouth-watering close ups, Aaron feels a hot load building up inside of him. When he starts stroking that long hard cock, things take a serious turn. Jacking off for your pleasure makes Aaron hot, makes his balls ache as his cock swells with a steamy hot load. With a deep manly groan Aaron lets us have every last dick draining drop."


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Man Tricks, Scene 1

Starring Aaron Cage and Andreas Cavalli
Colt Studios

January 13, 2011

"A hot and heavy make out session gets serious as COLT Man Aaron Cage and muscle stud Andreas Cavalli man-handle each other with an urgent need. Grabbing and groping at each other, Aaron strips away Andreas’ mesh briefs and helps himself to an eager mouthful of man meat, greedily devouring every inch of that thick cock. With a searing hot passion these guys go at each other. Andreas is quick to dive in on Aaron’s hot and hairy ass, grabbing and stroking Aaron’s monster cock and balls as he opens up that hole with his probing tongue. Aaron gives that cock some extra love, getting it all wet and ready for some hard core fucking.

Aaron groans as Andreas slides up against that hole. Taking the plunge Andreas goes in deep. Aaron takes it like a man, jacking his big and juicy cock while his ass gets pounded hard. Hairy muscled ass grinding against raging hard cock; these guys fuck like men in heat. Faster and harder they fuck, Aaron stroking his hard dick as Andreas splits that ass in two. It’s a blur muscle, sweat and cum as Andreas jacks his load all over Aaron’s thick furry chest. Andreas leaves his cum dripping cock right in Aaron’s face, giving Aaron the inspiration he needs as he works out his own thick and creamy load."

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Gruff Stuff, Scene 4

Starring Aaron Cage and Brenden Cage
Colt Studios

July 8, 2010

"As a new cummer to the COLT Stable of men, hard and hairy COLT Man Aaron Cage is shown a warm welcome when a sundrenched Brenden Cage invites him to come rub some sunscreen on his back. Rubbing a thick and creamy white lotion all over Brenden’s well muscled back makes both men very horny. Brenden turns over for a little lotion on the front and helps himself to a handful Aaron’s meaty cock which has slipped out from his tight pair of cut offs.

Soon enough these guys are deep into each other, sucking each other’s hard cocks and enjoying the full skin on skin contact. Brenden’s smooth muscled build and Aaron’s hairy pelt mesh in a flesh-fantasy of hot cock worship and dedicated ass eating. Brenden really “breaks in” the new guy when he drills Aaron’s muscled man ass. Aaron takes it like a real man, letting that cock drive deep into him from behind runting with pleasure as he gets fucks hard. Showing us what a real ass pounding looks like, Aaron gets up on top, driving his ass up and down on Brenden’s thick cock. Brenden jacks off his hairy fuck buddy as Aaron goes wild riding that cock. Brenden gets so hot watching a real man ride his dick, he can’t hold back any longer. With a loud groan he soaks Aaron is hot burst of cum. Feeling Brenden’s hot jizz spray on his chest sends Aaron over the edge as he lets loose his own cum gushing load."

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5746_010 5746_012

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Aaron Cage


March 8 , 2010

"I have photographed a lot of sexy, hairy men; but every once in a while, a man like Aaron Cage walks into my studio and takes my breath away. This hairy bodybuilder is absolutely stunning. His shoulders are bulging out of the arm holes of his tank top. And those biceps, fuck, they're huge. The view is even more spectacular when this hairy muscle hunk peels off his shirt. Wow! Massive pecs covered in fur. And seeing his whole muscled torso really increases the impression of those big, bulging guns.I scarcely had a coming soon preview photo on Butch Dixon's homepage when I started getting mail from you guys: "Wow! Who is this hot, hairy bodybuilder?" and "I hope you have more of this muscle hunk coming." And indeed I do. Aside from a couple of photo sessions, I've also filmed Aaron Cage in a hot suck and fuck scene with Dillon Buck. Aaron Cage is an insatiable bottom and a size queen, so Dillon Buck (and his 9-inch cock) is the perfect partner for this muscle hunk on all accounts. I've also filmed a threeway with this hairy bodybuilder, Dean Monroe, and a third newcomer to Butch Dixon. So you'll have those to look forward to in the weeks ahead. And I've already made plans to get Aaron back in the studio for a couple more sessions. In the meantime, I've filmed every inch of this muscle man's awesome body. I've alread talked about his chest, shoulders, and arms; but wait until you see his ass: big, firm, beefy, and covered in fur. The dark hair crawls across his butt cheeks, trails up his ass crack, and then, fans up the small of his back, and keeps heading north to those awesome shoulders, 98 images."

IMG_1293 IMG_1302


Aaron_Cage_IMG_1957-1 - CopyAaron Cage

July 31, 2010

"Aaron Cage is a hot and hairy muscle hunk who came to Butch Dixon a few months ago. And he made quite a splash...you guys really like hairy bodybuilders. I started off previeing Aaron Cage in three photo galleries: Hairy Bodybuilder, Hairy Chested Bodybuilder, and most recently, Hairy Ass. And each one shows off this hairy muscle hunk perfectly. Aaron Cage stands 6'1" and weighs a solid 180 pounds. He's got the most beautifully sculpted shoulders and a strong, hairy chest. But Aaron Cage is pretty much hairy all over his body. He's got one of the most hottest, hairy asses I've seen in a long time. His butt cheeks are strong and the hair splays across his ass and crawls deep into his ass crack.I usually feature Butch Dixon men in a solo jerk-off video first, but Aaron Cage made his video debut with the well-hung Dillon Buck. They played a couple of military men in A Soldier's Goodbye. Finding themselves alone in the barracks before shipping home, these two horny soldiers say goodbye as only two good buddies should...with a sweaty and hard ass pounding. This hairy muscle hunk slobbers all over Dillon Buck's thick, 9-inch cock; and then, he gets down on all fours and offers up his hairy butt for a deep ass fucking.This week, hairy bodybuilder Aaron Cage is back to deliver his solo jerk-off. He's wearing a skin-tight muscle t-shirt and he flexes his biceps, rubs his chest, and plays with his nipples. He peels out of his shirt and begins fishing his uncut cock out of his shorts. He takes off his shoes and socks and smells each of sweaty socks; he even rubs one of his socks all over his hairy body. Then Aaron gets down to stroking his cock and playing with his foreskin. He fingers his hairy asshole and pumps his cock in his fist, grunting every once in a while. And when he's ready to cum, he looks into the camera and begins his symphony of "oh yeahs." He sprays his load all over his hairy belly, but drops of cum are flying everywhere. You're going to love watching this hairy bodybuilder dumps his vigorous load of spunk."

Aaron_Cage_IMG_1964-1 - Copy Aaron_Cage_IMG_2012-1 - Copy

Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage

Dillon Buck and Aaron CageDillon Buck and Aaron Cage

May 15, 2010

"On the last night of their tour of duty, these two hairy soldiers get nasty in the barracks. These two soldiers take full advantage of an empty barracks and get in a hot suck and fuck session. Watch Aaron spray his load everywhere while he sits on Dillon's 9-inch hard cock."

Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage

Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage
Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage

Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage Dillon Buck and Aaron Cage

Aaron Cage and Drew

April 2, 2011

"There's nothing that hairy muscle guy Aaron loves more than a huge cock, so when he saw Drew's pics his eyes lit up and we were all set for a great video. Drew knows just how to use his foot-long uncut dick to please even the greediest of guys and the sight of Drew's smooth dark member sliding deep into Aaron's white hairy ass is one I'll remember for a long time."

Aaron Cage and Drew Aaron Cage and Drew

Aaron Cage and Drew Aaron Cage and Drew