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JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

December 16, 2011

"Beards are in, and according to JR Matthews' asshole, so is Roman Wright's cock. Dark and hairy, Roman has an allure JR can't deny. JR quickly removes Roman's clothes to get at his muscled physique and the massive member between his legs. Roman sports a real monster, and after exchanging sloppy BJ's and eating some ass he slips it inside JR's smooth ass. JR takes it like a champ and loves getting fucked hard and deep. Roman pounds the cum right out of JR, squirting his load over his tight abs. Seeing JR Matthew cum causes Roman Wright to pop and he adds to the mess that JR has already made."

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright

JR Matthews and Roman Wright


Slick Dogs, Scene 1

Starring JR Matthews and Spencer Reed

December 1, 2011

"With his massive chest bursting out of his dark blue skinhead gear, mohawked Spencer Reed enjoys a cigar in a dark room bathed in sultry green and blue tones -- and soon blows smoke at latex cop JR Matthews. Spencer shows cop JR who's really in charge, and shoves him to the ground: "Suck my cock!" Spencer's strong hand controls JR's head as his cock gets a messy spit bath. The two squirt, including a huge load from Spencer that hits JR. Now planted to the ground with a boot buried in his butt, JR gets doused in piss -- including his own, which he shoots up into his mouth. A choke-hold soon has the cop passing out before waking up on all fours, trapped between two bars that leave his ass for the taking. After fucking JR inside the prison, Spencer releases him for more abuse. The deep-voiced top lets out masculine moans while fucking as both of their veins bulge from their biceps. JR's hard cock is soon bouncing as he sits down on Spencer in a stunning fuck shot that captures amazing penetration. Spencer then unleashes his piss into JR's mouth before sliding his dick into a clear, fleshy sleeve and fucking JR through it. Spencer sheds the sleeve and fucks him balls deep some more, squirting on him before the bottom fires a massive load over his own shoulder. JR then pisses into both of their mouths before they share a spit-and piss-filled kiss."












Dust Devils, Scene 2

Starring Dario Beck, David Anthony, and JR Matthews

December 4, 2011

"Wandering the stunning rock formations, three cruisers are drawn to each other like magnets. Handsome David Anthony finds his smooth, sculpted body surrounded by tan and hairy Dario Beck and smooth JR Matthews. As David's big balls and cock rest in the breeze, his admirers rub his perfect frame. Dario is the first to get a taste of David's manhood, soon glistening with spit. A hot low shot looks up at the action, the three built bodies framed by nature's beauty. The three move to a more secluded area as Dario feasts on JR's dick, which explodes from his jockstrap. David spits down on JR's cock while cradling him in his bulging bicep. Dario then gets double-teamed: As David feeds his thumb to the toned cutie, JR slurps his uncut meat. JR then sucks David, who grips his own sac and spits down as JR licks it. The sucker's hot red cock throbs, and soon the three squirt. After munching on JR's hole, David shoves his monster meat inside as the bottom sucks Dario -- who then bends over for JR, staying stiff as he gets fucked. David then plows Dario's ass deep before the three come again in a great sequence that has David's muscles tightening as he climaxes, the satisfied stud soon resting his head in Dario's chest."















Coyote Point, Scene 3

Starring David Anthony, JR Matthews, Luke Cassidy, Slade, Tyler Saint

December 3, 2011

"JR Matthews and Tyler Saint wander into the mysterious house near Coyote Point. After JR gets blindfolded by Tyler, naked and hard David Anthony and Luke Cassidy enter the room. Luke drops down to suck JR, whose cock bursts out of his military-issue boxers. Tyler falls to his knees to worship the chiseled David, deep-throating the hung stud with ease. Trim and tan Slade shows up, his thick uncut meat aching for attention. David fucks Luke before JR sucks Slade, then Tyler gets on his back for David. The top's body is a vision as he pounds (the veins bulge from his muscular arms), and Tyler jacks off his own giant slab as the two grunt -- with David spitting down into Tyler's hungry mouth before the bottom shoots. Slade then rams Luke, who later sits his ass on the top's tongue as the two jack off. David then slides inside JR's hole, eventually squirting on the bottom's hand -- supplying JR with lube for his own load."












Speechless Scene 2

Starring JR Matthews and Logan Scott

July 5, 2011

"Beefy Logan Scott takes a break from repairing his vintage car to relieve himself outside. That catches the attention of smooth-skinned JR Matthews, who soon kisses the stud as they stroke. JR spits on his dick as Logan deep-throats him, the two soon kissing again as their cocks grind. After JR wraps his lips around Logan's thick shaft, the two come on each other's cocks. Back in the garage, Logan eats JR's ass before fucking him. JR stays stiff as he gets rammed, soon fucking the begging Logan back ("Fuck my ass! Harder!"). The massive vein on JR's muscular shoulders throb as he plows Logan's ass lips wrapped around the top's shaft. Logan gets another crack inside JR, the bottom whipping his dick around before the two shoot again."

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Stockroom, Scene 2

Starring Jim Ferro and JR Matthews

September 20, 2010

"Handsome bodybuilder Jim Ferro sits patiently at his desk as his shipment is prepped in the stockroom. The special delivery soon arrives in a cage: muscular JR Matthews is bound, blindfolded and gagged, drool already coating his beard. “Come here, boy!” says Daddy Jim, his biceps and pecs practically bursting out of his tight latex uniform. Forceful and gentle at the same time, Jim follows a kiss with a wad of spit before opening the cage and fingering JR’s stretched mouth.

Whipping out his pierced cock, Jim pisses on the sub before freeing his mouth and feeding him. “Suck my cock!” demands Jim as he spits down on JR, whose chin is already dripping with saliva and piss. JR uses his tongue to tug the top’s piercing, pulling the dick as he teases it.

On his back, JR gets plowed deep and fast by the salt-and-pepper stud. “Play with your dick, boy!” yells Jim, his hairy abs beautifully clenching as he slams the jacking JR. Jim then heads to the shower, showing off his bod and pissing cock as a bound JR watches from the bed. Jim soon feeds his slave again before plowing him pubes-deep. JR jacks to come as he’s fucked, then gets tied to the bed after Jim squirts and kisses the bottom, their beards bristling in a hot display of masculine lust."

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Cruise Control, Scene 3

Featuring JR Matthews and Topher DiMaggio
Hot House

October 3, 2011

"JR Matthews and Topher DiMaggio circle each other like hungry sharks in tank. When JR sits down, Topher makes his move; he whips out his giant cock and fucks JR's face. They both strip and Topher takes his turn feeding on JR's big tool until they're both ready to fuck. Topher throws JR down on a barrel and shoves his thick meat deep in his ass. The muscular hunks fuck wildly in the SOMA alley until they can't take it anymore. Topher pulls out and they both jack hot loads out of their hard dicks."

WATCH Cruise Control, Scene 3 Featuring JR Matthews and Topher DiMaggio

JR Matthews and Topher DiMaggio