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MuscleGallery Armon Adibi in South Beach

Armon Adibi in South Beach

Featuring Armon Adibi

May 28, 2022

"Armon Adibi is a top national bodybuilder from Texas. He came multiple times to Miami and New York to pose for our cameras."

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LMS Armon Adibi

Armon Adibi

Age: 27
Weight: 255.2 lbs
Height: 6.1 ft
Chest: 54 in
Waist: 32 in
Bicep: 22 in

"Armon Adibi was born the elder of two boys on November 2, 1983 in Dallas, TX. Growing up, Armon was very athletic but incredibly thin. At the age of sixteen, Armon's soccer class began lifting weights to increase the players' muscles. Armon felt a bit intimidated seeing some of his teammates lift seventy-five pounds. However, given his innate drive and competitiveness, he began regularly lifting and training. By the time Armon was eighteen, he was ready to compete at an amazing 235 pounds!"

LMS Armon Adibi

LMS Armon Adibi

LMS Armon Adibi

LMS Armon Adibi
MuscleGallery Armon Adibi: Rooftop in New York

Armon Adibi: Rooftop in New York

Featuring Armon Adibi

December 28, 2021

"Armon Adibi is a top national bodybuilder from Texas. He came multiple times to Miami and New York to pose for our cameras."

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MuscleGallery Armon Adibi in Central Park

Armon Adibi in Central Park

Featuring Armon Adibi

July 28, 2021

"Armon Adibi is a top national bodybuilder from Texas. He came multiple times to Miami and New York to pose for our cameras."

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MuscleGallery Armon Adibi: Shower Time

Armon Adibi: Shower Time

Featuring Armon Adibi

April 28, 2021

"Armon Adibi is a top national bodybuilder from Texas. He came multiple times to Miami and New York to pose for our cameras."

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Armon Adibi

Miami, 2011

" welcomes back popular NPC National level competitor Armon Adibi! In his 3rd MG shoot, Armon steps before our cameras just a few days following his appearance at the 2011 NPC Nationals, held in Miami. Armon's ripped and in contest condition in 9 all-new HD video clips."


Armon_01 Armon_04

Armon Adibi

Miami, 2008

"National NPC competitor Armon Adibi has an Iranian background and lives in Texas. We photographed him first in New York and only a year later in Miami. We were very impressed with the difference in size."


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Armon Adibi

Miami, 2008

"In his MuscleGallery debut, Armon talks about his training, his ambitions and immediate competition plans. He takes us through posing routines in New York's Central Park, on a rooftop - and adds a very interesting back hallway muscle encounter just to wrap things up in an interesting manner. Armon's hot stuff indeed!"


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Alek Armstrong, Skye Woods, Armon Adibi, Big Roger

BBJam #24 Group Posing Finale

Featuring Alek Armstrong, Skye Woods, Armon Adibi, Big Roger
Jimmy Z Productions

December 5, 2010

"We have 4 of the hottest guys performing at this show, with three of them competing nationally in bodybuilding contests (Alek Armstrong, Armon Adibi, Big Roger), and one guy who reveals it all on stage in his birthday suit, along with a prominent COLT model (Skye Woods). There's so much muscle here at this show that we could barely get all 4 guys on stage at once. Enjoy the max of muscle sensuality demonstrated by each of the guys, and let them take you to muscledom fantasy."


BBJam #24 Solo

Featuring Armon Adibi
Jimmy Z Productions

May 18, 2008

"Armon joins the line-up at the Faultline in LA for the first time, and really puts on a show. His massive body really riles up the crowd, and that package he's sporting is nothing to sneeze at. Armon always shows up in perfect condition, and we thank him for that. Bring it on Armon!"



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Muscle Worship

Cinemas 582, 611, 612




Armon Adibi

2011 NPC National Championships Men's Bodybuilding Pump Room Part 3

"The NPC National Bodybuilding Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur bodybuilding contest season where top bodybuilders from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional bodybuilder status. Without a doubt, the National Championships is the most anticipated top-level amateur contest of the year. The Pump Room Part 3 video features the heavyweight and super-heavyweight bodybuilders pumping up, prepping their competition color and oil as well as practicing their poses before hitting the stage. Filled with mind-blowing close-ups of some of the country's finest physiques, this exclusive video is your all-access pass to all the muscle action!"






Armon Adibi

2008 NPC Junior National Championships Men's Backstage Posing Part 2

"Each year, the Junior National Championships showcases an incredible array of new and up-and-coming bodybuilding talent from across the nation. We're proud to provide exclusive video coverage of this unforgettable contest. The Backstage Posing Part 2 video features over 40 select middleweight and light-heavyweight men before they go on-stage to compete. You'll see these fresh bodybuilding faces in extended posing sessions pose exclusively for our cameras in our backstage posing area. This video features wide shots to show you muscle symmetry as well as great close-ups to catch all the muscular detail!"

Armon Adibi with Chris Jalali