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Tropic Seduction

Featuring Brittany Amber and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

May 5, 2013

"On an exotic island, in the dead heat of Summer, seduction is easy. For Vinny Castillo, a private detective, investigating a crime in this small, native village, it's getting even hotter. When an attractive blonde girl from the states, Brittany Amber, arrives to deliver information regarding the case, Vinny can't keep his fat cock from swelling. He takes the opportunity to talk Brittany out of her clothes and charm her into wrapping her wet lips around his hard dick.

Brittany isn't used to seeing strong, well-built men like Vinny since she's been living on the island. She doesn't have to think twice about wanting to experience every inch of his sweaty, moist body. Feeling her mouth bobbing on his erection is just the relief for which Vinny was hoping. Then he's really getting the on-the-job stress out by bending Brittany over and sliding his stiff meat inside. Watch him pound her until he bursts, then sit down so she can take a ride on his hot man pole. It's two rounds of exotic, sexy action in this incredible fuck session. Enjoy!"

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Multiple Options

Featuring Cameron Foster, Connor Maguire, James Huntsman, James Jamesson, Johnny Torque, Samuel O'Toole, and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

March 21, 2013

"James Huntsman reclines on a sofa seat running his fingers up and down is chiseled physique, eyeing himself in a mirror and getting hard at the thought of some satisfaction. Wishing for some companionship, James is about to get more than he asked for, as six of the hottest guys in the house file into the room one by one. Cameron Foster and Samuel O'Toole are first to emerge, and Cameron immediately falls to his knees and begins to suck James off while Samuel gropes and kisses at his neck. Connor Maguire soon takes Samuel's attention away from James and moves him over to the bed, while Johnny Torque and James Jamesson to fill in. Johnny joins James and Cameron and Jamesson gets up on the bed and shoves his cock into Samuel's mouth. Lastly, Vinnie Castillo arrives on scene, and as Johnny moves over to accomodate his massive cock into the mix, Vinnie shoves his cock into Johnny's mouth as James Jamesson watches lustfully from across the room. Next Cameron and Conner each bend over, allowing anyone that wants a piece to get a piece. James Jamesson pounds Connor missionary as Conner sucks O'Toole's giant cock, and James Huntsman fucks Cameron as Johnny teases Cameron's mouth with the tip of his cock, before gathering around Conner and Cameron and blasting them with one hot shot of cum after another. Enjoy!"

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Gag Order

Featuring Ray Diaz and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 31, 2013

"Ray Diaz finds himself in a precarious situation. Detained in the back of Vinny Castillo's police cruiser, Ray should definitely be concerned with what Vinny has in store for him. To Vinn'y credit, he could definitely take the guy in and book him on charges, but Vinny believes in second chances, so he gives Ray a hard choice: either take his chances in jail, or take Vinny's cock into his mouth. Ray is clearly weighing his options while Vinny unzips his pants, but as his cock falls out of his fly, it becomes obvious which choice Ray should make. So he drops to his knees and begins sucking Vinny off, gagging like his freedom depended on it. Vinny grabs the back of his head and slams his dick against the back of Ray's throat as Ray opens wide and takes it all in. Vinny moves to the front seat of his car, and Ray continues to suck as Vinny takes off his sunglasses to fully appreciate the sight before him, before he pulls out and busts his cop nut all over Ray's waiting face.Enjoy!"

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Tit For Tat

Featuring Gabriella Paltrova and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

December 16, 2012

"Vinnie Castillo has shown prospective home buyer Gabriella Paltrova every listing on the market except this one. And every showing it's the same thing: she finds a fault with it and the whole ordeal ends up being a waste of time. Vinnie is ready to make the sale, one way or another. Gabriella is really not trying to be overly critical, she's just looking for a bit of a sweetener... an incentive to close the deal, and eyeing Vinnie's cock, he gets a good idea of what sort of incentive she's after. With a nod and a look of understanding, she pulls of her dress and drops to her knees to inspect Vinnie's piping. Pulling out his cock, she strokes it in her hand, and upon positive appraisal, she takes it into her mouth. Vinnie shoves his shaft deeper into her mouth, gagging her throat as she plays with his balls, then pulling his cock out, she spits on it goes right back at it. Vinnie throws her onto the bed and pulls off her panties, and she sits on his face while sucking his dick, which gets his dick hard enough to cut diamonds, so he bends her over and begins pounding her. She closes her eyes and moans as he thrusts away, his cock swelling inside her and ready to burst. Pulling out, he explodes a load all over her stomach as she lay in satisfied approval, but he Vinnie is far from finished. He shoves his cock back in her face and fucks her mouth and then flips her over and continues fucking her as she rests on her stomach with her ass in the air. He grounds and pounds until he's ready to burst again, doing so on her ass cheek. As she falls out from exhaustion, she realizes maybe the bedroom is comfortable after all. Enjoy!"

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Attitude Adjustment

Featuring Joey Hard and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

November 15, 2012

"Lately Joey Hard has been as anti-social as possible for Coach Vinny Castillo's team. He sulks, shrugs his shoulders and refuses to play nice with others. Vinny has had enough of Joey's attitude, and for his part, Joey seems unrepentant, telling Coach Castillo that the only reason he joined the team was to check out the other guys on the team. Seeing an opportunity to both placate and punish Joey, Vinny whips his cock out and shoves Joey's face into his crotch. Joey inhales deeply, and begins to fondle Vinny's cock through his underwear. Pulling it out, Joey puts it deep into his mouth and proceeds to gag himself with it, as Coach Castillo shoves his shaft further down Joey's throat. Joey sucks with reckless abandon, and Vinny pulls out and nuts all over the side of Joey's face. Joey rocks back onto his knees with a satisfied look on his face, but Coach Castillo has only just begun. Wiping the cum off Joey's cheek, he shoves his cock back into Joey's mouth and goes another round. With Joey laid out on his desk, he face fucks Joey as Joey strokes his own dick, and Vinny then proceeds to bust a second load all over Joey's chest, which makes Joey, being the little cum-punk that he is, explode his load all over himself in a sticky mess. Enjoy!"

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The Pick Up Club

Featuring Brittany Amber and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

October 7, 2012

"Vinny Castillo is letting it all hang out and looking for action as he strokes his cock in a sex club. Waiting for someone to enter, Vinny strikes gold when Brittany Amber saunters in and begins playing with herself at the sight of Vinny's swollen cock. After exchanging glances, it becomes obvious they want each other, so Brittany creeps over to Vinny's chair and Vinny begins to grope and have his way with her. Brittany willingly drops down to her knees to slob of Vinny's cock, as Vinny pushes his dick deeper and deeper down her throat. Gagging on this meat pole only serves to get Brittany moist for Vinny's thrust, so they move over to a sofa and she mounts Vinny's cock and goes for a ride, pumping up and down as Vinny works his cock in and out. Ready to have his way with her, he flips her over and pushes her onto her hands and knees, where he plunges his cock deep inside of her and fucks her for the prize, exploding all over her back as she quivers from the pounding. Enjoy!"

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Double Header

Featuring Vinny Castillo and Caleb Colton
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

September 20, 2012

"Vinny Castillo and Caleb Colton are tossing the old rawhide around one afternoon, just passing time and shooting the shit. Caleb asks Vinny about his new girlfriend, and Vinny responds that she's alright, except for the fact that she doesn't give blow jobs. Caleb can't believe it. Is this girl mad? Has she seen Vinny's gigantic cock in the light and if she has, how did she not want to swallow it immediately? All these questions circling around in Caleb's mind as the two of them return inside to cool off. Caleb decides to let it go, but Vinny brings up the whole 'no blow job' thing again, so Caleb begins to wonder if maybe Vinny is fishing a little bit. Calling his bluff, Caleb offers to take care of him, and Vinny doesn't seem afraid, so Caleb advances and slides his hand up Vinny's short pant leg as Vinny reclines on a chaise lounge. Unzipping his fly, Caleb exposes Vinny's waiting cock, and by the eager way it is already semi hard, it becomes apparent to Caleb that it has been a while since Vinny got blown. Wasting no time, Caleb deep throats Vinny's dick and strokes the shaft, playing with Vinny's balls with his other hand. Bobbing back and forth, up and down, Caleb slobbers all over Vinny as he thrusts back and forth with his hips, pushing his dick down Caleb's throat and pulling out to cum on his face in no time. Not satisfied, Vinny shoves his dick right back into Caleb's cum covered face and continues to face fuck him. Laying him down on his back with his head hanging off the side of the couch, Vinny shows Caleb no mercy and really thrusts harder and harder, and the gagging sensation causes Caleb to bust his nut all over the place. Smothering Caleb's face, Vinny pumps one or two more times and then pulls out to explode for a second time. So Caleb may not be the best at baseball, but he definitely knows how to turn two. Enjoy!"

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Doubling Up

Featuring Johnny Torque and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

July 19, 2012

"Vinny Castillo and Johnny Torque are surprised in this impromptu scene in the bathroom. Vinny, having never been with a man before, seems to be a natural as Johnny exits the shower and begins to blow him. Slobbering all over Vinny's dick in a throbbing, gagging mess, Vinny is visually turned on and as Johnny strokes his dick, it becomes obvious neither one will be able to hold out for very long. So rather than try, both of them blow a quick load all over Vinny, and still wanting more, Johnny goes right back to work, slamming Vinny's dick against the back of his throat as Vinny grabs the back of his head and fucks his mouth even harder, his legs still glistening from the cum already on it. And as Johnny sucks and strokes, it becomes obvious there is more to cum, so they both lean back and simultaneously explode for a second time. It's a double cum shot extravaganza. Seems like impromptu is the way to go! Enjoy!"

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Private Session

Featuring Cassandra Cruz and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

June 3, 2012

"Cassandra Cruz has been booking appointments with trainer Vinny Castillo for about a month now. There seems to be some chemistry but the problem is that the gym is always so crowded. So Cassandra has a plan. She books Vinny's last opening of the evening, and when she shows up, her top is already pinching up and starting to show a little extra something. Vinny notices and remarks that if she feels more comfortable, she should just take it off. Clearly her plan is working, and before she can even get the shirt up over her head, she can feel Vinny pressing against her back and kissing down the nape of her neck. Jackpot! She springs into action and falls to her knees, pulling Vinny's hard cock out his pants and taking it into her mouth. As he grows inside her mouth, she gets hot at the thought of his cock pounding her from the inside. He can sense her anticipation and flips her over, going down on her while stroking himself off, and then raising up he enters her as she is pressed against the punching bag. She grabs it with clenched fingers as he penetrates her and moves in and out, faster and faster with every stroke until he is ready to release all over her stomach with a single moaning emission, bringing this session to a creamy conclusion. Enjoy!"

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Vinny Castillo (2)

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

May 14, 2012

"This time you're getting a very intimate look at an incredibly sexy dude named Vinny Castillo. Vinny is in the garage, putting a little spit-shine on his ATV. As he works, the temperature heats up, inspiring Vinny to take off his shirt. He's getting close to being finished, but his cock is just perking up. Since he's put in some good, hard work on his vehicle, Vinny's gonna reward himself by putting in a little work on that swollen dick in his pants. Watch him pull out his huge, meaty boner and stroke it in damp, garage heat. Join Vinny as he works himself up to an extremely sensual peak, letting out the built-up tension from a day of diligent labor. Enjoy!"

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The Bodyguard

Featuring Jeannie Mari and Vinny Castillo
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

December 4, 2011

"Jeannie Marie is a world-famous pop singer, adored by millions of fans, especially young men. She's beautiful, talented, and seems to have life by the short-and-curlies. But she doesn't have any time to find guys to fuck! It's becoming a serious problem for this delicate, creative genius.

When she's assigned a new bodyguard, Vinny Castillo, Jeannie decides to seduce him. And when she gets a look at him, she feels she must have his cock in her mouth. But Vinny is a consummate professional. He takes his job seriously and follows the rules...most of the time. Jeannie's first advances are unsuccessful. She cranks up the pressure by suggesting the possibility of career advancement. Vinny can't say no to that...OR the thought of sliding his hard dick into Jeannie's mouth! And once he gets his motor running, Vinny won't stop until he gives this pop star the intense pounding she needs to foster the creativity that brings joy to millions. Enjoy!"

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Vinny Castillo

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

November 28, 2011

"Vinny Castillo makes his Next Door debut in front of the camera and totally exposed. This tall, dark and handsome farmboy from the Midwest is showing you how they grow them back in God's country, flexing his ripped biceps and stretching his hard cock. Reclining back on a recliner and spreading his legs to give you a better view, he breaks his proverbial cherry with each passing stroke. He starts by working his dick up inside his underwear, outlining its contour with his hands. Once stripped, he goes at it with two hands, bending over and giving you a sweet rear end view, jerking until he cannot contain himself until he finally cums all over himself in a sticky first time mess. Enjoy!"

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