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ALIAS: Shane Wright
SITES: Bound In Public, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, Drill My Hole, Next Door Studios, Next Door Twink

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The Other Guy

Featuring Micah Andrews, Trevor Knight and Tyler Sweet
Drill My Hole at

February 2, 2012

"Trevor Knight comes home to find his boyfriend Tyler Sweet naked and in their bed. Tyler says that he has been waiting for Trevor which seems a little odd considering he came home early, but Trevor quickly forgets about it after he starts rimming Tyler’s smooth hole. Suddenly Trevor hears a noise coming from the bedroom closet, Tyler says it's nothing but Trevor knows better. Slamming the closet door open Trevor finds Tyler's old boyfriend Micah Andrews and a double headed dildo!"

















No Wake Zone

Featuring Micah Andrews and Tony Paradise
Drill My Hole at

November 17, 2011

"Tony Paradise is really taking advantage of a perfect day, sitting on a dock and letting the sun bathe his rugged chest. Tony's been ripping around all day on his Jet Ski, but retreated to this quiet spot on the lake to tie up his toy and enjoy a smoke in the sun. Normally a Jet Ski owner would worry about tying to dock fearing that large waves from passing boats might cause damage, but Tony's not worried he's docked in a no wake zone. Micah Andrews is a brat, he couldn't care less about a no wake zone and blows past Tony slamming Tony’s jet ski into the dock while flipping him the bird. Tony explodes, untying his jet ski he races after Micah - WATER CHASE!!!!"

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 088 Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 116

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 001 Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 102

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 114 Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 330

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 344 Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 492

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 142

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 186

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 289

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 306

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 339

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 412

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 437

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 445

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 466

Micah Andrews - Tony Paradise - 9-24-11 - 481
Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

September 2, 2011

"Ali and Shane Wright are finishing up a set of crunches and it's clear from their six-packs that all that hard work is paying off. Shane is definitely impressed with his buddy's body and can't help stroking Ali's chest, kissing his nipples and grabbing his crotch. Both guys strip down and get in the 69 position for some hot cock sucking. Shane Wright goes from servicing Ali's dick to rimming his ass. The action never stops as Shane sits on top of Ali's raw cock for a round of bareback fucking. Shane is a hungry bareback bottom and Ali satisfies his hole from several positions. After fucking him raw Ali shoots his jizz on Shane's happy face. Shane Wright pops his load onto Ali's ripped abs, licks it up, then kisses Ali with a mouthful of his sweet cum."

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright Ali Barebacks Shane Wright

Ali Barebacks Shane Wright Ali Barebacks Shane Wright
Jake Andrews Barebacks Shane Wright

Jake Andrews Barebacks Shane Wright

August 19, 2011

"On a covered patio, Jake Andrews and Shane Wright are two hunky young studs who have their tongues deep inside each others' mouths. Their perfectly sculpted bodies look amazing and the view only gets better once Jake drops to his knees and pulls off Shane's colorful briefs. He swallows Shane's cock and adds a little ball-sucking for good measure. Turnabout is fair play and Jake kicks back on the chaise lounge to get his dick expertly serviced. Shane Wright's bubble butt is aching for some raw bareback fucking and Jake Andrews is happy to accommodate him. But first Jake Andrews licks Shane's sweet hole getting it ready for his naked prick. Jake's got an extra thick tool but his buddy Shane takes it like a man. Jake sticks his bare cock in Shane while laying sideways on the couch. Shane takes over and rides Jake Andrews raw until he shoots all over Jake's face. Shane gets on his back and gets fucked bareback until Jake cums all over Shane's crack, then crreampies Shane Wright pushing his bare cock deep inside his ass."













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Jimmy Coxxx & Shane Wright

August 12, 2011

"From the moment Jimmy Coxxx and Shane Wright meet up at the foot of the bed, they can't keep their hands off each other. They caress each other's chests, swap tongue and start to get undressed. Blond-haired Shane gets on his knees to check out the big cock underneath his fuck buddy's "flashy" briefs. Jimmy force feeds him his huge hard-on and Shane's mouth is up for the job. They move up to the bed so Jimmy can get sucked some more as he fingers Shane's hot bubble butt. Shane is a bottom that knows how to ride cock. He literally bites the sheet when he's in the doggy position getting pounded. He wants to eat Jimmy's cum and gets a mouthful."









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Fresh Off The Vine, Scene 3

Starring Brandon Bangs and Micah Andrews
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

August 19, 2010

"After a heavy downpour of rain, the vineyard air is charged with electricity. Letting it all hang out on the poolside patio, muscle-stud Brandon Bangs kicks back with his rock hard cock in hand. Micah Andrews happens to catch a glimpse of the action and offers to help his horny friend get some relief. Micah gets right to work on that long hard cock giving it some deep throat attention. Brandon moans his approval as his monster cock is well taken care of.

Brandon gives Micah a taste of his own medicine when he gulps down on a mouthful of that hot boy boner. Then Brandon takes charge, stripping his boy down and munching on that tight sweet hole. He takes that ass, first with his probing tongue and then with his massive fuck-tool. Groans fill the steamy air as Brandon drills, pounds and power-fucks Micah’s hot little ass. Micah takes a pounding in every ass splitting position Brandon puts him in, jacking his throbbing cock all the while. As his ass gets drilled Micah gushes a big load, sending Brandon over the edge. One after the other these guys pound out a deep and satisfying cum load of relief."

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Sex on The Beach

Mike Martin and Micah Andrews

December 9, 2011

"It's a cold cloudy day on the beach. Micah Andrews is dragged through the sand for sex. He's whored out to horny beachgoers. Mike Martin pounds the boy's sandy ass with his thick long cock while people take amateur videos of the action. They all take turns fucking him then drag him into the freezing surf to wash off massive amount of cum. The boy's naked body is spread-eagled and his wrists and ankles are tightly tied to thick wooden stakes. One dude milks Micah and another pull the clothespin zipper as he blows his load."














Bitch Dodgeball

Featuring Cliff Jensen and Micah Andrews
Next Door Studios | Next Door Twink

December 21, 2010

"It's the hot new action sport that's sweeping the nation - BITCH DODGEBALL!!! There's drama, excitement, and pulse-pounding action as Cliff Jensen hurls his balls at the blindfolded Micah Andrews. Cliff is a ruthless competitor with a rocket arm and Micah is a helpless twink at the mercy of Cliff and the neon thonged madman, Angry Pete.

You've got front row tickets to witness the intensity as young Micah goes from dodging balls to licking them when Cliff decides he wants some action from this bitch. And from the way Micah sucks his cock, Cliff knows his asshole will be nice and tight for his enjoyment. So join us in the NextDoor dodgeball arena...just don't piss off Angry Pete! Enjoy!"

WATCH Bitch Dodgeball Featuring Cliff Jensen and Micah Andrews

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