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Night Heat, Scene 2

Starring Dario Beck, Hunter Marx, and Justin King

May 28, 2014

"As reflections of the pool water ripple on the wall behind him, hairy Justin King sits on the patio stroking his uncut cock as the night envelops his tattooed body. At the edge of the pool, Hunter Marx strokes his big dick as he worships Dario Beck’s thick, uncut slab. Justin walks over and stands by Dario, Hunter going back and forth as he sucks each steel shaft. A spit strand forms from Dario’s cock to Hunter’s mouth, then transfers to Justin’s dick and drips to the ground in a memorable sequence. Justin and Dario wrap their arms around each other, kissing as their cocks touch while Hunter sucks—reaching up to rub Justin’s furry chest. Justin then fucks Dario from behind, the bottom’s mouth stuffed with Hunter’s hung slab. Justin reaches over to pinch Hunter’s nip, their arms connected. Justin then gets on all fours, moaning “Fuck!” as Hunter enters his ass. The bottom sucks on Dario—who is soon coated in all of their cum after they stroke side by side."















Rent Boy Club Part 3

Featuring Justin King, Paddy O'Brian, and Paul Walker
Men of UK at

May 21, 2013

"Part 3 of Rent Boy Club features Justin King who is so famed that his ass needs a real stud to fuck it right. That's where Paddy O'Brian enters and pounds Justin's hole good and hard. For good measure, Paul Walker takes a go at it too!"

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Lock, Stock and Cock Part 3

Featuring Justin King and Paul Walker
Men of UK at

April 30, 2013

Lock, Stock and Cock Part 3 Featuring Justin King and Paul Walker

John Magnum Fucks Justin King

August 16, 2013

"John Magnum and Justin King are two muscle hunks ready to blow off steam. They start off kissing and feeling each other's amazing pecs. It's not long before Justin notices John's massive boner and begins sucking him through his shorts. John unveils his big, thick dick and Justin deep throats every inch. They take off their shorts and jack each other, comparing their cocks. They joke playfully before John gets on his knees to suck Justin's uncut man meat. He can't get enough of Justin's thick foreskin, hot precum, and sexy accent. Justin begins devouring John's tight hole. The two beefy men switch and John pushes his thick cock up Justin's hairy ass. John pounds Justin's hole demanding him to, "Take it!" Justin rides John's massive dick, swallowing John's meat with his muscular bottom. He turns around to give us a better view of John pounding his ass. John flips Justin over and dives straight back inside his hole. John pounds his ass and plays with Justin's nipples until Justin King launches his thick load across his hairy abs. John Magnum pulls out and shoots his hot cum all over Justin's furry body."


Topher DiMaggio Fucks Justin King

July 5, 2013

"Smooth Topher DiMaggio and hairy Justin King come into the locker room quarreling. Topher's cock is already hard and pitching a tent inside his shorts. Topher grabs Justin's head and pulls him in for a kiss. Topher turns him around and bends him over. Justin moans as Topher's huge cock squeezes in and out of his tight ass. After fucking Justin for a bit, Topher pulls his cock out of Justin's ass and makes him suck his dick. Topher rests his back on the lockers as Justin swallows his huge cock deep into his throat. Justin stands up and lets Topher suck on his hot, uncut cock. Topher works on Justin's cock as he plays with his balls and teases his foreskin. They take the action down to the matts and take turns sucking each others cocks. Justin bends over and Topher rams his big cock hard. Justin gets on his back and gets fucked hard until Topher pulls his dick out and fingers Justin's hole. Justin King shoots his load all over his abs as Topher fingers his ass rapidly. Topher DiMaggio then moves next to his face and pops his load all over Justin's face."

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Paddy's Glory

Starring Alec Hills, Justin King and Paddy O'Brian

November 25, 2011

"Everyone's favourite British straight stud is back on Menatplay, except this time he's feeling a little hornier than usual, daring to go to an underground cruise club to get a hot mouth around his cock... and he doesn't even care if its a woman or a man as long as they suck well. Of course as soon as he enters the dark maze, all eyes are on him. But Paddy is only interested in one thing, so when he finds the gloryhole room and sees a leather clad boy sucking hungrily on two monster dicks he doesn't hesitate in sticking his own cock through the hole to get in the action until finally he gives Justin King a mouthful of his hot, straight juice. But Justin's still not satisfied and while Alec Hills sucks another monster meat, he swallows Alec's dick whole, until his suit is completely covered in juicy cum."

Paddy O'Brian, Alec Hills and Justin Harris

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