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ALIAS: Nelson
SITES: My Friends Feet, North American Bodies, USAMuscle

Nelson's Dark Socks & Bare Feet

March 11, 2019

"Nelson always has a big smile on his face. That's just the type of guy he is - always laid-back and friendly. It's been a while since Nelson has been in a video for me, but I came across these pics of him modeling his dress socks that I had been holding back. I figured this would be a way for my newer members to get introduced to this awesome (and amazingly ticklish) guy. I love the black socks he is wearing! I'm not sure what the deal is with his eyebrows, but I guess when you're the hot boss you don't have to explain yourself. Nelson's size 10 bare feet are narrow, soft and a 15/10 on the ticklish scale. Check out some of the links to Nelson's other scenes below. He'll always be a star to us at MFF!"









Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

"Nelson said he wanted to come back and do another shoot if he was popular enough to be asked back, and he certainly WAS a hit! He is the ultra-ticklish star of my best selling tickling video of all time, "Payback Tickling." Not only is he an amazing bodybuilder with a great body and super ticklish soles, his feet are really beautiful too -- narrow with long toes. He came back by the studio to show me the progress he is making with his body and I got him to take a minute to show off those size 10s in his flip-flops. Nelson is such a great guy to be around and so upbeat that it almost makes me feel bad that I fantasize about tying him up and tickle torturing him without mercy again. Don't worry though, I'll get over it...Enjoy!"

Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet Nelson's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet
Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet

Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet

"I got a call the other day from Sean (one of my favorite models - see him here). He said he has been working out with a guy who is in amazing shape and was interested in doing some modeling. Sean is an old pro when it comes to modeling for my site, so he told this friend Nelson all about it. Nelson and I talked on the phone and set up a time for him to come by for a quick shoot. Nelson works as a personal trainer, so I had to shoot him quickly in between his clients. He showed up in a tight long-sleeve workout shirt and gym shorts. I could tell by looking at his chest and his legs that he was in great shape. When he took his shirt off I was stunned - his body is nearly perfect (actually, I couldn't see anything that wasn't perfect but there must be SOMETHING -- maybe his eyebrows). His feet certainly looked perfect to me! Nelson's size 10 feet are in great shape both top and bottom. He has a rather narrow foot with long toes and ticklish soles (he says). In my back yard he propped his shoes up on the patio table and took them off so I could get a better look at his socks. They looked clean, but he had been training clients all day and they were a little bit fragrant. What a wonderful aroma too! Then he took off both his socks and his shirt. Perfection and perfection again...

I should also say that Nelson is one of the nicest guys I have worked with. I had a great time in the short amount of time I spent with him. He kept laughing saying, "I can't believe people want to see my feet!" He also has a great smile. He also said, "I hope I'm popular so I can come back and shoot again!" So what do you say? Do you want to see him back again? Enjoy!"

Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet
Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet Bodybuilder Nelson's Socks & Bare Feet

Mechanic Nelson's Feet and Socks Worshiped

"Mechanic Nelson is the kind of masculine man that any site would love to get a hold of. To have him on MyFriendsFeet where his big feet get worshiped is surely something to put down in history. Nelson is the kind of guy that expects to be adored. He knows he's got everything other men want. His beard is SO sexy and his body is even better. But those feet of his, wow! They smelled SO good and tasted even better!"

Nelson Foot Worship 02 Nelson Foot Worship 04

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Nelson Tied to the Table and Tickled

"Muscle stud Nelson looks SO good in pictures and video. I tied him up for this MyFriendsFeet scene and managed to tickle the hell out of his stellar body and size 10 feet. Muscular men are always so ticklish and Nelson is no exception. I have to love the fact that my tickle table straps are so strong, otherwise I'd never be able to control Nelson with my fingers and tickle toys the way I did here!"

01 02 03 Nelson Tickled

05 06 Nelson Tickled 08

Nelson Is Back For Over 35 Minutes of TICKLING HELL!

"Bodybuilder Nelson - who is the most ticklish guy I have ever worked with - is back for over 35 minutes of tickle torture hell in the 'Tickling Chair.' Fans of stocks tickling will love this video because Nelson is completely immobilized and I tickle the shit out of his feet (with a bit of torso tickling too). Buff stud Nelson is a tickler's dream and he begs, screams, pleads, bargains, and of course, LAUGHS. I'm really proud of this clip..."

Nelsontic201 Nelsontic202 Nelsontic203

Nelsontic204 Nelsontic205 Nelsontic206

Nelsontic207 Nelsontic208 Nelsontic209

Nelson Hypno-Tickled To "Orgasms"

October 30, 2011

"I was surprised I got so many new requests for hypno-tickle scenes. Nelson came back - looking hotter than ever - and let me put him in a trance again. While he was in the trance I bound him to the tickle table in his underwear. I made him think that I was invisible and that he was even more ticklish than usual. I made it impossible for him to remember his own name. I used a 'voodoo doll' to make him feel all of the tickling sensations I an doing to the doll. I use the feathers and my fingers to keep him in hysterics - but he can't see me so he doesn't know where the tickling is coming from. I tell him I'll stop tickling him if he can remember his name BUT HE CAN"T REMEMBER IT! Lastly I tickle his feet with my tongue - and then make him feel like the tickling is making him horny and make him feel like he is having the best orgasms of his life. Needless to say he is exhausted by the end of the session. An unusual tickle session, but one filled with out-of-control laughter on a hot body builder. I hope you enjoy it!"

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled

Nelson Hypnotized and 'VooDoo' Tickled

December 5, 2010

"You've never seen a tickling video like this before! I hypnotized Nelson the bodybuilder (I'm a trained hypnotist) and I thought I would have some fun with his ticklishness. I used an action figure as a 'voodoo doll' and tickled him all over without even touching him. He was in hysterics and unable to move as I tickled his feet, armpits, ass and crotch. It was like having my own voodoo doll of this hot bodybuilder under my complete control! I even made him tickle himself against his will. You have to see it to believe it! A REAL hypnosis session with the induction, etc edited out - it's just the fun stuff. Let me know if you like it!"

Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled

Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled Nelson Hypnotized and VooDoo Tickled

Nelson Given A Hot Foot and Then Tickled Silly

"It's incredible how kinky some men are. You really find their dark sides in MyFriendsFeet scenes too. Muscled up dude Nelson asked for a hot foot and I was sure to give him one. I guess he's so used to being in charge, but wanted a kinky change. Of course, I didn't stop there. Nelson has very ticklish feet and I was soon tickling the hell out of them for over 15 minutes!"

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled

Nelson Tickled

"Nelson considers himself a Foot Master, but we at MyFriendsFeet know better. We took full advantage of him while asleep, tying him up and waking him with merciless tickle torture. Nelson hates being tickled so this was the perfect opportunity to the turn the tables on him and show him how it feels to be tickle tortured!"

Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled Nelson Tickled
Israel Hernandez

Israel Hernandez

"Israel Hernandez is a 30 year old bodybuilder from Jacksonville Florida. He stands 5'7" tall with a contest weight of 154 lbs. and off season weight of 185 lbs. He has 16" biceps, a 29" waist, 42" chest, 23" quads and 14" calves. Israel has entered several bodybuilding contests leading to the National stage, including the 2004 NPC Southeastern USA Championships (Novice Lightweight 1st Place), the 2004 NPC Debbie Kruck Classic (Novice Lightweight 4th Place), 2004 NPC Deke Warner Mid-Florida Classic (Novice Lightweight 1st Place), 2005 NPC Southeastern USA (Novice Lightweight 1st Place & Overall Champion), 2006 NPC Florida State (Lightweight Open 1st Place), 2006 NPC Southeastern USA (Lightweight Open 1st Place), 2007 NPC Deke Warner Mid-Florida Classic (Middleweight Open 2nd Place), 2007 NPC Dexter Jackson Classic (Middleweight Open 2nd Place), 2008 NPC Mid-Florida Classic (Middleweight Open 2nd Place),2008 NPC Ancient City Classic (Middleweight Open 1st Place), 2010 0CB Southeast Classic (Short Class Open 2nd Place), 2010 NPC Tampa Classic (Lightweight Open 1st Place), 2010 NPC Florida State (Lightweight Open 1st Place), 2010 NPC Jr. USA (Lightweight Open 1st Place), and 2010 NPC Nationals (Lightweight Open 4th Place). Israel has a sports background which set the foundation for his bodybuilding, including ten years in Martial Arts Shotokon Karate and Taekwondo Karate plus five years in Kickboxing and Wrestling. He started weight training at the age of 16 and started bodybuilding at the age of 17, entering his first competition in Jacksonville. Israel works with trainers and mentors like Skip Silvestor, Jeff Cervero, John Mier, Dexter Jackson, and now he trains with his trainer Jaime Ibone of Team Ironclad Physiques in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Israel is now sponsored by Labrada Nutrition and has worked with Select Modeling Agency in Jacksonville from 2000- 2006 doing fitness modeling, underwear modeling and In 2001 he was a background actor for the movie "Tigerland" with actors Collin Farrel and Clifton Collins. Israel also was a double for Collin Farrel in Tigerland in some of the scenes. His goal is to win his Pro card in Nationals as a Lightweight bodybuilder and then he wants to be an actor and fitness model to be featured in movies like "Gladiator", or playing a superhero like the next new Batman or Superman! Israel is certainly focused. We photographed Israel when he competed at the NPC Nationals in Atlanta, and we are very pleased to add Israel Hernandez to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!"

Israel Hernandez Israel Hernandez
Israel Hernandez Israel Hernandez

Israel Hernandez Two Weeks Out

2011 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships

November 16, 2011

"Orlando resident Israel "Izzy" Hernandez placed fourth amongst the lightweights at the 2010 Nationals. He's back for another shot after a first place finish at the All South Championships two weeks out."

2018 NPC Universe Championships

Earned IFBB Pro Card
Men's Classic Physique Masters Over 35 Class A (1st)
Men's Classic Physique Class A (16th)