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ALIASES: Danny Drake, Spence
SITES: All American Heroes, Bare Foot Bound, Bare Foot Guys, Cocksure Men, Colt Studios, DirtyTony, Jake Cruise, Randy Blue, SG4GE, Suite 703

Main_112511 Arpad Miklos and Devin Draz

Arpad Miklos and Devin Draz

November 25, 2011

"Arpad Miklos has had a rough day but Devin Draz has just the remedy. Devin gets down on his knees and chokes on Arpad's uncut tool. The gagging doesn't deter Devin in the least, in fact it just gets him that much more amped to get fucked. Not before Arpad does a little sucking of his own on Devin's cock and licking his tasty asshole. With Devin's hole wet and willing, Arpad shoves his fuck-stick deep inside and begins to bang away. Devin is extremely vocal, and lets Arpad know just how good a dicking he's giving him. Every position they fuck in is that much hotter than the last. It's especially hot watching muscle-daddy Arpad pick up muscle-stud Devin and carry him over to the adjacent couch while still buried inside his hole. Devin writhes around as Arpad makes sure not an inch of his cock goes to waste. Arpad pulls his massive dick out and blows a huge load all over Devin's abs and chest, and on the couch past Devin's head! Devin follows suit unleashing a huge blast of his own, making sure he's slathered in sticky cum."

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Shay Michaels and Devin Draz

Shay Michaels and Devin Draz

"Coffee and Cock"

March 18, 2011

"Had Devin Draz been alive in Roman times, he would have definitely been a gladiator. Tall, broad, and thickly built, he needs no shield but definitely has a sword, one that's a good 7.5 inches long and positioned right between his legs! Devin's found the perfect sex buddy in Shay Michaels, an equally masculine man with a buzz cut, goatee, and a ripped-up torso. Shay needs stamina to suck and slurp Devin's impressive tool but he is more than up to the task. Turns out he has a few other skills, like eating ass and fucking long and hard. Wait until you see him stretch Devin out with those powerful thrusts, lifting Devin up and away. When these guys are about to blow their loads, the sound of ecstasy is literally echoing off the walls."

Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz
Shay Michaels and Devin Draz Shay Michaels and Devin Draz

Bo Dean and Devin Draz

November 26, 2010

"Bo Dean, one of our most popular models, returns for a suck-and-fuck encore with Devin Draz, another equally hot stud who gives as good as he gets. Man-to-man sex like this rarely gets any hotter. Bo gets the action started by getting down on his knees to service Devin's long piece of meat. By the way he swallows all that cock, it's obvious Bo's been paying attention all those times his big dick got slurped. Devin returns the favor--and then some--by exploring every part of Bo's awesome body with his tongue and fingers. He literally has Bo squirming with his oral technique (no sign of a gag reflex here!). Our big-dicked duo kicks the hotness up another notch as Devin gets on his stomach and puts that muscle butt in perfect position for Bo to slide all 9 inches into his hole. This is when the Bo we know so well hits his stride for a couple rides that lead to both guys spilling their loads."

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Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

October 22, 2010

"Porn legend Dean Monroe makes his way across the pond to the Cruise Ranch where he meets up with the undeniably American muscle studs Devin Draz and John Magnum for a 3-way under the hot California sun. The three men pile on in cock sucking circle, everyone getting a mouthful of dick. Dean is the first to get bent over by John while he happily sucks on Devin but before long, the three are putting Devin in the middle as he fucks Dean and gets fucked by John at the same time. The sweat drips down their ripped bodies as John and Devin blow their loads right into Dean's face and mouth, making Dean immediately blow his own load all over himself."

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz

Dean Monroe, John Magnum & Devin Draz
Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

August 13, 2010

"Drop dead gorgeous Brady Jensen manages to tame the beast known as Devin Draz. Devin is a huge muscled stud who's beloved by our members for his aggressive scenes, dripping with testosterone and pure sexual energy. Some may be intimidated by him, but not Brady cause he knows once he jams his thick cock in his ass, Devin is putty in his hands. Ecstasy-laden expletives fly as the big man's hole gets abused by Brady. Both men just keep cranking the heat a little higher, the action a little more intense until Devin winds up drenched with both of their sticky white loads."

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz Brady Jensen and Devin Draz

Brady Jensen and Devin Draz Brady Jensen and Devin Draz
Csm_062210 Lucas Knowles and Devin Draz

Lucas Knowles and Devin Draz

June 22, 2010

"Muscled stud Devin Draz and his hot new friend Lucas Knowles are both aggressive and like to take charge. They each take turns barking orders, and judging from the raging hard-ons they follow instruction well. Lucas loves the taste of Devin's ass, working it with his tongue and fingers and getting it ready for a deep fuck. Devin's tight ass can barely fit Lucas's uncut cock. The testosterone flies as Devin claws at the covers and grits his teeth as he takes every inch of Lucas. The scene climaxes as each stud drops a huge cum-load onto Devin's ripped chest and abs."

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Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

"Hard Trainer 2"

April 27, 2010

"Devin Draz has been hired by Hans VonFersen to whip him into shape. Hans already looks like he already knows his way around a gym, so we're suspecting he has some ulterior motives. Those motives soon become apparent when he's bobbing up and down on Devin's cock while doing pushups. With Devin at full mast, it's time for Hans to do another set of squats, up and down on Devin's hard dick. Hans is ordered to bend over a nearby machine so Devin can really lay into his tight asshole. He fucks Hans hard and fast, causing Hans to cum while still being pounded. Devin jumps to his feet and explodes all over Hans face in an intense orgasm. Both guys agree, same time and place next week."

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen

Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen Devin Draz and Hans VonFersen
Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti & Devin Draz

"Unprofessional Behavior"

April 2, 2010

"Devin Draz is taking a stab at being a photographer for Cocksure Men but his hunky model Nick Moretti wants a little "help" getting hard. Devin wants to stay professional but with a guy like Nick asking for some attention, Devin can only hold off for so long. After getting some hot shots, the camera goes down and Nick's cock goes up. Both studs suck each other until their stiff dicks are throbbing to be stuffed into a tight asshole. Devin is the first to be plugged. He claws at the bed-sheets while Nick ruthlessly pounds him Nick returns the favor and lets Devin slam his super-hard dick into Nick's hairy hole. Devin pulls out and jacks a huge load out, painting Nick's face white. Nick shoots a huge cumshot of his own landing all over his furry chest and abs."

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz

Nick Moretti and Devin Draz Nick Moretti and Devin Draz
Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Solo With Toy

March 9, 2010

"Devin Draz is sexually adventurous straight guy, and Manhattan Beach bum. He loves spending time checking out all the local hotties (both the guys and the girls). Although he's married, he's still allowed to have some wild times. When not on the beach he can be found in the gym, working on that great body of his. Massive arms attach to his impressive chest. At a little over 6' tall and 200 lbs, he's a big boy. It's those eyes of his that will melt you though. Glacier blue and piercing, they are truly amazing. For those of you less interested in Devin's dreamy eyes and bulging muscles and more into that big cock of his, you're in luck. Devin cranks that cock with reckless abandon, and even shoves some fingers and a toy up his bubble-butt." If you enjoy this solo be sure to check out Devin's scene with his real-life wife over on!

Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Solo With Toy Devin Draz Solo With Toy

Devin Draz Massages Jake

May 27, 2011

"If the first few seconds of this scene look familiar, your eyes aren't fooling you. The video of me massaging Devin Draz proved incredibly popular with our members. What you haven't seen is what happened AFTER I brought Devin to a climax. As happy as that ending was, my situation got even better when Devin said he'd enjoyed the rubdown so much he wanted to give ME a massage! He oiled up my back and shoulders and expertly worked the tired muscles. His hands slid down to my low back and legs before a greased up finger began to probe my ass. At the halfway point I flipped over and it was hard to miss my hard-on. I was in ecstasy as Devin's strong fingers hit all the key spots but looking at that hot body took me out of the "relax mode." I started rubbing his ass and he got onto the table, our two oily bodies grinding away. Devin straddled my face as he jacked me off, then passed me my cock just before I shot my load."

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

November 5, 2010

"When I walked in, Devin Draz was spread out on my massage table like a Greek god. From the second I saw his stiff and sore muscles, I knew just what he needed: a special blend of post-workout relief that would have him moaning with pleasure. I started with a light touch from head-to-toe. I have to admit I got aroused by the mouth-watering display of broad shoulders, round tight buttocks and perfectly-formed thighs and calves. To loosen up those knotted muscles I applied a generous amount of body oil to his neck and shoulders, down his muscled back and finally, in slow circular motions, to his glutes. I could tell by Devin's moans of pleasure that I was hitting his most sensitive spots. I decided to incorporate a little tongue therapy, slowly licking the area between his butt cheeks. From there I took his beautiful cock into my hands before wrapping my mouth around it. I felt it grow and expand, swallowing it inch-by-inch. Leaving him wanting more, I had Devin flip on his back and slowly worked out the tension in his chest, abdominal muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings. Finally, with every major muscle group now stretched out, he happily kicked back as I finished the therapy with the perfect release."

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

Devin Draz Massaged

Bo Dean, Devin Draz and Jake

March 26, 2010

Comments from Jake Cruise:

"Can it get any better than this? Not only do I get to play with our most popular model ever (Bo Dean) but right across from him is another tower of power (Devin Draz). These two huge, hung, muscle-studs are almost too much for me to handle....almost ;0) Devin is having trouble believing his eyes as I deep throat both he and Bo straight down to their balls. With everyone hard and ready, the fucking begins. I plunge into Devin’s tight ass while Bo watches. It’s not long at all before Bo can’t stand back any longer and now we’re in a three-way fuck train. Bo nearly fucks us straight off the bed! My ass needs a break from Bo’s abuse, so I let Devin know it’s his turn. Bo slides his fuckstick into Devin’s ass and pounds away. After all the fucking we can handle, I drop a load onto my furry belly and hand. The studs then fill my mouth with their warm juice to end this sizzling scene."

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Devin Draz and Skyler (Real Life Husband and Wife)

November 6, 2009

"We're proud to present real life husband and wife, muscle hunk Devin Draz and lovely Skyler. They are made for each other, knowing every button to push and driving each other absolutely wild. The sexual intensity is off the charts, fucking like kids on prom night rather than two people who've done this 1,000 times before. Skyler loves burying her face and fingers deep into Devin's ass, getting him rock hard and ready to deliver the goods. Devin's "nice and slow" is most people's hard and fast. This guy can flat-out-FUCK!"

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Devin Draz and Sean StavosDevin Draz and Sean Stavos
I'm a Married Man at

July 24, 2011

"Devin is putting the finishing touches on his “mancave”. Sean, the cable guy, comes by to install the last set of cables but notices the line was getting any action. “Well that makes two of us” says Devin. Surprised, Sean offers to help out." Watch this fantasy now!
Devin Draz and Sean Stavos

Devin Draz and Sean Stavos

Devin Draz and Sean Stavos

Devin Draz and Sean Stavos

Devin Draz and Sean Stavos
Devin Draz and Spencer Drake
Hot Jocks Nice Cocks at

January 20, 2011

"Devin and Spencer are spending the afternoon in the gym. Spencer is hoping Devin will give him some pointers to build more muscle. They soon realize it is just the two of them together. Devin brings up the fact that working out makes him horny and asks Spencer if it does the same to him." Watch this fantasy now!

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin

December 7, 2009

"Fabian (AJ Irons) already knows his way around my studio pretty well. He is as comfortable as can be sprawled out on my oh so lucky couch. I feel like a game show host introducing Fabian to beefcake Devin. Fabian is undaunted by the mountain of man taking up an entire third of the couch next to him. Fabian does not seem to have a care in the world, except maybe getting in Devin's pants. They discuss the finer things in life, the gym, where the hottest girls are, watersports...I mean surfing. Devin is nicely settled in and seems to like his new little friend. I even let the boys play with my new toy, the Muscle Master, to get them pumped and flexing even before the clothes come off. Oh dear there is going to be more muscle worship than even I can handle..."

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin Fabian Fucks Devin

Fabian Fucks Devin Fabian Fucks Devin
BareFootGuys Devin



Age: 29
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 200
Eyes: Blue
Shoe Size: 11

"Devin's done quite a lot of adult work. But we were able to get him to do our site. He got lost on his way to our location and I was waiting outside, sitting on the curb, and talking on the phone. Up walked this big hunk of a guy standing in front of me. I said to my friend on the phone, ummmmm I gotta call you back! He's a pretty big guy and his arms were as big as my legs. Needless to say, I was a little blown away. We had a great time shooting and what a big teddy bear. He was really cool and such a nice guy to work with."

BareFootGuys Devin BareFootGuys Devin BareFootGuys Devin
BareFootBound Devin



"Talk about a big guy. When I first met Devin, I was amazed as to how big he was. His arms were bigger than my legs! Was fun to have him in my ropes. More Devin to come..."

BareFootBound Devin

BareFootBound Devin
Devin Draz & Leo Giamani
August 21, 2009

"Devin Draz and Leo Giamani are two names that have been popping up in conversation lately. Usually in sentences like 'when are Devin and Leo gonna get it on?' and 'Can you please get Leo to fuck the shit out of Devin?'. So far be it from me to keep you guys in suspense much longer. I put these two mountains of muscle together and let the sparks fly. Watching them make out while running their hands and tongues all over each others gigantic pecs is such a turn on. They loved rubbing their muscular bodies together so much that it wasn't long before they were naked and Leo was getting a face full of Devin's beautifully curved cock. Of course he had his hands full working his own gigantic dick just wanting to get a crack at Devin's... well, crack. He eases the beast slow and steady into Devin's tight hole while Devin does his best to accommodate it. His face is a mixture of pleasure and intensity as he gets fucked by the biggest dick he's ever had, and Leo takes it all in stride. After his mind has melted in a haze of sweat and lube, Devin dumps a huge load of cum all over his smooth abs just seconds before Leo joins him."
Devin Draz Solo

July 22, 2009

"One word comes to mind when Devin Draz walks into the room... manly. This guy exudes testosterone from every pore in his beautiful muscular body. His arms are like tree trunks and every time I see them I just want him to wrap them around me and hold me tight up against his brick wall of a chest, smooth and chiseled like he eats, drinks and sleeps at the gym. And when he drops his pants and you see his legs, you imagine the squats and lunges it took him to get them like that. And I couldn't resist having him pull his boxer briefs up through his ass crack to show off those gorgeous globes of his because someone in the live chat rooms for Randy Blue Live is always asking for that. Part of me wanted to slather him in body oil and make his muscles glisten like a bodybuilder but I didn't want to interrupt him. Once he got started working the thick meaty tube steak hanging between his legs he was just lost in his own fantasy world, totally getting off on the fact that the horny Randy Blue members would be lusting after his body. And when I suggested he show off his butt he didn't even flinch. He stuck out his perfect ass like an open invitation and spread his cheeks so you could get a great view of his warm, hungry hole. Then he shot a huge, gooey load all over his rock hard abs and we were ready to call it a night."
Marcus & Spence

"Spence is our newest discovery, and boy what a fucking hot stud he is! He's 26, 6' tall, has a great piece of meat between his legs, and is a muscled packed 200 lbs. He loves 'freaky whores' ...the dirtier the better, according to him ;) He works out (obviously), likes to play sports, and is an All American guy. Loves baseball and hair pie!"

Marcus and Spence...
Marcus & Spence

Marcus & Spence

Marcus & Spence Marcus & Spence

Marcus & Spence Marcus & Spence

Marcus & Spence Marcus & Spence

Gruff Stuff, Scene 1

Starring Adam Champ and Danny Drake
Colt Studios

June 10, 2010

"A lover of muscle and manly fur, COLT Man Danny Drake strokes his big, meaty cock while eye-balling a picture of one his favorite COLT Man Super-studs, Adam Champ. As he closes his eyes the fantasy comes to life.

Hairy and hung, Adam smothers Danny, stroking and licking every inch, working his way down to enjoy a mouthful of that thick and juicy dick. Danny feeds Adam his raging hard cock, his big swollen balls and his round muscled butt. Adam sucks and strokes himself into a state of rock hard passion. Danny lowers his hot ass down onto Adams fully erect fuck-pole, taking the full length of Adam’s cock all the way to the hilt. Humping and riding, Danny uses his man-hole to jack off Adam’s cock. Adam skewers that ass, taking the drivers seat he makes Danny’s ass pay.

With their balls fully loaded and ready to blow they lock together for a mutual jack off explosion. Hard cocks are hammered as fistfuls of cum blow in a mutual eruption of manly grunts and groans."





















Ripped: No Pain All Gain, Scene 1

Starring Danny Drake and John Magnum
Colt Studios

February 25, 2010

"Muscles! Hot, naked muscles! John Magnum has his share, and then some. Shirtless and sweaty he pumps his arms on the poolside patio, pounding out the reps with HUGE dumbbells in hand. Meanwhile, as COLT Man Danny Drake is cleaning the pool, he gets a full on view of John’s hot muscled flesh. Danny gets so distracted watching those muscles work that he loses his step, falling into the pool clothes and all. Quickly, John helps his friendly admirer out of the pool, hands him a towel and takes him inside to help him out of those wet clothes.

Once out of all those wet clothes, Danny is still shivering and cold. John knows just what to do to help get this muscle stud all warmed up. As he wraps his lips around Danny’s thick juicy cock, things get HOT in a hurry. Danny’s cock springs into action and he obviously loves the hot oral worship. Heavy groping and plenty of cock sucking gets these guys all worked up and in the mood for some serious fucking.

John stuffs his massive tool deep in Danny’s hot COLT Man ass, and a searing hot fuck is just what Danny needed to get rid of that cold wet chill. And when the action reaches a boiling point the hot loads of cum start flying, and things get very wet all over again."

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Minute Man 33: Heads Up!, Scene 1

Starring Danny Drake
Colt Studios

February 18, 2010

"Working hard in the tool shed COLT Man Danny Drake is looking for the right tool for the job at hand. He finds what he’s looking for when he notices his hard cock popping out of his skimpy cut off shorts. He decides to take a load off and put him man-tool to proper use.

Taking it all off, he takes his meaty cock in hand and gets to stroking. Showing off his big dick, giving us a good look at his hot ass, flexing and posing, Danny flirts with the camera, winking and smiling and having some fun as he plays with big hard cock. The play gets serious as the stroking gets more intense. Edging closer and closer, Danny grips his cock with two hands and drains his balls in a fiery hot explosion of thick juicy cum."















Hot Bods, Scene 2

Starring Berke Banks and Danny Drake
Colt Studios

October 22, 2009

"Get ready for a heaping helping for fresh man-meat as COLT Man Danny Drake debuts in a mid-Summer backyard romp with the hung and hirsute Berke Banks. The action begins with ample amounts of mutual man-handling and cock grinding. With his thick muscles and a big meaty dick swinging between his legs, Danny shows off his HOT BOD as Berke gets down on his knees to worship at the altar of cock, and Danny’s cock just loves all the attention. But its not just Danny’s cock that likes all the attention… after a generous amount of oral reciprocation, Danny mounts up on a nearby garden bench and offers his hot muscled butt for the taking.

Berke delivers a deep and satisfying fuck, pounding his thick swollen dick in that hot muscled ass. Face to face, these guys pound and jackhammer their cocks to completion, hosing each other down in thick flowing pools of cum."

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3588_006 3588_014

3586_001 3586_008

3586_016 3586_020