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Rick Pounds


ALIAS: Rick Pounds
SITES: Ryan Boyd Models, Sharpshooter Studios



"Corey is a trainer, model and contractor. He comes from the Toronto, Canada and has managed to balance all three careers quite successfully. He has been featured on numerous magazines and was featured as a centerfold for Playgirl Magazine."

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7 Card Studs

They Lose More Than The Shirts Off Their Backs
Sharpshooter Studios

STARRING Men's Workout Coverman Mico Valentine, Playgirl Model L.E. Flor, Teen Muscle Model Curtis Matthew, Rick Pounds

"Welcome to the Fantasy Casino, where the country's most handsome, sexy, centerfolds bet their clothes for cash. Watch these buff, muscular idols wager their shirts, pants and underwear on craps, roulette and black jack. Each time they lose, they're wearing less! And after every stitch is gone they keep playing by spinning a wheel of punishment that sends them on a fiendish cycle of naked endurance tests. Will Lady Luck deal them a naked paddling, body paint or send them to the dungeon? Between games, each guy puts on a private, naked show just for you. In this casino, the more they lose... the more you win."







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