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Alan Demond



ALIAS: Alan Demond
SITES: Manifest Men, Sharpshooter Studios, USAMuscle

Manifest Men Alan Demond

Alan Demond

"Quietly confident with a deep voice that exudes powerful masculinity, Alan Demond is a bodybuilder's bodybuilder. To him his body is a tool to express the artistry and craft of muscle-building. You can see that discipline and hard work have rewarded him with a picture perfect physique that inspires dedication in others."



Urban Body

Featuring Alan Demond

April 12, 2008

"The newest in our Urban Body series features Alan Demond, a competitive bodybuilder from the Eastern US."

"Imagine you have joined the UrbanBody Gym and your personal weight trainer is the deep-voiced and powerfully muscled Alan Demond. As he guides you from from exercise to exercise he demonstrates the form, discipline and concentration that has produced his sculpted physique. And as you go along you are concentrating too---on Alan Demond. He may be working out fully clothed but your eyes undress him every step of the way. Little does Alan Demond know that visions of his nude muscle body are in your head as you follow his training tips from chest to back and finally to abs. And in that final routine watching Alan Demond's naked body doing crunches your mind leaps forward into full muscle worship fantasy. Alan may be talking but you see only him--- flexing and posing in the dim light, fully naked and every inch a work of art. Coming back to reality you see him again and hear his voice telling you to return again for another workout. You bet."

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Grease Monkeys

Sharpshooter Studios

Featuring Allan Demond

"A joyride ends in a garage when five hot young college hunks strip to their underwear for two demanding muscle mechanics.

Beautiful lean bodies get dirtier and tight briefs more shredded with each new job. Completely naked, the studs change tires, wash windshields, raise lifts and use every tool they get thier hands on. Then each takes time to individually show you every inch of his buff body.

The Grease Monkeys are sure to get your motor running!!!!"







Alan Bailey

2007 NPC Nationals Championships
Repetrope Muscle Video

"The NPC National Bodybuilding Championships are the pinnacle of the amateur bodybuilding contest season where athletes from all over the country vie for a chance to earn professional bodybuilder status. Without a doubt, the Nationals are the most anticipated contest of the year, presenting an unforgettable weekend of intense muscle action. This Pump Room video is a behind-the-scenes look at bodybuilders in the middleweight and light-heavyweight classes. You'll get an up-close and personal look at these men as they pump up, oil down, practice posing and get ready to take the stage. Our cameras take you in closer than you ever thought possible by capturing these amazing physiques in awe-inspiring detail and definition. This special 2-DVD set is over 2 1/2 hours of muscle pumping action!"

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2

2007 NPC National Bodybuilding Championships Men's Pump Room Part 2