Louis Magnone
Zack Blake


ALIAS: Lucca Mazzi, Zack Blake, Zak Blake
SITES: Big Dicks at School, Bound Jocks, Cocksure Men, Cockyboys, Colt Studios, Falcon Studios, Gay Room, Next Door Buddies, Next Door Male, Next Door Studios

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"Zac's First Deep Tissue Massage"

Zac Blake and Tyler Saint
Massage Bait at GayRoom.com

May 26, 2011

Zac Blake and Tyler Saint in "Zac's First Deep Tissue Massage" from Massage Bait at GayRoom.com.











The Best Laid Plans

Featuring John Magnum and Zack Blake
Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 10, 2011

"John Magnum has plans later tonight with his girlfriend. Some dinner, maybe a movie, then back to the crib for some action. Zack Blake has got nothing going on tonight, so when the two roommates run into each other in the bathroom, they seem to be on opposite courses. Well John finds out that the thing about the best laid plans is that often it is better to scrap your plans and just get laid. Enjoy!"

WATCH The Best Laid Plans Featuring John Magnum and Zack Blake

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Bo Dean and Zack Blake

"Good Fucking Yogurt"

Bo Dean and Zack Blake
Next Door World | NextDoorBuddies.com

January 13, 2011

"So this has happened to all of us at some point: you get out of the shower and find your roommate with his dick in a bin of yogurt. But what exactly do you do? Well if you're Zack Blake and your roommate is Bo Dean, the answer is pretty obvious: you get on your knees and have a taste... of the dick that is (forget the yogurt). But what do you do once the creamy yogurt is all gone? You make more cream- the old fashioned way, of course- and that's just what Zack & Bo proceed to do, changing positions and grinding on each other until relieving themselves of that sweet dairy cream! Enjoy!" WATCH Bo Dean and Zack Blake in Good Fucking Yogurt







"Too Cold To Swim So Lets Just Fuck"

Brec Boyd and Zack Blake
Next Door World | NextDoorBuddies.com

December 9 , 2010

"Zack Blake was really excited to go swimming with his buddy Brec Boyd. He couldn't wait to see Brec naked! Unfortunately, it's a yucky day and Brec is totally over the whole swimming idea. Instead he wants to take Zack into the pool house for a little afternoon delight! Brec is a fine male specimen. He's lean and powerful, and knows how to use his muscles to fuck like a champion. Zack is eager to get Brec's hard cock into his asshole. He's not so disappointed about not swimming when Brec's finger loosens up his tight hole for an epic pounding. Watch these two hunks make the most of a rainy day. Enjoy!"

"Cocks & (basket)Balls"

Jay Cloud, Nikko Alexander, Zack Blake

October 14, 2010

"When Zack Blake & Nikko Alexander had planned to play a game of basketball with some of the local guys this last weekend. But when the two decided that instead they were going to stay in the house and play a game of one on one, we had to be there to capture the action. Instead of bouncing the basketball, the two take turns bouncing each others cocks in their mouths. Not only that, but Nikko lets Zack slide his hard pole into his ass. Caught up in all the fun, the two had forgotten that they had invited Jay Cloud over for their game of hoops. When Jay walked in on the two them buck naked and fucking, Jay decided to join in on the fun by pulling out his young cock and feeding it to Nikko while he was getting fucked. Enjoy this fuck fest!"

"Bathroom Shenanigans"

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

September 9, 2010

"What do you get when there's 4 horny guys in a bathroom together, talking about all the chics they're going to fuck when they go out to the club? You get a lot of pent up sexual energy. Now we all know you don't want to be a two pump chump when you're getting your fuck on, so these guys, Rod, Marcus, Zac & Tyler decided to release some steam before they hit the town. By that we mean these 4 suck, fuck and unload all over each other. The hot shower isn't the only thing steaming up the bathroom mirror. Enjoy!"

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Zac, Tyler Hunt

Zack Blake

Next Door World | Next Door Male

March 21, 2011

"It was a chilly day around noon. Zack Blake had slept in after a night of carousing on the town. His body ached from hours of freak dancing, grinding on everyone sexy he could find. Now it was time to relax and release. Zack drew a warm bath and removed his clothes slowly, admiring his thick, juicy ass cheeks in the mirror. Then he cautiously dipped himself into the water. Soon his cock became hard and Zack found himself gently rubbing his erection and teasing his tight asshole with a finger. You'll want to see this sexy, dark-haired hunk start his day by stroking that dick and working up to an explosion of pleasure. Enjoy!"

"Cum Busting Gym Action"

Nikko Alexander, Rod Daily, Zac Blake
Next Door World | RodDaily.com

December 10, 2010

"Its early morning and Rod Daily is ready for a workout with his shoot mates Nikko Alexander and Zack Blake. These three hotties haven't had a chance to shoot together yet so they have decided to hit the gym and get to know one another.

Once in the gym the chatter starts and the workout begins. Its a slow workout but soon enough the guys are hitting on eachother and gettting a little restless. Three hot men with shirts off and soon enough Rod is tea bagging Zack and Nikko is watching with anticipation.

They decide to start the scene earlier than we expected but don't worry we caught all the ass fucking,cock sucking and big ball playing. Ohh did I forget to mention the explosive ending with three different loads of cum dripping off of Nikko, yeah lots of it. Ohh one more thing, check them huuuuuge balls of Nikko. Enjoy!"


Brady Worship

Featuring Brady Jensen and Zac Blake

November 29, 2011

"Brady Jensen lays on the bed jacking when Zac Blake comes in a minute later and gives him a helping hand, and then some. Zac gives Brady a long, sensual blowjob making sure every inch of Brad's dick receives the attention it deserves. Brady shows his appreciation sucking on Zac's cock and then fingering his tight asshole, getting it warm and ready to be fucked. Brady parts Zac's tan-lined ass and buries himself deep inside. Pleasureful moans fill the air from both studs as the fucking heats up. It gets super-hot watching Zac ride Brady on top while Brady strokes Zac's dick. The fucking culminates into a sticky finale as Zac cums over his own stomach while still getting pounded and Brady soon follows with a sticky load landing squarely on Zac's hard cock."

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Think Fast

Featuring Rick McCoy & Zac Blake

July 8, 2011

"Cocksure Men exclusive Rick McCoy and his sexy bud Zac Blake are two of the best excuses we can think of for skipping practice and working up a sweat indoors instead. When Rick forgets to meet Zac on the volleyball court, he pays the price by getting on his knees and servicing Zac's cock. Rick gorges on that piece of meat with gusto. Then it's Zac's turn to return the favor as Rick straddles him on the couch and gives him a mouthful of dick. Rick's lily-white ass brushes up against Zac's hard-on before he plants that hole squarely on Zac's face. Yum! Rick McCoy enjoys a good fuck (who doesn't?) and rides his buddy's cock like it's a rodeo. These two work up quite a sweat, switching positions, Zac Blake's tan line on display as he gets fucked from behind and then on his back. All that heat leads to a nice pool of cum for these guys to dive into."

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Guy Jones and Zac Blake

Guy Jones and Zac Blake


December 24, 2010

"Guy Jones and Zac Blake have just completed their workout at the gym and are soon exchanging compliments about each other's physique. This mutual admiration society quickly becomes sexual and the two studs begin making out, licking off sweat and getting down and dirty. Zac, tall, tan and turned-on, has a beautiful 8-inch cock, thick and hard. Guy kneels down and gives his gym buddy expert oral service, taking that dick all the way down his throat. Off come the shorts, shoes and socks and Guy gets in position so Zac can sample that tasty ass! Next, Zac jackets up and slips his cock deep inside for a nice long session of fucking. As if to prove "good things cum to those who wait," the shot of Guy ejaculating onto Zac makes this video one worth savoring."


Berke Banks and Zac Blake


June 29, 2010

"Zac is busy playing with his new iPad and his cock. Apparently that's about all he's been doing lately because Berke Banks is pissed when he finds him there spanking it. Instead of just sitting there staring a porn, he makes Zac get on his knees to suck a real dick. Zac knows better than to mess with a bear when he's angry, so he listens to whatever Berke says. With his dick long and hard, Berke is ready to fuck Zac's sweet little hole. Zac loves being pounded hard, fast and furious by Berke's thick meat. Berke continues to pound away until he can't hold back any longer and explodes onto Zac's ass and back. Zac flips over and deposits a load of his own onto his smooth stomach."









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Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake


June 15, 2010

"With Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake, what turns them on the most is kissing. Their hands running over each other's chiseled bodies, they stay lip locked throughout most of their time together, looking into each other's eyes as they kiss some more. Jimmy smiles really big while Zac takes his dick all the way into his asshole and the two fuck, still kissing. The two young studs lay next to each other, jerking loads out onto Zac's belly. Then kiss some more..."

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake Jimmy Coxxx and Zac Blake

Lucky Dreams, Scene 5

Alex Eden and Zac Blake
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

April 21, 2011

"Sprawled out and naked on the couch, Zac Blake kicks back as hairy hunk Alex Eden gives his cock a good workout. Alex knows how to handle a big piece of meat, going all the way down he give good deep-throat as he man-handles Zac’s smooth shaved balls.

Zac enjoys the oral service so much he decides to show his appreciation by climbing up and riding his hot ass on Alex’s hard cock. Alex reaches around and spreads Zac’s hot ass cheeks as his cock penetrates that ass. Fast and furious Zac rides it hard, impaling himself on Alex’s juicy dick. With that cock deep in his ass Zac jacks himself off with a burst of hot cum, enjoying the ride as he squirts and gushes. Once his load is spent he turns his attention to helping his buddy get off. Alex works his load as Zac strokes his swollen nuts. With long and steady strokes Alex spills his load in thick pools of cum."

Alex Eden and Zac Blake

Lucky Dreams, Scene 1

Devin Moss and Zac Blake
Buckshot Productions / Colt Studios

March 17, 2010

"Rub-a-dub-dub 2 boys in a tub! Naked, wet and frisky, a soak in the tub gets dirty as Zac Blake and Devin Moss scrub each other down. Devin shows his massive tool off and Zac greedily accepts it. Taking turns these guys make sure to get every inch of their cocks all squeaky clean.

Zac has his work cut out for him as his mouth gets stuffed with Devin’s way oversized tool. Bobbing his head and stroking that shaft, Zac doesn’t let up until the white stuff comes pouring, Zac gets a final rinse as both he and Zac shoot their milky loads."

Devin Moss and Zac Blake
Dominic Pacifico, Jayden Grey, Zac Blake

Big Wood, Scene 2

Dominic Pacifico, Jayden Grey, Zac Blake
Falcon Studios

November 12, 2010

"Jayden Grey and Dominic Pacifico leave their tent and head off to the showers. Under a refreshing blast of water, the two happy campers make out and get down'n'dirty. Their frisky man-on-man foreplay attracts Zac Blake. He likes what he sees and quickly joins the duo to singlehandedly tune their meat whistles as birds chirp away in the background. Then just as eagerly, Zac hands Jayden a free ass pass so he can screw his hole while he continues sucking Dominic's dick. Zac beats himself off as his new buddies switch places and continue plugging him at both ends. He quickly climaxes and shoots his load, then takes off, leaving Jayden and Dominic to finish each other off. There's more vigorous ass-play with Jayden's hole stretched to the limit until both men finally spooge all over."

Big Wood, Scene 10

Zac Blake
Falcon Studios

September 24, 2010

"Stripped down to his tighty whities, Zac Blake strokes his cock. His briefs can barely contain his already engorged love muscle so he shakes them off and really goes to town on himself. Zac gets up and bends over to expose his ass. He teases his hole and plunges a couple of fingertips inside; then he returns to work on his slender smooth dick. Zac's hand glides easily up and down his pole as he massages and kneads it. He is lost in the sensations he's creating and he relaxes, eyes closed, head tilted back while his hand continues flying back and forth the shaft in a rapid rhythm causing him to finally explode with cum."

Jimmy and Zak

Featuring Jimmy Clay and Zac Blake

January 7, 2011

"It's a tough economy. Everybody's looking for a job. Zac came into the office the other day hoping he could get hired and as soon as Jimmy Clay saw him he knew he had to have a taste of his ass. Judging by the look on Zac's face - he was willing to do anything for that position. At first things between the two of them were slow and I thought - two straight boys would never know how to fuck. Oh boy, was I wrong! Once Jimmy shoved his dick in Zac's hungry manhole, he was home. He started drilling the boy's ass like there was no tomorrow. He kept going fast and slow, fast and slow, fast, then faster... until they were both covered in cum and sweat. I'm pretty sure Zac got the job."




















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