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Tyler Andrews Tied Up & Tickled Naked

"Tyler Andrews was just looking to be tied up and tickled at MyFriendsFeet. He asked so many questions about it that I felt the only way to truly explain it was to let him experience it firsthand. It wasn't long before Tyler realized he had bitten off more than he could chew. Especially since he's so damn ticklish. Dev and I really went to town on his lean, muscular body and gorgeous feet, giving Tyler all the answers he needed regarding tickle torture!"

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Porn Star Tyler Andrews Gets His Hot Feet Worshiped

"Having porn star Tyler Andrews at MyFriendsFeet has been a blast and being able to worship his gorgeous feet make the time all that much hotter. For the man his as hot as they come from head to toe. Tyler adored getting his feet massaged before I took my tongue and mouth to them. I don't think he had ever been treated like a King before and it was my pleasure indeed!"

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Tyler - Tyler - BJ 021

Gym Bait

Featuring Tyler Andrews and Tyler St. James
Top To Bottom at

September 14, 2011

"Tyler Andrews knows how to get what he wants and right now that happens to be the ass of his beefy trainer, Tyler St. James. Andrews knows that St. James is a str8 boy, or at the very least has a virgin ass. Claiming a virgin straight ass would normally be impossible, but Andrews has a trump card, St. James has been fucking the Gym owners wife and if St. James wants to Andrews to stay quiet a price must be paid. The scene beings with a long workout session featuring both Tyler’s working up a good sweat, trading places on the bench and doing some dumbbell curls. At the end of the session St. James reminds Andrews that he still hasn’t been paid for the last couple of sessions, Andrews makes his sneaky move disclosing what he knows about St. James relations with the owners wife. Andrews tells St. James that not only is he not paying for the sessions, but if he is to remain quiet he also gets to fuck St. James tight virgin hole. St. James can’t believe what he is hearing, normally he would just beat the shit out of a guy this much smaller than him for even attempting a stunt like this but he can’t afford to lose this great job in this economy. Andrews can already sense his plan is working, he has been dreaming about this ass for months - soon he will be fucking it."

Tyler - Tyler - BJ 065

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 036

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 043

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 058

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 064

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 069

Tyler - Tyler - BJ 004 Tyler - Tyler - BJ 109

Tyler - Tyler - BJ 111 Tyler - Tyler - Sex 014

Tyler - Tyler - Sex 024 Tyler - Tyler - Sex 100
Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

"Fleshjack Fun"

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

January 26, 2010

"Tyler is just hanging out watching some porn when his good buddy Zach Alexander drops in with some Fleshjacks. Tyler takes the 'mouth' and Zach grabs the 'ass'. They get right to it and each guy slips their cock deep inside their toy. Both guys concur, the Fleshjacks feel amazing. After lending each other a helping hand and finding a variety of ways to fuck their new toy the hunks bust a nut onto their own hard stomachs."

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander
Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

October 30, 2009

Tyler and Zach Alexander find a nice shady spot and decide to 'take a load off'. They lay out a blanket and get comfortable. Tracing each other's bodies with their eyes; Tyler smooth and defined, Zach furry and chiseled, they begin to get undressed. Tyler has a beautiful cock, but Zach is packing a monster! Try as he might, Tyler cannot choke it down. Zach is ready to get fucked and Tyler happily obliges him, shoving his dick deep inside Zach's hairy ass. Zach's pounded doggie-style, goes for a ride on top, and finally gets his hole rooted missionary style until he can't hold back any longer and cums all over himself, leaving his fur dripping with warm cum. Tyler cleans Zach up only to make a mess of his own moments later.

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander

Tyler Andrews and Zach Alexander
Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

November 6, 2009

"Sometimes one is enough, and sometimes I get greedy. When I brought Tyler and Zach Alexander in to do a scene for Cocksuremen (one of my other sites) I just had to get them in bed too. Fortunately they agreed. Zach is tall, lean, hairy and hung. Tyler is the All-American southern boy with a sweet face and smooth body. I love playing with their different bodies at the same time. We play, suck, and fuck one another, including a wild position with Tyler fucking Zach while Zach fucks me at the same time! I know I've said it many times but it's true: I love my job!"

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Tyler Andrews, Zach Alexander, Jake

Lucky Dreams, Scene 2

Tyler Andrews tops Dominik Ryder
Colt Studios | Buckshot Productions

"A relaxing massage leads to hot and heavy petting as Dominik Rider runs his hands all over Tyler Andrews’ hot naked body. While grinding and stroking their swollen cocks against each other, Dominik gives Tyler the full service treatment while going down for a tasty mouthful of cock. Tyler turns the tables and gives Dominik’s thick cock some deep throat service. Not able to get enough of each other’s cocks these guys lock into a hot 69 position and go at each other for a long and sensual session of mutual give and take. Then switching into top mode, Tyler spreads Dominik’s legs open wide. Mounting Dominik’s ass he starts fucking that hot hole with an immediate urgency, drilling that tight ass with his hot dick. Dominik is loving every minute of it.

After climbing up on top, Dominik rides that cock all the way home and blows a furious load. He moans to his heart’s content while gushing buckets of cum. Tyler unleashes next. His load shoots straight up and into the air landing high on his chest and leaving a sweaty and drained couple of hot young studs to bask in the afterglow."













Jesse's Getaway, Scene 4

Tyler Andrews, Dylan Roberts and Corey Martin
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

"Tyler Andrews, Dylan Roberts and Corey Martin are like three bumps on a log, spending the afternoon just minding their own business and jacking off. Corey wonders why they just don't buddy up and really get down'n'dirty and the other two eagerly jump at the chance to connect mouth to cock. Corey sits back sucking Dylan's dick while Tyler's busy nursing on his big tool. The trio hardly come up for air as they move into different positions still linked together and guzzling down cock. It soon becomes a Dy-Co-Ty sandwich with Dylan fucking Corey up the ass while he's busy fellating Tyler. The fellas gyrate into a different configuration with Dylan the happy middleman getting stuffed at both ends. Then he lays back flanked by Tyler and Corey and all three horndogs work themselves up into a lather. Ready to climax, the three amigos beat their meat until they dump one load after another all over Dylan's chest."








Parker's Mirage, Scene 3

Parker London and Tyler Andrews
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

"Parker London's all ready to cook breakfast for Tyler Andrews but there's nothing in the fridge. Tyler knows what would really satisfy him and he gets down on his knees to feed on Parker's chubby sausage. He works feverishly even as Parker's got a hold on his head to steady him as he facefucks him. The tables turn and Parker gets his chance to go down on Tyler. He slobbers excitedly all over his pal's erect tool, swallowing its entirety deep down his throat. He then gets behind Tyler, sliding his dick inside his asshole slowly and gently. Once he's snug inside, Parker fucks his partner in a steady rhythm. The sensations of pleasure are building up in both guys rousing Parker to finally yield his ass to Tyler. He lays down and Tyler fucks him with a ferocity that quickly has Parker shooting his load up across his belly. Tyler then pulls out and adds his creamy deposit to Parker's load."







Shane's Pool Party, Scene 2

Shane Frost and Tyler Andrews
Falcon Studios | Jocks Studios

"Leaning against the big Tiki god in his tropical garden, Shane Frost's got his hands full as he jerks off. Tyler Andrews walks by and offers a hand, well, rather his mouth. He gets down on his knees and opens up to suck down Shane's cock. Shane can barely contain himself as Tyler knoshes greedily on his dick without coming up for air. Before long Shane gets his chance to repay his buddy in kind and he clamps his lips tight around Tyler's dick. But Tyler wants to feed some more and this time he targets Shane's asshole. He licks and teases the puckered crevice, jabbing a finger inside to prep it for a bigger assault. Tyler then fucks Shane's manhole, pumping it fast and furious until they both shoot their loads."












The Dude Show - Reality Sucks! Part 2, Scene 1

Brandon Bangs, Shane Frost, Tyler Andrews
Hot House Video

"In Episode 1 of The Dude Show - Reality Sucks! Part 2 horny top Brandon Bangs establishes himself as Head of Household. He challenges Shane Frost to suck his fat uncut cock while Tyler Andrews goes down on Shane's huge dick. Brandon and Tyler take advantage of super-hot Shane by putting him in the middle and fucking both his holes. Finally all three jack off and drench Shane with hot cum; just another day on The Dude Show!"







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Backroom Exclusives Volume 25, Scene 2

Tyler Andrews and Dylan Roberts
Hot House Video

February 1, 2011

"After a stressful day Dylan Roberts convinces Tyler Andrews to give him a much needed massage. When Dylan strips out of his clothes he apologizes for his raging hard-on but Tyler doesn't seem to mind; he decides to work on Dylan's uncut cock instead. He uses his wet mouth on Dylan's cock and hole until Dylan decides the best way to relieve his stress is to get fucked up the ass. Tyler fucks him deep then they both jack off and blow their loads."










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Backroom Exclusives 24, Scene 5

Tyler Andrews, Dylan Roberts, Johnny Torque
Hot House Video

November 8, 2010

"Tyler Andrews loves sucking his buddy Dylan Roberts' cock. The two young studs are already going at it when Johnny Torque arrives. Before he can protest, Dylan and Tyler throw Johnny on the bed and take turns feeding one another Johnny's huge dick. Dylan gets on all fours between the other two, eager to have both holes filled. Tyler fucks Dylan's ass while Johnny plows his mouth - then they switch - until all three drain their loads."

Backroom Exclusives 21

Backroom Exclusives 21, Scene 4

Tucker Vaughn and Tyler Andrews
Hot House Video

April 21, 2010

"Tucker Vaughn and Tyler Andrews meet in the Backroom ready to recreate the chemistry from their recent LIVE shoot. All Tucker has to do is flash his big white smile and Tyler pops a boner. They take turns sucking dick before Tyler kicks back and pushes Tucker down on his rock hard cock. Tyler gives Tucker a reach around, jacking his load all over his washboard abs. Now that's something to smile about!"


Daily Workout

Rod Daily and Tyler Andrews
Next Door Studios | Rod Daily

April 15, 2011

"Tyler Andrews would like to bulk up. It's not that he's out of shape, by any means, but what he really wants to do is add some muscle. Rod Daily is ripped, with bulging biceps, cut abs and a chiseled frame, so when he offers some training, Tyler is all ears. So Rod begins to instruct Tyler on the finer points of his workout regimen. Of course, the muscle Rod is really keen on exercising is in Tyler's pants, and luckily, Tyler is with that program as well. Enjoy!"

WATCH Daily Workout featuring Rod Daily and Tyler Andrews





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Master Strokesmen

Cody Cummings and Tyler Andrews
Next Door Studios | Cody Cummings

February 23, 2011

"It's a rare breed that rise to the level of Master Strokesmen. Since medieval times, kings, nobility, and those with the means have hired Master Strokesmen to teach them the coveted power techniques for jacking off. Only a few remain today, rarely displaying their awesome ability.

Cody Cummings is certainly the most prolific Master Strokesman of our time. Today he's taken on an apprentice, Tyler Andrews. Cody admires Tyler's very natural, smooth n' sexy stroking style. And by the size of Tyler's fat boner, he knows he's in the presence of greatness. During this session of epic cock-jerking, Tyler decides to wrap his lips around Cody's thick, meaty dick. Cody enjoys seeing this type of dedication in a prospective Master Strokesman. Enjoy!"

WATCH Master Strokesmen featuring Cody Cummings and Tyler Andrews





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Caught In The Act

Tyler Andrews and Katie Summers
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

February 3, 2011

"Katie Summers is not your typical girl next door. Sex-starved & cock-hungry, she is not even offended when she comes home to find Tyler Andrews sitting in her room, jacking off to her Facebook profile. While normally a girl would be creeped out by Tyler's massive hard-on, instead Katie is more than willing to help him finish, which is a good thing, because Tyler is hell bent on cumming all over Katie's sweet face. Enjoy!"

WATCH Caught In The Act featuring Tyler Andrews and Katie Summers






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