Orion From My Friends Feet
Joseph Sergo
Randy Pacheco


ALIASES: Vinn Deisel, Vinnie Diesel, Yandry
SITES: Circle Jerk Boys, ManAvenue, MuscleHunks, Paragon Men, Powermen


Vinnie Diesel


November 2011

"Jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those thighs?! Vinnie Diesel (not to be confused with another buffed – yet inferior -Vin) shakes his caramel bom bom perfection on stage at La Bare Miami, where his mouth-watering performances culminated in his raging star-billed performance this November at Paragon Men! He was referred to us by several of his dedicated female fans, including one woman who travels to South Florida for monthly fixes from Vinnie. Needless to say, when he strips for the ladies, there's not a dry seat in the house!

The swirling tattoos (oh, to be ink - injected!) are reminiscent of mythic Mayan god Quetzalcoatl, but this Latino legend of epic proportion is a Cuban export. Stop the embargo! Here’s a dictator worth looking up to/at/for! He’s very open-minded and once had sex with three men and two women at the same time, proving sexuality is but an existential question spectacularly solved! Vinnie sports a shaved, thick and throbbing Cuban cigar that both smolders and eXXXplodes hot and sticky in our Penthouse. Wipe your brows, they don’t call him the Sperminator for nothing!"

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Pride Studios Vinn Deisel

Smoking a Cuban

Featuring Vinn Deisel
Pride Studios | Circle Jerk Boys

August 12, 2011

"A slice of Havana is in the house this week at CircleJerkBoys as Vinn Deisel makes his debut. inn starts to give us a sizzling strip tease as he peels off his tee. His abs are the first thing we see as he starts to run his shirt behind his neck. Vinn is naturally hairless and makes sure everything else follows suit. He starts to flex his huge biceps as our eyes feast on an endless array of drool worthy manscape. He undoes his jeans and starts to play with his cock inside his tight orange briefs. He pulls them down some as we admire the scorpion tattoo just above his... you know. Vinn is rock hard now and using both hands to stroke his cock. A view from behind gives us an amazing view of that hot ass of his as he continues stroking his Cuban cock. He then goes face down on the couch and starts to dry hump it. His bubble but rises and falls as he mock fucks one lucky futon. He slowly licks those full lips of his making you want him even more. His cock is getting really close to cumming as his balls begin to pull up tight around the base of that cock. Next thing we see is Vinn shooting his thick load. He groans softly; shooting load after load of thick cum all over the couch below; finally giving his cock the release it's been begging for. Well, If anyone needs some Cuban Leche for their coffee today-we got you (...& that couch) covered!"

Vinn Deisel

Vinn Deisel

Vinn Deisel

Vinn Deisel

Vinn Deisel Vinn Deisel

Yandry: Horned Up

Featuring Yandry (2)

September 9, 2011

"When we met Yandry for his first video ("Waking Up With Yandry") we were completely mesmerized by his thick lips, dark skin and mushroom-headed dick. There's just something about the way he carries himself as if he has his own swagger. This time around, he was intent on chatting with some girl on-line and showing off for her. It was a little annoying at first, but once he was stripped naked and stroking his hard, fat dick, we didn't give a shit who he was talking to. He strokes at the desk for awhile ... pulling on his hard dick, then stands up and gives us some quick muscle poses while his dick is hard. Sitting back down, he concentrates on his show for whoever, then blows a thick, juicy load all over himself, his hands, his leg and stomach. Guess when you're that young, it's easy to get horned up quickly and blow that kind of load."


Yandry Yandry

Waking Up With Yandry

Featuring Yandry

June 17, 2011

"Yandry rolls over in bed and stretches his long, lean body before you. He yawns and licks his full, thick lips. After caressing his chest, he slowly pulls the sheet down so it will rub across his hard abs and most certainly brush over his cock. The sheet is soft and feels great rubbing over his dick. He feels it growing and then slowly pulls the sheet back exposing his dick to me. I grab the camera and soak in every movement - capturing his beautiful eyes, his muscular body and his hard dick. Yandry loves me watching him through the eyes of the camera. I wish I could wake up like this every morning..."


Yandry Yandry

Yandry Yandry
Randy Pacheco

Hot Homeboy Muscle

Featuring Randy Pacheco

June 14, 2011

"Sexy muscle barrio boy Randy Pacheco is packing a lot of Miami heat in his Powermen debut. Don't be fooled by his pretty face - Randy's tough, tattooed, cool and contained, and more than enough man enough for all comers. Catch the scorpion tat on his lower abs - it's his way of saying that the oversized package he's carrying in his jeans will take no prisoners. Our hearts may belong to Randy, but be warned - Randy may seem cool, but he means business."

Randy Pacheco Randy Pacheco

Randy Pacheco Randy Pacheco
MuscleHunks Macho Nacho and Randy Pacheco


Muscle Duo: Nacho and Randy

Featuring Macho Nacho & Randy Pacheco

January 15, 2011

"MH Discovery Macho Nacho lands a gig constructing studio sets, partnered on the job by muscle pup Randy Pacheco. When young bodybuilding neophyte Randy is distracted by Big Nacho's beefy guns, the ever-helpful Ursus from Uruguay knows that the only way any work is ever going to get done is to satisfy his shy new fan. Soon enough Nacho is giving lessons in posing attitude, onstage machismo and more, and the two men take a break to strip down, pose for each other and compare. One thing leads to another...."