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ALIASES: Joey Swoll, Tristan
SITES: Straight Muscle Guys

Tristan Swoll



Who is Tristan "Swoll Muscle"?

This 5'10, 220lb Boston native now resides in Florida, where he is "8 weeks out" from his first bodybuilding competition. We met this 26 yr old Natural Bodybuilder at the 2008 Arnold Classic in Ohio and knew he would be a HUGE hit with SMG.

Who were your heroes growing up?

"I'd have to say my parents and my 3 older brothers. I come from a big Irish family and grew up in a pretty tough neighborhood. They always looked after me, protecting and keeping me outta harms way. We're a very tight family. Ever since I first moved down South for college, we still talk everyday."

So how's a native Bostonian feel about his first trip to NYC?

"HaHa, it's pretty cool, lotsa tall buildings and a lot cleaner than I expected. I was gonna wear my Red Sox hat just to fuck with people."

You're training for you first bodybuilding show, how long have you been training?

"I see a lot of the guys on the site got into the weights for the same reasons, to train for football or wrestling. I started lifting so no one would fuck with me where I grew up. LOL. So I started lifting pretty early. I always had good genetics and started serious bodybuilding when I was 21."

Tristan Tristan
Tristan Straight Muscle Guys


"At Work, At Play"

"Tristan is unquestionably one of the most beautiful men in the bodybuilding world. He trains hard, works hard and plays hard. Watch him at work, making viewers and muscle fans go nuts on webcam. Watch him play after hours getting admired by a sexy hot babe!"



"Cyber Stud"

"Tristan is the "Cyber Stud" in this video update. He is the man of your dreams, as you see him first on his laptop chatting with someone who is deserving of his time and attention, then getting up and showing off his powerful physique. First stripping off his shirt and jeans down to his briefs, he flexes and teases you wanting to see more of his champion physique. Next he is seen as the total jock/bodybuilder stripping off his shiny red gym shorts and showing off in a white poser. Lots of beautiful imagery. Tristan is truly a work of art and you will be left in awe and completely inspired by him."

Joey Sergo Trains Shoulders 2 Weeks Out from ToC Culver City

September 9, 2011

"Joey Sergo AKA "Joey Swoll" trains shoulders 2 weeks out from the 2011 Tournament of Champions in Culver City, California. Sergo says its not how much you lift but how you lift it."