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Taylor & Valentino RAW

September 9, 2011

"Director's Cut with all the action! These two really hit it off. It took hours to film this video. NOT the actual filming, but the two guys pretty much like all the same things…sports, motorcycles, and of course, girls. The two kept trading fuck stories, basically trying to one-up each other. I totally wanted to get these two together. Both big muscular guys, one hairy, one naturally smooth.

Taylor was in the trading mood. In order to get out of bottoming, he said he would take a load to his mouth. I wasn't about to pass up his first facial…mouth open no less! I got them all gussied up in bright underwear, and the two just went at it like animals. Both of them got-off to the oral, and they even handled the 69-action with ease.

Valentino (Jaxton Wheeler) did get a bit worried when he saw how fat Taylor's cock was getting, so that's when he started bargaining with sex-acts. "Would I have to get fucked less if we did some pissing?"

"Suuuuuuure!" I would say, knowing full-well that the minute or two of pissing wouldn’t cover much time. Thankfully, once Valentino got out of doggy position he was actually starting to enjoy it, demanding Taylor to fuck him harder! I do believe while I was filming the undershot, he actually bitch-slapped Taylor to make him more aggressive.

As for the ending, Taylor delivers one of his biggest loads yet, and as I mentioned earlier, he does a good job cleaning him off. True to his word, Taylor took a load to the face and it actually went inside his mouth. He is a bit frozen, but he was choking back a little bit on the taste of another dude's sperm. This is one very hot video, with very hot chemistry, and a nuclear ending!"













Kristopher & Taylor: RAW

July 29, 2011

"Taylor sure has been warming up to bottoming.

And I knew Kristopher would be the one to put him over the...uh...Top.

These two have so much energy and chemistry they are practically a power plant!

They dirty talk their way through most of the video which is uber hot. I think Taylor really responded to Kristopher sucking his dick with skill too!

Kristopher even ate out Taylor's ass and fingered him, totally getting him in the 'zone' to be fucked.

It went smoothly, and Taylor even kept hard for must of his time on bottom. No anxiety this time about it hurting.

I even tossed another challenge at Taylor. I know Kristopher can nut while riding a cock. He seems to have found a little protate pressure puts him over the edge.

Taylor is terrible at fucking on his back... a even with a hot girl. It's gotta be his dominant streak holding him back! But he held it solid while Kristopher road him.

Watching Taylor make Kristopher cum is VERY hot. He fucks him hard, then holds his stiff cock in just the right spot, putting him over the top, then fucking him hard again.

This video has a ton of energy yet feels so balanced between the two of them.

An awesome pairing!"










Dante & Taylor RAW

June 24, 2011

"Dante wanted to come back and do another video and he suggested we capitalize on his bondage fetish.

I am not super keen on hard core "tie-em-up" stuff. I always like a hint of it, or implied. My studios just aren't setup for that genre of video.

So we do the shoe string thing with some easy off cuffs and near the middle of movie we just decided to go hands-free 'cuz its just too hard to shoot, even with the length of rope he had.

But the key element of this video was the Surprise Factor. I just didn't want Dante to know how big of a cock he was in for. So I blindfold him and Taylor just enters to use Dante as his Toy. That of course keys into Taylor's 'bossy' side.

We use a few toys here and there, but mostly its about Taylor 'using' Dante to get off. I think Dante got more and more nervous as Taylor's cock grew in his mouth and realized it wasn't even fitting in his mouth. How was he gonna handle it in the ass?

But Taylor works his cock in to him slowly, and I am certain Taylor loved having someone take his cock balls deep.

Taylor delivers an awesome cumshot, juicing Dante good!

We eventually lose the blind-fold as I kind of wanted to make Dante see or have Taylor's ass riiiiiight there in his face while he comes. He even gets off to having him sit on his face while he nuts.

If you like a little lite bondage, and seeing a big beefy man take it with some 'cock size surprise,' this video will float your boat!"
















Dwight & Taylor: RAW

May 13, 2011

"Dwight thought long and hard about doing full-on sex with another dude. He felt he had pushed his limits as far they would go. He went months and months before thinking of doing more.

But after his dog got sick with mounting vet bills as well as having to paying for school, he thought he might be able to push them a bit further and meet.

Fortunately, Taylor was trying to push his own limits by bottoming an entire video. Dwight and Taylor have similar builds and I thought they would look good together.

Not trying to disparage Dwight's cock size, but it's actually the right size for the straight guys to get fucked by. Perfect for straight guys to "first time" with.

Taylor wasn't intimidated by it like he was when he worked with Tobin. He actually aggressively bottoms in this video.

Frankly, he had to, because Dwight was very passive. He still has that, "I can't believe I am fucking a dude!" look on his face.

But he stays hard the entire time, which was good because Dwight says he has never fucked a girl, so didn't really know what he was doing. And Taylor struggled to get Dwight's cock inside a couple times. I left that in, and it's kind of hot watching them try to find the back door.

Once inside though, Dwight slowly fucks Taylor and Taylor FINALLY takes a cock with some pleasure tossed in there. Dwight ramps it up a bit, but you still can tell he was worried he was hurting Taylor.

I wouldn't go so far to say Taylor is now fully versatile, but sitting on a cock doesn't seem to freak him out as much.

Dwight says he will come back for more. I don't know if I can get him to suck dick, which along with getting fucked seems to be beyond his limits. But I get the sense he will be able to work pass them.

Meanwhile, it's awesome to see Taylor's ass get juiced again!"


















Jake Lyons & Taylor: G:hOle RAW DC

March 18, 2011

"Director's Cut with all the action!

Once again I am trying to push the boundaries of what we can do with the Glory Hole.

Jake said he actually used his phone in a similar manner to catch someone's attention that lead to a similar circumstance. I'm not real big on 'plot' because it makes the video so much bigger and longer to download. Most of the time we get right down to it.

So it is more of a fantasy setup for the shoot and quite brief.

Taylor was in the mood to Use and Abuse and Jake was quite happy to be dominated.

Jake expertly sucks Taylor's cock and then turns around so that Taylor fuck him through the hole.

Fucking through the hole is always a challenge, but I want to get at least one position in it, and well, that's how it would go down in reality. Since we have open space, we move over to the floor and Taylor fucks him properly and unmercifully on his back and doggy style.

Actually fucking on a hard floor is a bit challenging, but Taylor and Jake both work it pretty good.

Taylor lubes Jake's ass with his again and even finger fucks him, something I rarely get on film.

In the spirit of Used and Abused, Taylor breeds him, leaving Jake with cum dripping out his ass."


Taylor & Tobin: RAW

February 4, 2011

"As soon as Tobin came on board to do more work, I knew I had to put him with Taylor. Only problem was, like most new guys, Tobin wanted to top his first time out.

Taylor is a pretty dominant guy and truly makes a better Top than a Bottom. And he has been lately getting into bottoming.

Tobin and Taylor both stay hard for the cock sucking. Tobin, though a bit "distant" and "checked out" sucks dick pretty good for it being his first cock, as well as it being one that is so large it practically flattens his luscious lips.

Then Taylor saw how big Tobin's cock was and was literally having high anxiety about having to take Tobin's cock. He was staying hard, but every couple minutes he would comment about how much it was going to hurt. Not whining, Taylor is no wuss, he just didn't think he could take.

Meanwhile, after the oral, Tobin's cock gave out. It didn't mind being sucked or even sucking dick, but sticking it in a dude's hole, gave him and it anxiety. He just wasn't going to stay hard long enough to get footage.

I actually kind of thought this was going to happen. I was very nervous making this pairing happen. Tobin struggled a bit during his Edge video, and Taylor's always worried about how much it's going to hurt before the shoot.

I had them both do some prep before the shoot (Ya know..douche and stretch with a dildo) - just in case we might need to switch positions around.

Taylor said he could barely take the smallest toy, while Tobin said it was no problem.

So they actually were both relieved that we would have to change position. Took the pressure off of both of them.

While I can't say Tobin looks like he is enjoying it, he no longer fears bottoming like most newbies do. Honestly, he took one of the fattest cocks I have in my team of guys, so a few ouchie faces is to be expected. I would love to put him with a smaller dicked guy and see if he can actually get off to it.

We got some interesting angles, and Taylor unloads quite nicely into Tobin meaty ass.

It did take Tobin some time to nut, and in the interim Taylor's dick recharged and was ready to shoot again. So he adds his second load to Tobin's.

A lot of background activity to make this shoot happen, but I sure am glad we made it happen, 'cuz they look mighty fine together!"















Taylor & Vander: RAW DC

December 31, 2010

"Director's Cut with all the action!

We have been following closely Vander and Taylor as they put their dirty minds to best use- making steaming hot raw sex! But not with each other.

They start off kissing, then Vander eagerly sucks Taylor's cock. Then it was Taylor's turn and he is COMPLETELY fascinated with how huge Vander's dick is. I wouldn't say he was obsessed with it, but he certainly had a little envy (this coming from a guy with a really big tool) But mostly, I believe, he really wanted to not only suck it, but deep throat it. He loved Vander's cock!

Taylor fucks Vander for a while then pulls out and gets very naughty all over Vander's hard cock. Vander uses the liquid to jack his ever-hardening cock.

Taylor keeps shoving his cock in, pulling out and of Vander's hole. It's not for everyone, but I think even the most prim and proper gay guy will get off to this lite fetish play and dominance.

It was finally Vander's turn to nut, and I left in that he was struggling to get over the top. Taylor, ever so helpful, decides that all Vander needed was to some piss, and sure enough, that made Vander blow his load.

Taylor then breeds Vander, fucks him with his cum, then cleans off all the DNA he left behind.

I think a re-match might be in the future, but nothing has been planned other than they both agree reversing rolls would be super hot!

I agree!"




























Ransom & Taylor: RAW

November 26, 2010

"There is no getting around it. Taylor is an awesome Top. He's aggressive, takes delight in watching his thick cock split someone in two, and eager to fill someone's hole with his load.

But he wants to be a team player and also wants to mix things up a bit. He takes the initiative, not wanting to be a One Note Player. He did bottom for Nash, but he really struggled to find any pleasure in bottoming.

We both thought it was time for him to be properly fucked, and Ransom had the perfect dick to do it.

But I wanted to play off of the video that Taylor did with Bastian. Taylor tied him up and had his way with him, but this time we would reverse the roles.

Ransom loosely binds Taylor's hands and then face fucks him. We even get some POV Cam in there. Very hot to see him bound up and fed a cock.

Then my next goal was to get a butt plug up him and have it stay in him a good long while so his asshole would be nice and loosened up for the fucking.

Of course Ransom makes him suck his dick some more while Taylor keeps his butt plugged ass in the air.

Finally Ransom takes it out, and eases his cock in...and no shrieks of pain from Taylor this time!

In fact, it got him hard!

Ransom fucks him good, and I think Taylor is no longer afraid to bottom. Though he still likely going to be top dog most of the time..he is just too dominant.

The dominant side come out a third of the way into the movie. Taylor gets up on the bed and makes Ransom finally suck his cock. We get some fun POV cam on that too.

Finally, Taylor is back in his element, teasing and toying with Ransom's hole with his fat cock. Some POV cam here as well and you can see that Taylor has a little malicious side to him as he pushes his cock in Ransom.

I timed this video so Ransom would have a cock in his ass just long enough that it would make him cum. Followers of the site know that Ransom is often jumping off the cock that is banging him for fear he is going to cum.

So this time I just let him unload as Taylor fucks the cum out of him.

Taylor takes a few moments to ramp his cock up hard, and as always, delivers a perfect load all over Ransom's hole, then stuffs it in, cum dripping from the top and bottom of Ransom's hole.

We leave with Taylor fingering the cum, shoving any that got away back in up inside of Ransom."























Bastian & Taylor: RAW

September 24, 2010

"Craaaaazzzy Hot Match Up!

We decided to do something a little different this video. Play off of Taylor's dominate streak, and Bastian's slight fetish for being tied up.

There is just something about these two muscle boys that works perfectly.

Taylor starts by having Bastian suck his cock. He then he ties his hands behind him, dry humping him, giving Bastian a taste (of fear?) of what was to come.

Instead, Taylor jumps back up and makes Bastian choke on his fat cock while all bound up!

And this is where we change things up a bit again. I have been toying with the idea of giving the model's a small camera for some POV work.

Point of View films tends to be a popular straight theme, since most guys watching straight porn really don't want to see the dude, just the girl and maybe a big cock plunging in. POV tends to be less successful with guy-on-guy scenes because viewers want to see BOTH dudes.

So I thought I would mix it up with regular footage. I was unsure about how much I wanted to integrate into the movie so we go POV only 3 times. I didn't want to commit to a full movie with a model holding a camera the entire time.

Frankly, I think the balance works good this way. It's difficult for the models to stay hard and film, so a smattering of 'You Are There' really adds something extra to the movie without hindering their performance.

And it's just plain hot watching Taylor see his own cock get buried in Bastian's ass, dirty talking all the while.

Taylor then jerks of Bastian with a Toy. We thought to only use it for a small portion of the video, but Bastian REALLY liked it, and it was cool to seem him use it on himself while Taylor pounded him.

Taylor is unmerciful in his fucking. He cums all over Bastian's hole and then unloads the rest inside, breeding him good!

Poor Bastian's asshole is all bruised and torn up! Ouch!

Doesn't stop Bastian from cumming though. The dude cums a lot! Like syrup pouring out of a maple tree!

Gonna have to add this one to my Top 10 hot videos. I know I have lot in my Top 10, but this one is a must see!"


























Eli Hunter & Gerin & Taylor: RAW

August 27, 2010


I thought I would put the ultimate bottom, Gerin (Jackson Taylor), with two of my most hung guys. Because Gerin's motto is, 'The bigger the better!' it just had to be done!

This is the first time Taylor and Eli Hunter have worked with an actual "full-on" gay guy, and I worried it might freak 'em out a bit. They seem to be fine when working with another straight guy. They can relate to the situation, but add a gay guy and whole set of things start playing through their minds.

Needless to say, I didn't have to worry.

Gerin became their bitch while Eli and Taylor, well, they were all about each others' cocks...and kissing! The couldn't get enough of each other.

I don't think Taylor has worked with a guy with a dick his size, and it was funny to see him in awe of another guy's cock. Eli and Taylor both kept saying their cocks were shamefully smaller than the others. Frankly I think they are evenly matched.

The main focus for this video was for them to treat Gerin as their bitch. And they do that in spades. But what I think is awesome is Taylor and Eli threw a lot of energy at each other. I seriously think they were both into each other as well.

There are giant cocks splitting Gerin in two and a lot of spit roasting action!

Gerin felt sure that he could do a double penetration, but I think he is used to working with smaller-dicked-dudes.

We do give it a try. Doesn't last too long as Gerin realizes any DP he had done in the pas was with smaller sized dicks. We bruised his hole, and frankly this video runs 27 minutes, so I was already maxing out the time.

Eli is always fine with getting fucked, so we do get some fine daisy chain fucking. This always worries me as the guy in the middle always shoots prematurely, but Eli did grat and they do get a rhythm going, with Taylor pulling out, hardening his dick, then shoving it back in.

Since Gerin is so flexible, I wanted to do an upside down cumshot with his asshole as a bowl. I knew it was unlikely he could cum that way, but Taylor fills up Gerin's bruised hole (abuse from the double penetration attempt remember!) and I will be damned if Eli unloads right on top of Taylor's load within seconds. Awesome timing!

He then shoves it in, cum oozing out, and dripping down Gerin's cock. It is TRULY astounding!

It is for sure one of the best creampies you will ever see!

Poor Gerin was cramped up from being upside down, so we gave him a break and have him cum while he sucks on the cocks that just unloaded inside of him!

I don't think I say it too often (well maybe I do?), but this is a video you just can't miss! The energy and complete raw sex is amazing!"



Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_14 Chaosmen_eli_gerin_taylor_hires_20





















Antonio & Taylor: RAW

July 23, 2010

"Ok, so I got a little overconfident with how much hole abuse Antonio could take.

Honestly, I thought these two would be a great match-up. Antonio likes to get fucked, and Taylor loves to have his cock worshiped. Perfect!

They start off kissing and we get a little frottage action as Taylor rubs his cock all over Antonio's. Taylor takes the lead giving Antonio head, but soon after climbs on top and basically does push-ups into Antonio's mouth.

Taylor gets him doggy style and properly fucks Antonio's face. Very hot and you see just how big Taylor's cock gets.

Then, unfortunately for Antonio, he gets to FEEL how big Taylor's cock gets!

I dunno what was going on, but Antonio was running away from Taylor's stick for the first part of the video. Is it pleasure or pain? (I say pain!) The funny thing is, Taylor just keeps at it, not letting him slide away!

Finally we switch to the couch and I let Antonio ride Taylor's cock so he can monitor the depth. Taylor can't stay hard with a girl when he is laying down, (he really is pretty dominate!) so I was hoping the sitting position wasn't too much like laying down.

Turned out fine and we really get to see Antonio split in two.

Finally, Taylor fucks him doggy-style, showing no mercy. He unloads all over Antonio's asshole, fucking him with his cum.

A quick cut to Antonio busting his nut. Taylor instinctively took some of Antonio's cum and started spreading it around Antonio's mouth..well..chin.

He was not sure if Antonio would go for it, and you can tell because he is a bit tentative about doing it.

Finally realizing Antonio wasn't gonna put up too much of a fuss, Taylor bends over and they share a cum soaked kiss! Gooey stickiness everywhere!

So extra props to Taylor for not only delivering a great cumshot, but for pushing the limits of Antonio's cumshot!"













Nash & Taylor: RAW

June 11, 2010

"I think Nash (Brody Wilder) and Taylor both have dirty talking down, and I knew their energy would be awesome together. They both like to get down and dirty!

So I wanted to get them down on the ground. See two muscle boys going at it!

I tossed down some mats and a bit of gym equipment and let them have it.

Yeah, I know, not very gym-like, but our main goal was to use the floor AND finally get Taylor fucked.

Can't say by Taylor's shouting that he took to it like I duck to water, but his cherry was officially popped!

It took a bit, and his hand is slammed against Nash's quad to not go so deep. At first I think Nash went really slow and was trying to go easy on him, but after a while I think he was thinking, "Fuck, I took this guy's giant dick, he can take mine!"

Taylor actually wants to be a versatile player and commented maybe he better get a dildo to practice on at home. (Homework!)

For the cumshot, we used the little sex wedge thingy I bought (Geez, that's an expensive piece of foam!) and it worked beautifully. With them down on the ground, you can really see Taylor's fat cock going in and out of Nash, all the while Taylor is encouraging him to cum for him. Hot, Hot, HOT!

Taylor ramps up and finds himself a little off center for a cream pie, but he recovers and wipes and plunges his cum-soaked cock into Nash.

Truly, one of the best matches on the site!"











Degan & Taylor: RAW

April 9, 2010

"I gave Degan a little time off, and every time Taylor would come up, I kept thinking how much these two would look good together. Even the thumbnail picture for their gallery where they are kissing, they look like brothers.

They both are muscle guys: one more mature, one more of a muscle cub.

Same height, same thick dick. The only real difference is Degan likes to be dominated, while Taylor has a bossy streak. A match made in Porn Heaven.

I think this is Taylor's third fuck video, and I told him it was time to suck a dick. I figured their dicks were kinda the same and he could imagine he was sucking his own dick, which turns out he never has attempted...straight guys, what are ya gonna do with em!

He actually did pretty good in the cock-sucking department. Not really diving in deep but more showcasing Degan's cock, while still keeping him hard. But I won't be having him take over any Serviced videos anytime soon.

But I wanna give Taylor props, that's one more hurdle he has conquered. That leaves only one more to go, and that's to see if he can take a cock up his ass.

But this time out he gets to dominate and really fuck the hell out of Degan.

Tried a new position with Degan rolled up, but it was a bit challenging.

The best parts, of course, are the cumshots. Taylor fucks the cum out of Degan, then we flip Degan over and Taylor fucks him until he is close, pulls out and shoots his load all over his hole, plunging his cock back in and out.

Without a doubt one of the best cream pies on the site!"










Taylor: Edge

March 24, 2010

"For those of you who feel gypped because I didn't blow Taylor during his Serviced video, you will be pleasantly surprised that I got him to do a lot more in the silver chair!"










Silas & Taylor: RAW

January 1, 2010

"This is one crazy hot video with three cumshots! Facial, cum eating, and creampie!

Taylor is more relaxed and said he would kiss this time out. Still no cock steps!

And he really amped it up. He is very dominate, and Silas is pretty passive. I think he loved having Silas worship his fat cock, and even got off to making him take it up the ass. Lots of dirty talk!

The energy is palpable and like I said, it builds to an amazing creampie, with Taylor breeding Silas at the end.

Taylor then made Silas lick the cum of his cock, which immediately made Silas nut.

I did a few pans of the aftermath, and shut off my camera when Taylor said he thought he could nut again.

I had my cameras on again in no time and he was stroking it back to full bone.

And there is no mistaking that Taylor intended for Silas to eat every last drop of his cum. His aim is pure precision.

He surprises even me by bending down and licking the cum of of Silas's chin, and then share a cum soaked kiss!

What a way to start a new year!"


















Lansing & Taylor: RAW

December 11, 2009

"I didn't believe it at first, but Taylor said he would be willing to fuck a guy. Same thing all the new guys say. No kissing, no sucking back, maaaaaybe play with their dick.

I also know that these guys tend to expand their limits as they go along, but Taylor really didn't want to do much beyond fucking a dude.

I knew from his Serviced video, he has a pretty strong dominate streak. I figured passive Lansing could take his dick and not freak him out.

Lansing gets his shorts off and quickly wakes Taylor's dick up.

And YES, we have a talker! What Taylor lacked in things he was willing to try, he more than made up for it with his verbal skills, along with some really good Topping skills.

The boy knows how to fuck! His dirty talking worked great on Lansing, who responds to being told what to do.

I was determined to get a good creampie on this one. I think my mic and my head/hair pop up on some of the camera angles. But I laid down on the floor and stuck with it until Taylor nutted all over Lansing's hole. He then shoves in and out, cum oozing out of his hole. VERY hot!

This time I made sure Lansing wasn't close to cumming as I shot Taylor's cumshot. I knew I couldn't scramble up from the ground. He is quick shooter when the other guy nuts!

Lansing gave me a full minute to get myself settled and ready for him to shoot.

Lansing confuses me. he struggles to stay hard until he gets fucked, and when we do the cum shotcumshot, it makes him spill all the more quicker. Yet still wants to watch straight porn between shooting. ~shrug~

Anyway, I hope you love watching these two elite dudes sucking and fucking with an amazing creampie finale!"











Taylor: Serviced

November 18, 2009

"I had Elliott come on over to give some personal Service to Taylor.

Taylor is one of many straight guys who will say he can't cum from a blow job even from a girl. Normally I feel it is because the gals really don't know how to work the equipment. But after watching Taylor jack-off, I knew he was a solid under -the-head jerker and sucking wasn't gonna keep him going.

He's stay wobbly through out the video, but ironically seems more interested in watching his dick get sucked than the video. Personally I think he should have watched the video more. I know that is boring when they stare, but these are straight guys and, well, it helps. But it does leave you wondering why he didn't take the opportunity to zone on the pussy flick.

True to what he said during his solo, he does like having his ass massaged. Elliott got down below him doggy style, sucking his cock and massaging his ass. His dick perked up after that.

Since we figured Taylor would need to be upright to nut, I tried to get some cool angles for the cumshot, and bless Elliott's throbbing and aching arms, he jerked this boy until cum went flying everywhere!!"









Taylor: Solo

November 9, 2009

"Taylor is hot little muscle boy who has experience with Personal Training, so is way into fitness for himself and others.

He says he only works out twice a week. Grrrrrr...Those work outs must be 6 hours long, cuz he has one hot body!

Not his first solo, so he was comfortable showing off his thick dick and playing to you, the audience.

He says he likes it when girls massage his ass while he fucks them. I am wondering if that is just a polite way of saying he likes his hole played with. But he did specifically say his taint, but it makes me wonder!

Taylor is another guy that liked to be up-right for his cumshot. It's pretty hot to see him jerk out his just spills out!

Taylor is down for doing more, so stayed tuned for more than just a solo. I think we have a Chaos team player!"

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