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Paragon Men Mike



August 1, 2011

"Mike, is that a nun on your arm or are you just happy to see us? It may be his first visit to the hallowed halls of Paragon Men (in honor of our second birthday, the rest of the men this month are reader favorites), but I nominate Montreal Mike as most likely to result in a sticky keyboard!

True to Montreal form, he’s got the bursting musclebound bod, hung cock (long and thick) and arrives on time. He even comes on cue! He has the maleman creed down: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom will stay this courier from the completion of his appointed rounds.” In our Penthouse, Mike delivers in a steamy, wet and wild j/o scene to rival Katrina!

We got him long, hard and lathered rubbing it out in a giant shower – the better to fit his massive member. He's a one-man masturbathon! Dude even fogged up our asexual camera!

Forget his XXX brute masculinity and questionable English – Mike’s got a good heart, a sweet demeanor, and his favorite body parts on others are holes and mouths. Mais oui!"

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Minute Man 36: Stiff Action, Scene 1

Starring Mike Matters

January 6, 2011

"COLT Man Mike Matters is a vision of perfection with his body like Adonis and his penetrating bedroom eyes. He looks like a garden statue in the middle of a peaceful outdoor setting. Mike treats us to a very special one on one experience as he slowly reveals his rock hard body in various stages of undress.

As you enjoy his hard muscled chest, his tight washboard abs and his smooth muscular physique… Mike’s bulge in his briefs starts to stir; it grows until he is rock hard. Now he’s ready to show you what really gets him off. Pulling it out, Mike shows you his monster uncut tool as he slowly begins to stroke that thick long cock. His big low hanging balls are full and eager for some release. Juicing and milking the head of his thick dick you can tell Mike is working up a big load. Rock hard, naked and ready to blow, Mike jack-hammers his cock until a thick and heavy stream of cum spurts like a fountain."

Mike Matters


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Colt Studios Hard Wood

Hard Wood, Scene 4

Starring John Sebastian and Mike Matters (Mutual Solo Masturbation)
Colt Studios

November 4, 2010

"Two muscled dudes find some alone time behind a cabin in the woods… a hot and heavy game of posing, showing off and checking each other out. The sexual sparks threaten to start a wild fire as COLT Man Mike Matters and John Sebastian slowly strip and flex for each other. Side by side, a mirror image of hot muscle studs enjoying their hot bodies and sharing an intense mutual attraction.

Equally matched in muscle, equally matched in rugged good looks and equally matched where it matters most… both men pull out impressive hard cocks and begin stroking for each other’s pleasure. Mike Matters pulls and tugs at his monster, uncut cock as it springs to life in his hand. Grabbing his own fistful of meaty cock, John Sebastian takes in an eyeful of his smoking hot jerk off buddy.

Intense eye contact, checking out every inch of muscle and cock, these guys turn to face each other and reveal more of their awesome physiques for each other. Taking it all in, John strokes his long cock, erupting in a fiery hot load, his eyes glued to Mike’s hot body as he spews and spills every last drop. Seeing his buddy cum takes Mike to the edge. With a hungry stare he looks John directly in the eye as he hammers out a massive, mind blowing load."

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Mike Matters and John Sebastian

Colt Studios Mike Matters Colt Studios Mike Matters

Colt Studios Mike Matters Colt Studios Mike Matters

Colt Studios John Sebastian Colt Studios John Sebastian

Colt Studios John Sebastian Colt Studios John Sebastian

Mike Matters

Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

October 18, 2010

"This tanned guy is Mike Matters. Coming from Canada, this bilingual hunk is here to show off his stuff. When he's not stripping, he's either working out, or working in his shop, building race cars. For this scene, Mike will be showing you that a wrench isn't the only tool he knows how to handle; he's quite good handling his 7” uncut tool too! Enjoy!"

WATCH Mike Matters at Next Door Studios

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Thunder & Cum

Featuring Mike Matters and Vandal Vyxen
Next Door Studios | Next Door Hookups

September 2, 2010

"If you like muscles, Mike Matters is the guy for you. He's a hunk, he's hung and he's always horny! Just like in the last update, Mike Matters is totally new to the world of internet porn. He's a 100% straight guy, but with a little persuasion, he'll cum over to the other side to play. Of course we have to bribe him with really cute girls like Vandal Vyxen, but it's all good, because she doesn't let him get away scott free. After getting pounded by his huge cock, Vandal sucks the goodness out of his balls, then feeds his own cum to him. Hot! Enjoy!"

WATCH Thunder & Cum Featuring Mike Matters and Vandal Vyxen

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