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MuscleGallery Mark Alvisi

Mark Alvisi

Miami, 2006

"Mark Alvisi is one of the few coverboy-model quality bodybuilders. Mark’s classic symmetry, huge size, and chiseled face has made him a favorite of muscle fans. Mark won the IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur Heavyweight Class in 2007. In 2002, Mark won the Musclemania Superbody in Miami. Great looks on top of bodybuilding size and sculpted muscles—it’s all here."





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MuscleGallery Mark Alvisi


Mark Alvisi

Miami, 2003

"Musclemania Winner Mark Alvisi came to us with good humor and the intent to give us what he calls a good 'gun show.' And in so doing, Mark became one of our most popular models ever. This won't be the last time we photograph Mark. Look for future updates on MuscleGallery.com and follow Mark's progress in bodybuilding."



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Mark Alvisi

2008 NPC USA Championships

"The USA's top bodybuilders converge in Las Vegas for an unforgettable weekend of non-stop muscular competition. Repetrope Productions is there to bring you exclusive, all-access video coverage of one of the year's most highly-anticipated contests. The Backstage Posing Part 3 video brings you top bodybuilders from the USA hitting their poses backstage exclusively for our cameras. Our backstage posing area provides a perfect setting for mind-blowing close-ups and awe-inspiring muscle posing. This video features bodybuilders from the heavyweight and super-heavyweight classes."



Mark A


Height: 5'9
Weight: 195
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Ethnicity: Caucasian
State: Florida
Country: USA



Mark Alvisi


"NorthAmericanBodies.com is pleased to add Mark Alvisi to our roster of top bodybuilding and fitness models. For 2002 Superbody Natural World Champion Mark Alvisi, the path of extreme physical conditioning began in his early teens. Mark always had the desire to succeed as an individual. During his high school years, Mark opted out of team sports in favor of a very high level of Oom Yung Do, an Asian form of martial arts. His discipline was further developed when he went on to spend four years in the Army Special Forces support group as a paratrooper, rising to the rank of sergeant. During this time, Mark was beginning to realize that his body responded quickly to weight training. He always held an above average weight on his frame and arms that, without any effort, were bigger and stronger then any of his peers. Once out of the service, and then moving to Florida, Mark desired to see what his body could look like if he made it his focus. In the spring of 2001, Mark decided it was time to see how his body compared to others in a competitive arena. Mark entered the NABF Florida State Championships in a hard sleek body with amazing lines that resulted in his turning professional with his very first contest. A few weeks later he just missed achieving his pro card in the Musclemania South Beach Fitness Festival. Nobody could match his condition at 161 pounds, but at his height of 5’9”, he needed to put on some serious size. Knowing he had to jack himself up, Mark spent the next several months on a mass building regime. In the fall of 2001, he entered the NABF Pro Am Championships ten pounds heavier then his previous competitions and took the overall, becoming the top professional in that federation. A few weeks later he entered the Musclemania World Championships and took third in the welterweight class in a field of 25. Even though Mark came into the contest heavier, getting into the shredded condition he exhibited cost him valuable muscle. Mark’s immediate focus now was coming into the 2002 Superbody hauling 15 more pounds of lean muscle, and coming in at the top of the middleweight class. Carrying that 15 extra pounds of shredded muscle made an impact with the judges and audience. With finely sculpted and perfectly symmetrical lines, Mark presented an unbeatable package and he was the unanimous choice by the judges for the overall title. More recently, Mark has been focused on NPC bodybuilding contests. We photographed Mark competing in Fort Lauderdale at the 2006 Southern States Championships. He placed 2nd in his heavyweight class. We photographed Mark again when he competed at the 2006 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships. Mark's goal is to win the 2007 USA's and we think he has a good chance of doing that!"


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