Logan Scott
Jim Ferro
Giacomo Mancini


SITES: PowerMen


The Class Clown

Featuring Giacomo Mancini

July 15, 2011

"The class clown? Just look at that face: Giacomo's always amused by something! Wonder what it could be? Well, here's a good guess: he's solidly packed with hard muscle! No one he went to school with back in the day was about to mess around with the seemingly funny guy with the awesome bod! After giving us a quick flex show - including a nice view of his hard-as-steel buns - Giacomo hits the laptop keyboard to browse to a website he knows about, just to get that tool of his going. Wonder if he's visiting Powermen.com? In any event, whatever he's looking at - it works! Soon enough Giacomo's not joking anymore as he hits that hard cock with everything he's got!"



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