Blade Wilde
Daniel Hill
Alex Parry


ALIAS: Dave Duke
SITES: Blake Mason, English Lads, Men at Play, UK Naked Men


The Morning Routine

Starring Alex Parry

June 17, 2011

"To look as good as a MAP Man takes a lot of hard work, sweat and careful grooming. If you dont believe me ask Alex Parry, or even better follow him on his morning routine like we did here and see how he preps himself for a hard day at the office. Beginning with a quick but intense workout to get those muscles nice and toned, a hot shower and shave. And of course, a long and relaxing wank in front of the bathroom mirror to release any tension and get his day off to a good start."


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The Nightwatcher

Starring Alex Parry

July 9, 2010

"Working in security doesn't sound like the most exciting thing in the world, however Luckily for Alex the guys at MAP Towers are always looking for some sneaky action behind closed doors and Alex is always ready to spy on them with his CCTV cameras. On this occasion his midnight shift is livened up by a newbie at the office who he doesn't recognize at first. But once the handsome stranger spots the cameras, hes all to eager to give a little show for whoever may be watching and Alex sits backs to enjoy and rub one off. But after shooting his hot load Alex is left wondering who is this sexy exhibitionist with the big uncut cock, and will he be back?"


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Cityboy Sleaze

Starring Alex Parry, Carlos Caballero and Patrik

July 3, 2010

"Summer is upon us and the city boys of London are feeling the heat, especially when it comes to their cocks! The City is heaving with hot, horny businessmen who just want to play! Three suited stunners Carlos Caballero, Patrik (Filip Carbol) and Alex Parry leave their offices and head for a sleazy cruising club on the prowl for cock. When Carlos sees the handsome Patrik he moves in closer like a lion ready to catch his prey. Alex, a straight but curious city boy spots the two men and also moves in for a closer look. The action heats up as Carlos moves in on his victim Patrik, stripping him naked and begins to use and abuse the beautiful young man's body. He sucks, rims and face fucks Patrik, while voyeuristic Alex whips out his cock through his suit flies and starts to work it over. The action becomes too much for the three businessmen and culminates in Patrik and Alex shooting their huge loads of cum all over the chest and suit of Carlos followed closely by Carlos unleashing his cum. The men leave the club satisfied and drained of their juices - for now!"

Patrik, Alex Parry and Carlos Caballero














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City Slicker

Starring Alex Parry

April 16, 2010

"Due to popular demand straight boy Alex Parry is back for some special MAP grooming. Alex, 26 from Nottingham, the footballer with the gorgeous muscular legs turns up in jeans and t -shirt. By the time our team have finished Alex is transformed in to a city slicker looking hotter than ever! It almost seems a shame for him to remove the suit but Alex has been working out hard and wants to show off his body. He does not disappoint revealing a lean frame, lightly hairy chest, peachy ass and a juicy hard cock. Get ready for a hot encounter with Alex!"


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Alex Parry Casting

Starring Alex Parry

February 22, 2010

"Alex Parry is a 26 year straight lad from Nottingham recommended to us by hottie David Jones. Alex plays football twice a week and has incredible muscular hairy legs that any footballer would be proud of. When the clothes come off revealing his peachy ass and big thick cock with low hanging balls the room heats up ! Watch Alex up close and personal! Don't miss an incredible explosive ending - hot stuff Alex!"

Men at Play Alex Parry Men at Play Alex Parry

Men at Play Alex Parry Men at Play Alex Parry

Men at Play Alex Parry Men at Play Alex Parry

Small World Episode 9

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

July 30, 2010

"Really, what is Luke like? Straight after getting back from his camping trip with Brez he's off playing 5 aside football with a few mates... and no sooner has someone suggested wanking off in the shower than he turns it in to a jerk-off competition where the loser has to buy the after-match beers! That boy just can't get enough cock... or get enough off his straight mates to cum in front of him ;-) Hitting the showers, the guys soap themselves up and get clean before they focus their minds on the competition and jerking one out. There's plenty of banter between them but it's Alex who's really horned up and who blows his load first... but who will be buying the beers? 4 guys left to choose from!"

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker

Alex P, Luke Desmond, Samuel, Tony Parker
English Lads Alex Parry

Alex Parry

"Alex is a very fit bodied str8 lad who works hard to stay in shape. He is a keen footballer and does a load of gym work and running to keep up his fitness. This was his first photo shoot and there is no doubt he has naturalness in front of the camera really enjoying the attention off all his hard work training. When I first met Alex he was as hairy as you see him today and he said he was about to clipper his hair. Pretty quick I asked him to keep it intact as I know loads of people like a naturally hairy muscle hunk! Just wait til you see him performing."

Str8 hunky boy Alex - Is that a cock in your mouth and cock in your ass?!

May 14, 2010

"Alex is one of the sites favourite str8 lads; He is tall and hairy with a muscular and real defined body and one of those cocks that is rarely seen soft as it seems to spend most of its time pointing straight up in the air! Alex had a fantasy about having sex with a transsexual and so when we found one Alex was real exited! So just check out what happens in this shoot you see one of our straightest lads gobbling down on a big cock and its not long before its sliding into his hole! Its not just sliding, but being rammed into his ass, I cant believe Alex is happy to get a big cock up his ass just so he can play with a pair of tits! Some pounding of Alex’s ass later and Alex is getting fucked and shoots a nice big load! Wow what was all that about!?"

English Lads Alex Parry

English Lads Alex Parry

Hairy Str8 hunk Alex - Strips off and puts a finger in and follows it with two huge toys!

March 26, 2010

"Alex is one of our str8 lads who has been steadily experimenting, today he pushing back the boundaries, or should I say pushing way up a former boundary! Alex does a teasy strip and shows off his hairy body and even hairier legs and starts off his anal experience by lubing up his finger and slipping it in, complaining he has too tight a hole! A finger is followed by the purple toy, about the size of a six inch cock and he moans away at shoving it in and out. When the pink toy comes out Alex seems hardly able to get the end of it in, though within a few minutes he is pushing masses of it in and out of his ass at increasing speed! He pumps harder and harder and he starts to ooze load of cum, the more he pumps the more he oozes loads more cum! Alex seems to have discovered his ass is a fun place to be!"

English Lads Alex Parry

English Lads Alex Parry

Str8 Buff Hunk & his Big toy

February 3, 2008

"Alex is back and strips down to his boxers enjoying showing off his muscular body and natural hairiness. Down come his boxers and his uncut cock is floppy but full! As ever the minute he touches his meat it rears up and stands to attention. He loves playing real gentle, stroking and teasing himself and enjoys teasing us! Alex lies back and brings up his legs to show his ass in real close up. A little more playing and he lies back, tenses and squirts!"

English Lads Alex Parry

English Lads Alex Parry
Mike Douglas and Dave Duke

Bunk Buddies

Mike Douglas and Dave Duke

April 28, 2010

"Fighter pilots Mike & Dave find a way to release some tension when the rest of the platoon are sleeping. They look at each others' hard cock and lean body whilst stroking and showing their uncut stiff meat, making sure each gets a good look. Like a live porn film for each other, the sight gets them so hot they're soon spurting hot arcs of cum into the void between their bunks."

Mike Douglas and Dave Duke

Mike Douglas and Dave Duke

Mike Douglas and Dave Duke