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ALIAS: Derek Brodie
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Featuring Brodie Sinclair and Max Wilde
Gods of Men at Men.com

November 11, 2017

"Brodie Sinclair and Max Wilde worship each other’s thick, hot cocks."

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Phenix Saint Fucks Brodie Sinclair


May 13, 2011

"Phenix Saint and Brodie Sinclair! Just saying the names of those two together in the same sentence makes me want to cum. Seeing Brodie's tight and amazingly bubble butt get penetrated and stretched by Phenix's giant cock is a sight all men on Earth should behold. There's just something about Brodie that no matter how much trouble I put him through I don't think it will ever be enough. If I told you all the things I want to do to that boy they wouldn't even make sense. Yet, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. You must be crazy not to be thinking the same things. I mean, have you seen how his bubble butt bounces up and down when you slap it? It makes all tops go nuts and all bottoms jealous. It's no wonder Phenix is all over it (and inside it) in a matter of seconds. But do not be fooled, Gentlemen. Brodie knows how to use both of his holes equally good and the amount of spit his mouth produced for this scene is enough to flood the Sahara the same way that you are going to flood your pants with jizz after you see this! Don't say I didn't warn you!"










Brodie Sinclair Jacks Off


June 28, 2010

"The scene opens with ultra-ripped Brodie doing some pull-ups in nothing but a vest and some sexy briefs. His thick tattooed biceps bulge as he flexes, undoubtedly getting turned on by himself--and who can blame him! Brodie looks exactly like a combination between Josh Hartnett and Brad Pitt. After working out, he gets worked up and starts rubbing his cock through his underwear. Before long he's pulled out his prick and is stroking proudly. This muscle stud turns around to show off his perfectly chiseled ass while he continues to jerk. The camera pans up and down his backside, showcasing his back and legs. For a while you forget you're not seeing his cock--his body alone is enough to get you off! Brodie moves to the gym mat and works himself to a creamy finish that sprays over a 40-pound barbell. If only every trip to the gym could end like this."






Brodie Fucks Ridge


April 6, 2009

"Man oh man, have I been waiting for this day for a while. The day when Ridge Michaels bottoms out! Not only does he bottom but he gets to bottom for that huge slab of beef Brodie Sinclair. They start rubbing each other's dicks through their underwear. It isnt long before Brodie pops a boner and Ridge is suckin' on that thing like a lollipop. After a little more groping Ridge decides he's ready for Brodie's cock. One condom and three squirts of lube later and Ridge is riding that dick like a cowboy. He bounces up and down on Brodie's big dick while his own hard cock flops around. Then Ridge bends over and says "Come on and fuck me". Not being one to refuse an offer like that, Brodie starts pounding Ridge doggie style. I had a feeling Ridge would be into bottoming if I could just talk him into it but I had no idea he'd take to it like this! Just watch how he backs that ass up against Brodie's cock...amazing. Brodie flips Ridge over on his back so he can fuck him missionary style. Ridge jerks off his own cock as he moans "Oh yeah - fuck me!". Brodie must have been hitting the right spot because it isnt long before Ridge is shooting a nice hot load all over himself. Brodie pulls out and shoots his own thick wad of cum all over Ridge's stomach. I have the feeling this won't be Ridge's last time bottoming. Check it."






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RC Fucks Brodie Sinclair


April 17, 2008

"My boy Brodie finally takes the plunge and takes a cock up his ass. The anticipation of this scene has already caused a flap on some of the blogs – some people like Brodie, some don’t – but no matter what you think about him, you have to be a tad curious to see this gay porn bad boy finally submit. Brodie wanted another masculine straight guy to do the deed, so I enlisted the help of RC Ryan. If you like straight boys finally getting fucked and loving it – this is probably not the scene for you. This scene is more like a straight boy being punished – finally submitting to a taboo – doing something that he really doesn’t want to do. RC and Brodie are both pro-am fighters, and both ‘gay for pay’, and somewhere in that they found a bond – its like they both knew what had to be done, that Brodie would be in pain, and RC was going to walk him through it. It starts with mutual stroking and caressing, as they find a connection. When the time comes Brodie sits down on RC’s cock and rides him slowly. Next RC bends Brodie over and the more hardcore fucking begins. What happened next while shooting the scene shocked us all – Brodie actually had an orgasm while he was on his stomach (don’t ask me to explain that – Brodie couldn’t explain it either). Unfortunately, I didn’t get a clear shot of it, and I didn’t have enough footage – so the fucking continued. Now if you have ever been fucked and blown your load, you know you usually want it to end. Bottoming after that is torture. But RC lifts up Brodie’s leg – and the fucking continues until they finally blow their loads together side by side. This scene is hot in an “Eyes Wide Shut” sort of way – some will love it, some will hate it, but all will want to watch. – Check it."


Brodie Sinclair and Beaux Banner


"Though these two studs are fairly new to gay sex and kind of shy with each other at first, they quickly get down to business. There's kissing, jacking, sucking and finally some good old fashioned man on man fucking. Beaux Banner takes Brodie's thick cock like a champ when it is plunged into his tight ass. Not bad for two straight dudes."






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Brodie Sinclair and Michael Von Steel


"Some days all the stars align just right and the heavens smile down on you. Such was the day when I got Michael Von Steel and Brodie together for the first time. Brodie's hot, smoldering, Texas-built body is perfectly paired with Michael's towering torso. You've seen Brodie before being serviced by me, but now you'll see him not only fuck Michael, but also watch his first foray into cock sucking. It's sexy and fun to watch Brodie hesitantly take Michael's dick into his mouth. But what Brodie does best is fuck and he proves it, slamming into Michael's ass and plowing him for all he's worth. After these boys work themselves into a sweat, walk into the bathroom with them and watch as they clean each other up in the shower. Hey, who dropped the soap?"


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Brodie Sinclair Serviced


"Brodie is as sexy a guy as I’ve ever come across. It’s not just his hard, chiseled body that turns me on. It’s also his beautiful face and inviting lips. I got to play with Brodie — sucking, rimming and jacking him. But what I really wanted to do, more than anything, was to kiss this beautiful young man on the lips. So after some negotiations, Brodie agreed, but he insisted that I shave my beard. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind. Now clean shaven, I got to kiss Brodie’s beautiful lips, with tongue! It was heaven. It was worth losing my 6 year old beard. Once Brodie blows his load on my face and tongue you'll get to see me clean him up in the shower too."






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Brodie Sinclair Massaged


"I just can't get enough of Brodie. His beautifully chiseled body, sexy lips, bedroom eyes, and a strong cock, make him truly addictive. I had to get him back for a massage so my hands could once again touch his warm skin and my mouth could swallow his prick. It's a massage I'll always remember, and I'm sure you will, too."


Brodie Busts A Nut


February 6, 2007

"Brodie is a Texan and lives up to it. When we first met Brodie at the airport, we were blown away at his sensual good looks - deep eyes, perfect skin, great smile, and amazing muscles. Lucky for our other dudes Brodie does not mind playing around every once in a while. Brodie is a personal trainer when he is not modeling, and his own physique is his best advertisement. He got into that after he left the Army, and entered modeling as a side gig just recently. We are happy to have Brodie as one of the dudes and hope you all enjoy."




Brodie & Marcus

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

February 12, 2009

"For this week's update, Marcus and Brodie decide that it's time to pound some ass. Well, actually, Brodie takes control and gives Marcus a bit of an anal brutalizing. From doggy style to missionary and tons of blow job happiness in between, these two have a great time. Brodie gives it to Marcus so good that the muscled hunk explodes while his buddy is still inside of him. Brodie then pulls out and unloads his balls all over his moaning friend, bringing to a close another smoking hot NextDoorBuddies scene."

WATCH Brodie and Marcus

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Brodie and Dylan McLovin

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

January 29, 2009

"Come on in and watch Dylan McLovin worship Brodie's tight, fit body. Dylan makes sure his hands cover every inch of Brodie's muscular physique. It's not long until Dylan has Brodie's cock in his mouth, slurping up and down. Dylan gets his buddy so riled up that Brodie Dylan and bends him right over to show him just how hard and deep he can go. Cum and watch these two muscular hunks explore and fuck each other."

WATCH Brodie and Dylan McLovin



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Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

July 21, 2008

"He's back!!! Yeah, Brodie, the mega-stud that hasn't graced our sites in quite some time. If you are unfamiliar with him, Brodie is an ex-military man turned amateur porn star. We always get tons of positive responses when this young guy shows up, and you're about to see why. We have more scenes in store for you, but we'll let you feast your eyes on him while he plays with himself in the pool, and unloads his balls on our bar stool. Thanks Brodie! Enjoy!"

WATCH Brodie



Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

December 3, 2007

"He's back and he's ready to show you what you've been missing. We're talking about that football playing, ex-military hunk Brodie. It's been a while since Brodie showed his beautiful ass on NextDoorMale, but he's back and looking as good as ever. Other than having a new girlfriend and a new home, Brodie's still the same, good natured hot young guy.So sit back and enjoy watching one of our most requested guys stroke himself on the sofa, in the bathroom and in the bed."

WATCH Brodie

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Brodie and Stewart

Next Door Studios | Next Door Buddies

August 9, 2007

"The other day Stewart had some time alone before he and Brodie left for a nearby fair to meet up with some of their friends. With the short time alone that he knew he had, Stewart decided that he's try to stroke himself off. To his surprise, as he was fingering his ass, Brodie burst into the room. Brodie is obviously surprised, but Stewart wanted to make the best of it, so he offered Brodie a nice, tight ass to fuck. Brodie, having an open mind, said sure. First Stewart blows Brodie, making his thick cock rock hard for a nice fuck. Once Brodie slips the condom on, Stewart puts his ass in the air, begging to be penetrated.The two get it on this way and that. Brodie pounds that ass and Stewart loves it. When it's time to cum, both studs lay back and spew their loads all over themselves, bringing an end to a hot scene. Enjoy!"

WATCH Brodie and Stewart



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Savage, Scene 3

Starring Roman Ragazzi and Brodie Sinclair
Raging Stallion Studios

February 19, 2008

"Brodie Sinclair and Roman Ragazzi face off in a wrestling match of muscle and hard cock. As Roman gives into Brodie's strength, the sex begins with Roman in submission. Roman offers up his mouth to please Brodie's beautiful cock. Brodie decides to assert his dominance in a second round of naked wrestling."

Grunts - Misconduct, Scene 2

Starring Luke Hass, Brodie Sinclair, Max Schutler
Raging Stallion Studios

"As soldiers relax in the rec hall, the games soon turn sexual. Brodie Sinclair brags about a past sexual conquest and excites Max Schutler. Max takes the opportunity to get a taste of Brodie. Brodie whips out his dick for some oral attention and then bends over to get his ass eaten. Max offers up his ass as the next target and Brodie hits a bullseye. Brodie fucks Max, pushing his fat dick deep into him while he moans and strokes his own cock. When Luke Hass walks up he sees the two going at it and joins in the fun. Brodie shoots a load all over Max and then gives Luke a chance to fuck Max. Max takes Luke's massive cock with ease after the nice warm-up with Brodie. Brodie sticks around to watch and blow another load before disappearing into the night to allow Max and Luke a good fuck session. Luke lays back and allows Max to do all the work,squatting up and down on Luke's big dick. Max shows off his skill as he bounces up and down all 10 inches of Luke's beautiful dick. When Max lays on his back for a final round of dick, Luke fucks him until he blows his load on Max's worn out ass. Max cums second, covering his abs in cum."

Basic Plumbing 3, Scene 2

Starring Derek Brodie, Chase Hunter, Trent Atkins, Cort Donovan
Falcon Studios

"Chase Hunter, the owner of Basic Plumbing made it a success because he does what it takes to make the customer happy. So when Trent Atkins calls over Falcon Exclusive Cort Donovan and Derek Brodie, the two do all in their power to satisfy his needs, which means fucking the power bottom's hungry ass."



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Longboard, Scene 1

Starring Derek Brodie, Dean Monroe, Jesse Santana
Falcon Studios

March 1, 2007

"Derek and Jesse head over to Dean Monroe's house, but he's still at work so the two pass the time with some man-action. Jesse takes every inch of Derek's thick cock. Dean Monroe (non-sexual role)- the 'king of the waves' - returns home after a long day at work to find Jesse and Derek hanging out and having beers. They all are psyched when Zackary Ryan (non-sexual role) shows up, who doesn't really know the score."


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All Star Circle Jerk!

Featuring Blake Riley, Braden Charron, Brodie Sinclair, Chris Rockway, Gavin Tate, James Hawk

November 3, 2006

"This is the latest installment of our ever popular Circle Jerk Series! This time we have 6 of our newest, Blake, Brodie, Braden, Chris, Gavin, and James together for an afternoon of hot wankin! Who wouldn't want to find five hot, horny guys in the garage? The afternoon ends with Blake and one hot bukkake scene! Enjoy!"








Braden & Brodie & Reese

Featuring Braden Charron, Brodie Sinclair, and Reese Rideout

October 27, 2006

"When I shot the last Reese Rideout and Braden Charron video I knew I wanted both of them back again. Normally I like to mix up the pairs a lot but Braden and Reese have such good chemistry that I didn't want to fuck with a good thing. They both are active bodybuilders with such beautiful massive bodies that I decided that they'd make perfect bookends for something pretty in-between. That something pretty, I decided, was Brodie. He is a shy and stunningly gorgeous young man that complimented the other two really well. He is also the first person to wear the new Randy Blue t-shirt that will be widely available soon. I don't know about you, but I prefer Brodie shirtless over anything else. His lean muscled body gets me every-time."





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Brodie Sinclair


May 23, 2006

"Brodie is drop dead gorgeous and I think on that we all can agree! But even better he really loves that body of his and loves to show it off. Thank God for that. Brodie has just started getting a taste of the adult biz and I can promise you he is going to want a lot more. This is his first video for us and he shows off that virgin ass of his and he jerks his cock to one great cum shot! Enjoy!"






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