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Hisham Abdul Aziz
Filip Carbol


SITES: Kristen Bjorn, Men at Play, My Friends Feet, William Higgins


Starring Pablo Nunez and Patrik

April 29, 2011

Homeless Starring Pablo Nunez and Patrik

Patrik and Pablo Nunez in Homeless








Starring Alex Marte and Patrik

January 14, 2011

"Menatplay Exclusives Patrik & Alex Marte face each other offer in a 'winner takes all' game of Poker. On one side we have long-standing favourite Patrik, and on the other we have the hot new comer Alex who threatens to steal the title of the Big MAP Man. But it becomes clear that experience has its advantages as Patrik wins the first few hands, stripping Alex of all his chips and money. However with the stakes so high Alex refuses to give up so easily, but exactly how far is he willing to go? Patrik's next hand wins him Alex's watch, followed by his shirt... and finally his trousers, until the Italian muscle hunk is stripped down to his underwear. But Patrik is still not satisfied and goes one final hand to win the ultimate reward... his rival's muscular ass and the right to do whatever he desires with it."

MenAtPlay Alex Marte and Patrik in Gambler






Gambler_Aff_2 Gambler_Aff_3

gambler_Aff_5 Gambler_Aff_6

gambler_Aff_7 gambler_Aff_8
gambler_Aff_11 Gambler_Aff_12

gambler_Aff_15 gambler_Aff_16

Cityboy Sleaze

Starring Alex Parry, Carlos Caballero and Patrik

July 3, 2010

"Summer is upon us and the city boys of London are feeling the heat, especially when it comes to their cocks! The City is heaving with hot, horny businessmen who just want to play! Three suited stunners Carlos Caballero, Patrik and Alex Parry leave their offices and head for a sleazy cruising club on the prowl for cock. When Carlos sees the handsome Patrik he moves in closer like a lion ready to catch his prey. Alex, a straight but curious city boy spots the two men and also moves in for a closer look. The action heats up as Carlos moves in on his victim Patrik, stripping him naked and begins to use and abuse the beautiful young man's body. He sucks, rims and face fucks Patrik, while voyeuristic Alex whips out his cock through his suit flies and starts to work it over. The action becomes too much for the three businessmen and culminates in Patrik and Alex shooting their huge loads of cum all over the chest and suit of Carlos followed closely by Carlos unleashing his cum. The men leave the club satisfied and drained of their juices - for now!"

Patrik, Alex Parry and Carlos Caballero














citysleeze_4 Citysleeze_5

citysleeze_6 Citysleeze_aff_8

citysleeze_12 citysleeze_13

Patrik's Shower

Starring Patrik

June 11, 2010

"Menatplay members have been begging us for more of the sexy, sultry Map exclusive model Patrik and as we never disappoint our members we decided to do a behind the scenes look at the 24 year old Slovakian stunner! Patrik gives us a guided tour of the Map offices featuring him showing us how he got such an incredible ripped body and big muscular legs by pumping his hard muscles in the gym wearing just his tight white bulging breifs. Getting all dressed up in his suit and then getting it all wet in the shower before he strips off and jerks off his hard cock. Watch Patrik release his hot cum in the shower all for your viewing pleasure!"


MenAtPlay Patrik Shower

MenAtPlay Patrik Shower

MenAtPlay Patrik Shower

MenAtPlay Patrik Shower

MenAtPlay Patrik Shower


MenAtPlay Patrik Shower



MenAtPlay Patrik Shower

Honey I'm Home

Starring Patrik & Max Schutler (2)

January 8, 2010

"Due to popular demand from Menatplay members the two studs Patrik and Max Schutler are reunited for a good ass pounding in the kitchen. Max comes home after a hard day at the office and the only thing on his mind is Patrik’s juicy cock inside him. Max is hungry but not for food and Patrik is ever so obliging! When these guys are stripped down it has to be said they have the cutest butts in the business. Patrik becomes aggressive and dominates Max by tying his wrists with his shirt and tie and taking him over the kitchen top. It sure does get hot in the kitchen and both guys moan and groan to climax shooting their thick white hot cum all over each other and the kitchen. Oh what messy boys!"

Honey02 Honey03

Honey04 Honey05

Honey06 Honey07














The Barber

Starring Patrik and Christian Alexander (2)

December 4, 2009

"Have you ever fantasized about going to "The Barber" and getting your ass pounded by a stud. Well guys your fantasy has come true! Patrik the stud from Praque is ready with his eager cock to give Christian Alexander exactly what he wants! Patrik loves to top and Christian with his tight smooth ass loves to bottom so these guys are the perfect match up. Both guys are extremely beautiful with chiselled good looks, flawless muscular physiques, juicy big cocks and nice firm butts. Christian just loves to lick, suck and gobble on Patrik's gorgeous piece of meat and Patrik returns the favour by giving Christian's ass a damn good pounding. You can tell by Christian's face and his moans and groans that he is loving Patrik's cock pounding his ass.There is nothing more sexy then two beautiful masculine men getting it on! And when both explode lots of hot manly cum all over the Barbers shop you can see by the amount how much these guys enjoyed themselves!"

Patrik and Christian Alexander

Barber5 Barber3

Barber4 Barber2

Barber1 Barber6

Barber7 Barber8

Barber9 Barber10

Barber11 Barber15

Barber12 Barber14

Patrik and Christian Alexander

Patrik and Christian Alexander











Starring Patrik and Max Schutler

November 6, 2009

"MENATPLAY RELOADED is proud to present our latest blockbuster "Splash" and mark my words guys once you have seen this film you will be creating some splashes of your own! Introducing our newest model the classic tall, dark and handsome Max Schutler joins MAP exclusive model Patrik. Patrik is one of those guys that when you see him your heart races and your cock throbs - with his piercing eyes, strong jaw and perfect pecs, he is everything any red blooded man would desire!

As Patrik soaks up the rays after a naked swim Max enters with one thing on his mind - he wants to be fucked and fucked he will be! Max begins by caressing Patrik's beautiful chest and fondles his ever expanding cock. Patrik decides to manhandle Max and throws him into the pool fully clothed! Max looks stunning with his wet shirt and tie clinging to his ripped torso, the pair start to kiss passionately and Patrik gobbles at Max's mighty meat!

As things begin to heat up the pair head to the bedroom where Max get's his wish - to be fucked by a real man and Patrik doesn't disappoint (as if he ever would)! The sexual energy between these two guys is electric and Patrik's ass pounding skills deserve an oscar! Max gets his wish and then some...

You can watch this and a whole lot more on MAP's NEW AND IMPROVED SITE with MASSIVE streaming movie player with even sharper resolution and full screen viewing, as well as our usual DRM-free, high resolution downloads."

WATCH Splash Behind the Scenes

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash

Patrik and Max Schutler in Splash
MenAtPlay Patrik in Heatwave

MenAtPlay Patrik in Heatwave


Starring Patrik

October 16, 2009

"You've seen Patrik on the cover of the October issue of UNZIPPED magazine in the USA and now we get to see all the action after the cameras stopped snapping. If you enjoyed the photoshoot you will love this footage as we get to watch closely whilst Menatplay Exclusive beauty cools down in the office on a hot, dry summers day - one of those days when the heat just gets your blood rushing, your testosterone overflowing and you are just desperate to get all your clothes off and enjoy being naked, even if its in the office."

Heatwave8 Heatwave9

Heatwave2 Heatwave11

Heatwave12 Heatwave13

Heatwave14 Heatwave15

Heatwave1 Heatwave3

Heatwave16 Heatwave17




MenAtPlay Patrik and Christian Alexander

MenAtPlay Patrik and Christian Alexander

The Cellar

Starring Patrik and Christian Alexander

August 6, 2009

"A quiet tuesday afternoon in the office gives Christian Alexander the perfect excuse to escape to the local pub for a quick drink, except it turns out to be even more quiet. Apart of course from the drop dead gorgeous barman Patrik and instantly Christian afternoon perks up. All it takes is a generous tip, and a flash of his fancy suit to get the eastern European's attention and pretty soon Patrik is leading his customer into the beer cellar to strip him naked of his suit and get his hands on his beefy muscular ass and his hard cock up it!"

theCellar1 theCellar2

theCellar3 TheCellar4

theCellar5 theCellar6

theCellar7 theCellar8

theCellar9 theCellar11

TheCellar12 theCellar14

theCellar13 theCellar15

Patrick & Nathan Lewis in The Barman

Patrick & Nathan Lewis in The Barman

The Barman

Starring Patrik & Nathan Lewis

July 1, 2009

"News about the new horned up barman at the local pub has spread quickly through the Menatplay offices, and now they're all scrambling over themselves to get served by him. Unfortunately Patrik is very picky and has his sights set on one very special MAP customer - Nathan, or to be precise he has his sights set on Nathan's ass. And when he finally gets his moment he wastes no time in locking the pub doors and playing out his fantasy with his favourite customer."

Barman1 Barman2

Barman3 Barman4

Barman5 Barman7

Barman6 Barman8

Barman10 Barman11

Barman12 Barman15

Barman13 Barman14

TJ's White Socks & Size 13 Bare Feet

June 17, 2010

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"The first time I met TJ I just about lost my load right on the spot. He's got a pair of eyes that literally look right through you and give you chills. And that's not all! This stud has a stunning body and gorgeous size 13 feet. We became quick friends, having a lot in common and pretty soon I talked him into showing off his perfect feet. TJ stripped naked and showed us everything too!"

13 28

31 45

51 54

62 64

66 68
TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body

TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body

"Six foot two personal trainer has a hot body and super hot size 13 feet. He's not afraid to show off everything from head to toes. Speaking of toes, he has gorgeous ones along with smooth soles and a nice uncut cock. I was astounded when I saw that TJ was willing to bare every inch of him for this photo shoot. This hottie isn't shy at all!"

TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body

TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body TJ's Size 13s and Hot Body
2 Sites for 1 Price

William Higgins Filip Carbol

Filip Carbol

Model Name: Filip Carbol
Age: 23
Home Town: Prague
Height: 178cm/5'10"
Weight: 78 kg/171.6 lb
Foot Size: EU 44 /US 8.9/ UK 8.4
Penis Size: 17cm/ 6.69"
Profession/Student of: Cabinet Maker
Hobbies: Fitness
Favorite Sports: Fitness
Active Sports: Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Fitness
Visited Coutries: Croatia, Germany
Want to Visit Coutries: Malaysia, Hawaii
Dream of My Life: To win a fitness championship
Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 23 - August 22)

"Filip Carbol our 23 year old cabinet maker, from Prague is on Page 3. He’s also a part time car mechanic, as we discovered when he showed up for a raunchy ‘sukat’ duo with dirty fingernails. They went just fine with the material. He is a great looking stud, with a very good personality. He looks wonderful in this erotic video. Luckily he has agreed to go much further and we have already done several other shoots with him that will appear very soon."

William Higgins Filip Carbol William Higgins Filip Carbol

William Higgins Filip Carbol William Higgins Filip Carbol

84225_s 84345_s
Filip Carbol vs. Ladislav Lukasik

Filip Carbol vs. Ladislav Lukasik

"Ladislav Lukasik and Filip Carbol came in for a nude submission wrestling match. It turned into a really entertaining match. Starting quite sedatelyl with some loosening up exercises, before getting down to the match. The first round was particularly hard fought and ran for an extended time. But things were quite evenly placed still at 1-1 when the guys stripped off their slipys and started round 3. It was still very competitive but after a lot hard work Filip won rounds 3, 4, 5, 6 to lead 5-1. Then the guys took a break to oil each others bodies, which makes them look great, as they glisten, but also puts a different edge on the wrestling as they are now slippery. As the match progresses we get some really great views, close-up of the guys intimate areas, and they fight really well. However Filip eventually prevails 15-2, a score which does not reflect on how well Ladislav also fought. The guys then relaxed and wanked each other before, as a reward for winning Filip received a very nice blow job from Ladislav and then they wanked themselves to cumshots before heading to the shower. This was a lovely match to watch, and at 56 minutes is one of the longest."

Bfoto02 Foto05


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