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ALIASES: Mica, Tyson Kobie, Tyson Steel
SITES: Black n Hung, ChaosMen, Corbin Fisher, FratmenTV, PowerMen

Black n Hung Tyson Kobie

"Tyson Kobie Exposed"

"Tyson Kobie shows off his stuff here. He takes a plunge in the pool and exposes his well-chiseled body. He gets naughty and plays his cock for a soothing jerk off. He really likes to play dirty!"




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A Not So Secret Weapon


December 18, 2010

"Tyson Kobie might be young, but he is not innocent. He knows what he's got and he knows that everybody wants it. And he truly loves to show it all. His body is a sex machine. And instead of reading this stupid text you better join PowerMen and check for yourself. Enjoy!"


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ChaosMen Mica Serviced

Mica: Serviced

June 10, 2009

"Mica showed up to do his Solo and right afterward asked if there was another gig he could do. I was a bit unprepared, so I told him he could do a Serviced video the next day (even though I am trying get the other guys in on the blowing action). There is just something so perfect about Mica's build. Perfect chest and abs, that I started him off kneeling, and out plopped his half-chubby left over from doing the thumbnail shots for the video.

On advantage is, wow, I don't turn so red! You guys might not realize but in order to shoot these vids, I have to keep one arm braced out of the line of fire, thus I am basically balancing myself with my mouth and stoking hand. I think I might hold my breath the entire time too.

As I have said before, I never really notice what the guys are doing face wise. There are sections when Mica is watching himself get blown, and I swear he gets harder from it! He was also pretty good about having his ass rimmed. I dunno if it means we have a bottom in the future, but he was a lot less shy about this portion of the video than most.

And true to what he said in his solo, he wanted to make sure (And so did I!) that every last drop went down the throat when he came. A little bit dribbles out, but for the most part, I think it even bypassed my tongue and coated my throat.

It's always a tricky thing swallowing a load for the camera. Half the audience loves it, while the other half doesn't believe they actually came. Clearly this kid nutted big time! I do try to squeeze out a little at the end....just like you would."

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ChaosMen Mica

Mica: Solo

May 25, 2009

"Well, it's true, I don't seem to have that many African American dudes on the site. So I was super pleased when Mica approached me about doing gigs. He's done work elsewhere, so he was relaxed and ready to go. I try to encourage energy and for the guys just to crazy, so I think it's nice to see him really beat his meat with wild abandon. He seems up for more work, and I do believe there is a blow job in his future. Enjoy!"





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"Ty is a boner-fied track and field star at his West Coast college. He says that his 100 meter sprint is coming along but when it comes to the long jump, nobody is longer than him. Ty comes home from a day of surfing and jacks off in his living room. A quick shower gets him back in the mood and he hits it one more time in his bed."

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