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Nick Wolanski / Nick Wolloski

December 2010

"Nick likes to make cocks hard and pussies wet, and wants you to know he’s posing with Paragon for the “greater good of sexuality all over the word”. Here is a man with a mandate!

Nick’s from Scotland, and his accent is as thick as his cock. We understand Swedish better, ok?! He is one cheeky stud (his favorite movie is Batman & Throbbin’) and is currently in school - majoring in music and minoring in Adult Entertainment with a focus on hard core.

He’s got oodles of charm, and is not only easy on the eyes with the creamy perfect pecs, hairy thighs, and pretty face, he’s easy to work with. He’s also easy on a date! Nick was recently fingering a Playboy bunny while watching Alice in Wonderland. Another rabbit hole altogether!

He sure knows how to tease us in the penthouse—all while teasing his fat, rock hard, hungrily spit-upon cock! Self-love rarely feels so generous!"

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March 2010

"Images from the shoot with Nick Wolanski for Issue 9 of tMf Magazine Summer 2013."

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Budapest Baths: For Men Only

Sharpshooter Studios

Featuring Sean Perry (Nick Wolanski), Luco Maverick, David Bathory, Claudio Antonelli, Dan Hurley, Julian, Jonathon, Ricardo Santolla

"Two cute young British tourists want to experience the famous men's Baths of Budapest. Their inhibitions vanish with their clothes as the handsome nude regulars initiate them in the historic rituals of the famous oasis: swimming nude and horsing around in the fresh water pool, demanding full body workouts and muscle posing. Later they exchange sensual massages and blow off steam with group naked grappling.

In secluded corners, each of the eight studs shows you his hard body in detailed close-up - including two muscle boys performing together in the hottest duo session we've ever filmed. The baths have never been this much fun."

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Brenden Sharpe Poolside Servicing

May 9, 2008

"With Brenden in the pool, and 100% naked, this is one of the best opportunities to admire this hot athlete's compact, studly build. Brenden's a cage fighter and rugby player, and I go where no opponent or teammate has gone before, as I work over his hard, straight cock and play with Scotland's dreamiest butt hole. Brenden sure has come a long way since his first scene, when no touching was allowed. Who knows how far he'll go next time? He says he's willing to negotiate."






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Brenden Sharpe Serviced

December 21, 2007

"When Brenden first shot with me he agreed only to do a solo masturbation scene while I watched. Later he agreed to let me massage his tight muscular body while he alone touched his "Willie" and "Wallies." My hands got so close I could feel the warmth of the blood flowing through his balls and cock. My patience finally paid off when he agreed to get the special attention I wanted to give him. I stripped Brenden's clothes off slowly, got him on my bed, and made him feel very, very good. I was ecstatic finally getting his beautiful cock in my mouth after several months of waiting... and wanting."


Brenden Sharpe Solo

July 27, 2007

"Brenden is a semi-professional cage fighter with a sweet disposition and a great sense of humor. You may have already seen his massage scene, which I put up last month. Now I'm going to show you the first scene I shot with him. At first he agreed only to do this solo masturbation scene while I watched. I bit my lip while Brenden stroked and played with himself, and the camera. I could hardly bear it. Watch this muscled stud, strip, show off his amazing body and bring himself to a rousing cum filled finish."




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Brenden Sharpe's Massage

June 1, 2007

"I've been fortunate enough to be able to massage a lot of the hottest men in the past few years, but Brenden Sharpe's massage is different from any so far. Like some of our models, Brenden is straight, and he wasn't quite ready for me to play with him. He agreed to let me oil up and rub down that gorgeous Scottish body only under the condition that he would do all the "main" rubbing himself. There is something so sensual about stroking his body up and down while he strokes his cock. You can tell Brenden's enjoying it too by the look of concentration on his face, and the groans of pleasure as he cums all over his stomach."


Brenden Sharpe III

January 18, 2008

"Brenden Sharpe is back for a third Scottish fuck, this time with Kylee Reese. It doesn't take long for her to find Brenden's favorite "toy," since it's conveniently located between his legs. The fun begins with a blow job, but quickly escalates into full-blown, hard pumping fucking. Fortunately, Brenden has one sturdy toy that can stand up to the repeated pounding of Kylee's cock sock."

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Brenden Sharpe

April 6, 2007

"Ah Scotland, home of strange food, sheep, and gorgeous men in easy-access clothing. Brenden may not be wearing a kilt, but this fresh-faced, hunky highlander doesn't need one to prove he's a wild Scot as he slips his girl the haggis. After watching him kiss and pound her, you'll want a little fling with blue-eyed Brenden too."



Next Door Studios | Next Door Male

August 13, 2007

"Brenden is a new face here on NextDoorMale. At the age of 21, Brenden loves working out, and you can see this by looking at his buffed up body. Not only is he nice and worked out, he also has a big, thick uncut cock.

Currently Brenden is single and he loves it. He goes to the clubs during the weekends and gets himself laid with ease. During the week, he works as a cell-phone salesman at one of the local malls. As unexciting as that sounds, his job has been able to pay for a nice apartment, a nice car and keep him looking fly in all the new clothes that he wants. Personality wise, Brenden is very dominant...which we don't mind, and we're sure the ladies love it. He's very take charge and knows what he wants. Right now, he wants to cum, so we threw him in front of the camera and let him stroke himself until that thick cock of his shot off all over the place. He pleasures himself while pumping iron in the living room, while he gets a drink in the kitchen and dumps his load while kicking back on the bed; a definite stud. Enjoy."

WATCH Brenden at Next Door Studios





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June 3, 2010

"Hanley is one of those guys that knows what we like to see and very eager to show it off. After teasing us in his clothes for a bit, he slowly strips down to his briefs and you can see the outline of his hard dick as he shows off his muscles. Once he's really warmed up and horned up, his dick is rock hard while he poses and flexes for us, pumping his cock, showing off his ass and then dumping a white creamy load of jizz that drips down his massive dick. Too bad Hanley want let a nice hard dick touch his lips or his ass. Would love to see him get fucked. Oh well; can't win 'em all. Enjoy." See more of Hanley at!


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Tim Nash

May 6, 2010

"Beefy stud Tim Nash bares it all, showing off his muscular physique, uncut cock and hairy hole... all with a seductive stare. He bends over, like every horny boy should, to spread his bubble butt, then he jacks his rock hard tool, squeezing the jizz out across his abs."


Derrek Diamond and Dex McGreggor

"Imagine hearing the words, "I'm ready, Randy" in that sexy Scottish accent. When I had first met Dex McGreggor earlier this year he was interested in doing a solo and that was it. With that hot body and cute face I was glad to shoot him but when I casually mentioned that he might one day get his dick sucked by another guy he scoffed at me. I don't believe in pushing guys to do anything they don't want to do, so I let it go, but I had a feeling he'd come around. Eventually he came around and agreed to it. So now I had to think about who I wanted to pair him up with. This was a big step for him so I wanted him to really enjoy it. I wanted to put him with someone who was really hot, who had a good personality and wouldn't intimidate him. Strangely enough, while I was going through my database of models I got a call from Derrek Diamond about something totally unrelated. I was talking to him while looking at Dex's photos and it hit me. "How'd you like suck Dex off, Derrek?". I think he said something like, "Are you kidding? Who wouldn't?". There you go, problem solved. Derrek is someone whom you can rely on for any given situation. No matter what (or who) you have him doing, he always does it with a heat and passion that few others can match. Plus, he's just so damned adorable. I knew I'd made a good decision the minute I saw them together. They looked so good together and really got along well that when it came time for them to get naked together it was very natural for them. And sometimes you wonder what a straight guy is going to do the first time he feels another man's lips wrapping around his hard cock. Is he going to freak? Is he going to just sit there and let it happen, afraid of actually enjoying it? I didn't even have to worry about it because Dex just relaxed and let the feelings wash over him. You can see the look on his face that he's enjoying it- the sensation of getting an amazing blowjob (as only Derrek Diamond can give), the excitement of doing something taboo, the idea that what you are doing is turning tons of guys on. All in all, he had a good time. I guess I should have warned him about how far Derrek can shoot, I don't think he expected to get splashed with cum from where he was standing."



DSC_0046 DSC_0053

DSC_0061 DSC_0072

DSC_0106 DSC_0112

DSC_0071Dex McGregor

June 27, 2007

"The first thing you fall in love with is his accent. The second thing is his choir boy face. The third thing is his great body and thick cock. Dex came out to LA recently to hang out with us at the Casa De Blue and let us get to know him a little better. One thing we all loved was his accent. It's thick and sexy as hell and you just want him to keep talking. Dex has a this amazing face that's very boy like and handsome all at the same time. Dex loves to Jack off and admits to doing it several times daily and never has a problem with performance or so he says. We witnessed first hand that he had absolutely no problem an can pretty much cum on cue. Dex worked his big Scottish uncut dick up and touched his body everywhere until finally it drove all of us nuts. I being on the edge of sheer horniness had to walk out of the room. There is only so much that even I can take. This guy is a show stopper.....Enjoy!"



DSC_0063 DSC_0080

DSC_0106 DSC_0112

DSC_0272Dex McGreggor

March 27, 2013

"This is Dex's first appearance on the site and I must say this kid is really freaking hot! From his accent to his smile to his body to his big uncut cock it's all good! Dex works his body until he shoots a really nice big load!"




Dan Kilberry

April 19, 2008

"Straight Scottish fireman Dan's taking a shower, soaping his big balls and between his hairy buttocks and stretching the foreskin of his thick cock. There's plenty of water flowing over his sculpted body and hairy legs, but somehow the fire keeps raging."


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Nick Wolanski

2006 Musclemania World Championships

"The Musclemania World Bodybuilding Championships in Hollywood, California brings physique stars from across the globe to compete in one of the most recognized bodybuilding contests in the world. You'll see new muscle champions from Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada and the USA. In this backstage posing video, select bodybuilders from all of the divisions and weight classes pose exclusively for our cameras in our backstage posing area. Muscle will burst out of your screen as our cameras take you in for an up-close look at these amazingly sculpted physiques. This is more than just mere posing. Our cameras capture every detail and rippling sinew of these incredible powerhouses as they flex, pump and pose their muscles from a variety of angles."