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Berke Banks and Zac Blake

June 29, 2010

"Zac Blake is busy playing with his new iPad and his cock. Apparently that's about all he's been doing lately because Berke is pissed when he finds him there spanking it. Instead of just sitting there staring a porn, he makes Zac get on his knees to suck a real dick. Zac knows better than to mess with a bear when he's angry, so he listens to whatever Berke says. With his dick long and hard, Berke is ready to fuck Zac's sweet little hole. Zac loves being pounded hard, fast and furious by Berke's thick meat. Berke continues to pound away until he can't hold back any longer and explodes onto Zac's ass and back. Zac flips over and deposits a load of his own onto his smooth stomach."









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Berke Banks Massaged

December 31, 2010

"It isn't often that I get to walk in and find an internationally-known stud like Berke Banks stripped down and stretched out on my massage table. This furry feast-for-the-eyes deserved my unique combination of Swedish, sports and sensual massage (always my favorite part!). I began with light, gliding strokes across his muscled back, arms and legs but soon found my tongue doing its own gliding across Berke's tempting butt hole. That got his cock stirred up and I licked and teased his shaft and balls. Oiling up his upper body brought out his muscle tone, getting me even more turned on. Flipping Berke on his back I found him fully erect and drizzled more massage oil over his torso and watched that dick dance up and down. As Berke lied there in a state of bliss, I gave him the full Jake Cruise treatment, which, naturally, ended in a fountain of cum all over that furry six-pack."

2 Berke Banks Massaged

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27 Berke Banks Massaged






Berke Banks and Kevin Hamilton

June 18, 2010

"Our second installment of our ongoing "Be Jake For a Day" contest has finally arrived! This time our very lucky winner, Kevin Hamilton, gets to play with tall and hairy Berke Banks. Kevin loves furry guys, and Berke's thick mane puts Kevin in heaven. He looks around in near disbelief as he exchanges blow jobs with Berke. Kevin's tongue dances all over Berke's body, from his hairy hole to his armpits. All worked up, both guys are ready to fuck. Kevin bends over and Berke fills him up with his huge cock. Berke rides Kevin hard and long until he busts his nut all over Kevin, leaving a white trail from his stomach to his face. With a mouth full of Berke's cock, Kevin then strokes a load out of his own."






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Berke Banks and Darcy Tyler

June 25, 2010

"Girth Brooks introduced us to Berke Banks and boy are we glad he did. In addition to being quite the charmer, Berke is a tall glass of water who's in incredible shape. He's covered in fur (we love that!) and feelin' frisky. We bring out Darcy to play with and the chemistry is apparent from the get go. They kiss passionately and she slowly undress him revealing an already hard, ram-rod cock which she swallows down. On the bed, Berke arches his ass high in the air for Darcy to bury her tongue in. She indulges in his sweet ass until Berke decides to show us his talented tongue as well. With Darcy wet and Berke at full mast, he slips inside and begins to pound away. They roll around the bed, Darcy loving every second and every inch of Berke deep inside her. He sends quivers throughout her body, and then covers her his his warm cum."

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Ari Silvio and Berke Banks

I'm a Married Man at

June 3, 2010

"Married man Ari Silvio is looking for some new things to do with his wife instead of the same old routine. He came across taking his wife on a hummer tour and wanted to tell friend Berke Banks all about it. For Banks, the word "hummer" triggers a completely different type of tour and one he is bound to take Silvio on." See more of Ari Silvio and Berke Banks

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_1930 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2005 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2014 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2046 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2048 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2056 - Copy

Ari Silvio and Berke BanksDSC_2076 - Copy


Berke Banks and Tommy Defendi

Men Hard at Work at

May 10, 2010

"Tommy Defendi is back gentlemen! This time he comes back to bottom for his first time on Suite 703 and if you thought he was a great top, wait till you see his most recent scene with Berke Banks for Men Hard at Work! This also marks the first time that Berke Banks appears on Suite 703, and if you have a thing for hairy men then you are in for a treat with this update. So what do you think? Defendi better as a top or bottom?

Tommy is having some plumbing issues so he calls Berke over to help take a look at his pipes. Of course, when he got the call, he'd hoped that Tommy was speaking in code. As it turns out, he winds up going to work under the kitchen sink, but once the job is done, he's looking for another one. Since he fixed the drain, he now wants to get drained, and Tommy's ass will fit this plumber's bill." See more of Berke Banks and Tommy Defendi







Berke Banks and Parker London

Men Hard at Work at

"Parker London is a great father and wants nothing bad to happen for his kid. When teacher Berke Banks calls meeting to discuss Parker's son's suspension, Parker wants to make sure he does everything humanly possible to keep that from happening. Berke has an idea on how on a different kind of expulsion invoking Parker." See more of Berke Banks and Parker London







Berke Banks

April 1, 2010

"What do you call a muscular bear? Berke Banks! This grizzly will make you growl! Body hair is back in a big way and here’s why! Berke is one man (and we do mean MAN) who knows his business. He lives in Florida and works as adult film star. In private, he has his own “group fun”.

You may notice there aren’t many photos of this 6’2” dark haired, blue eyed hunk in our general gallery, and that’s because he felt very uncomfortable. “I’m always naked!” he said. We got him out of his underwear ASAP!

In the Penthouse Berke will show the tree he’s packing in his forest! He can practically stretch it all the way around his thigh. He also jerks it off. Cum junkies, score a fix!"


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Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped

"Berke is gorgeous from head to toe, there's no doubt about it. But I will admit that it's his size 14 feet that are the biggest attraction when he does MyFriendsFeet shoots. They're fabulous and they smell and taste SO good. Berke doesn't get foot worshiped very often, so he certainly appreciates it whenever someone does it for him. He let his head fall back and enjoyed my foot massage and licking skills thoroughly here!"

Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet

Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet Berke's Dark Socks and Size 14 Bare Feet Worshiped at MyFriendsFeet
Berke's Sweaty Socks & Size 14s Worshiped

Berke's Sweaty Socks & Size 14s Worshiped

"With a huge pair of size 14 feet on him, Berke is the kind of stud that I can't stay away from. He showed up on the set all sweaty from a workout and I didn't waste much time taking off his shoes so I could sniff his feet and worship them. Of course, I spent some time on his sports socks first. Then it was on to Berke's size 14s with my mouth and tongue. He loved it!"

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Berke Tickled Naked

6'2" Berke Tickled Naked

"Berke is a huge 6'2" guy I met a few years ago, but we only were able to get together recently for our first shoot. I first knew him as "Tucker" but he went on to fame as a model since then. So now he's Berke! Whatever his name is, he is one hot hunk of man. He has size 14 feet and an awesome body.

He told me that his feet were a little ticklish, so I asked him if he would mind doing a 'test' video to see how ticklish he was. He agreed and a few weeks later we got together. When he got on the table I noticed that he was all furry. He had grown his natural hair on his chest and his legs back - which I LOVE. He looks like the Brawny Paper Towel Guy now! I started working on tickling those size 14s and they were pretty ticklish, but he just about hit the roof when I went between his toes. He had no idea that he was ticklish there. The same thing with his armpits. He was stunned with how ticklish he was as he went into hysterics. And the ticklish spots kept coming - between his thighs, his balls, his sides. He was begging for me to stop by the time I was done. There is nothing hotter that reducing a big man to tears and hysterical begging just through tickling. He says he wouldn't do it again, but maybe time will make him forget and let him come back..."

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Berke's Size 14 Flip-Flops & Huge Bare Feet

"This guy is HUGE! I've been trying to get together for months now with Berke so I could get some photos of his size 14 feet. He is 6'2" with a great body a great smile and huge feet - with nice long toes. Berke is a personal trainer who does a little bit of modeling on the side. You might know him from a few hot sessions he had on

We tried to get together a few times, but something always came up. I was stunned when I opened the door to great him. He is amazingly handsome in person - pictures do not do him credit at all. He's also very easy to work with and he was amazed (and amused) that anyone would want to see his feet. We went in the back yard and he propped those huge puppies up on the footstool. Once he took the flip-flops off I could see that his masculine soles were a little dirty from walking around. These are definitely the feet of a man who works hard and trains hard at the gym. His powerful arms and chest show his hard work too."


34 Berke

"Sux in the Magic City"

Berke Banks and Girth Brooks

September 17, 2009

"On a recent vacation to the Magic City, Girth and Berke are out tossing a few passes before heading back to their hotel rooms. Girth is intent on showing Berke the new porn he just downloaded; Berke is intent on showing Girth what a great dick sucker he is. We all know Girth IS his namesake, and Berke chokes most of it down like the pro he is.

Girth is in heaven as he gets his first blowjob from a guy and loves the attention his monster cock receives. Berke loves showing off his acquired skills in cocksucking and before long, these straight guys are unloading some serious man-juice.

Will they be back? Will there be more to this story? Only time will tell..."


Berke Banks and Girth Brooks

Berke Banks and Girth Brooks




Berke Banks and Girth Brooks Berke Banks and Girth Brooks

H Berke Banks and Girth Brooks


Barry and Berke

September 4, 2008

"I'm single now," Berke said. "I've lost my comfort zone with a girlfriend."

Barry (Paul Wagner) was sitting beside him with a big smile on his face.

I was thinking to myself, "a meeting of the titans." Corny, I know, but they're both beefy and hairy and fulfill that high-school-football-player fantasy!

Barry was asked about what kind of tops he likes.

"Definitely more masculine than myself," he replied, looking at Berke. "But he's pretty masculine, so..."






















Berke Gets Fucked!

July 24, 2008

OK, I'm going to say right off the top that this film isn't going to be for everyone.

It depicts a straight, hairy, muscle ass getting penetrated for the very first time. Berke's straight, hairy, muscle ass to be precise.

And, just as in "real life," popping a cherry sometime involves some, well, pain.

I've known Berke for a while and he's always sworn that he would never bottom. For a lot of straight guys, gay sex is OK as long they're the top.

Berke has seen a lot of other guys get fucked and enjoy it, so at long last he finally decided to give it a try.

Fuller was the one who got to take Berke's cherry.

Berke's hole was really, really tight and it took some time to get things going. Luckily, Fuller is a great guy who didn't mind taking the time to show Berke the "the ropes!"



























July 31, 2007

"Berke is a 27-year-old personal trainer who currently works at one of the big chains. He wants to go out on his own, so he’s been enlisting clients.

“What type of client are you going after?” I asked him.

“Um, mostly the soccer mom types,” he said. “They’ve had a few kids and are concerned about their weight. After 40, things start to go south, so…”

“What type of girl do you like?” I asked, changing the subject so as to avoid bringing up the fact that I am pushing 40.

“Well, I have a live-in girlfriend,” he replied. “She’s blonde, big boobs. That’s what I like.”

“Do you guys fuck a lot?”

“Honestly,” he said, “man, like 4 or 5 times a day.”

“Geez, you guys are like rabbits!”

“Yeah, I’m a self-proclaimed nympho. She’s really into it too. Two peas in a pod, actually…”

It was fun hanging out with Berke. He’s so fucking hot, with a cherubic baby face and a muscular, manly body. Great smile and a big dick too.

“You should let your body hair grow out,” I told him. “It would look hot.”

“Well, my girlfriend doesn’t like the hair.”

God damn girls…"

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05 06


Adrenaline, Scene 4

Rob Romoni and Berke Banks
Mustang Studios / Falcon Studios

January 12, 2010

"Berke Banks is done in, exhausted by all the intense partying going on downstairs. He finds an empty lounge and collapses on the bench only to be discovered by security. Rob Romoni can't believe his eyes! Who can resist this hirsute sleeping beauty? So vulnerable, so available. He unbuckles Berke's jeans, pulls out the thick cock and quickly starts sucking away. Excited and hungry, he runs his tongue up and down the shaft and bathes those hefty balls with his saliva. Berke awakes, surprised and aroused. He asserts himself, slamming his dick down Rob's throat and then up his ass. He fucks the sneaky rascal hard and fierce just like they both like it. Every thrust is delivered with a smack of tough love, nonstop and turbocharged, until they both erupt with geysers of their warm jism."



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Hot Bods, Scene 2

Starring Berke Banks and Danny Drake
Colt Studios

October 22, 2009

"Get ready for a heaping helping for fresh man-meat as COLT Man Danny Drake debuts in a mid-Summer backyard romp with the hung and hirsute Berke Banks. The action begins with ample amounts of mutual man-handling and cock grinding. With his thick muscles and a big meaty dick swinging between his legs, Danny shows off his HOT BOD as Berke gets down on his knees to worship at the altar of cock, and Danny’s cock just loves all the attention. But its not just Danny’s cock that likes all the attention… after a generous amount of oral reciprocation, Danny mounts up on a nearby garden bench and offers his hot muscled butt for the taking.

Berke delivers a deep and satisfying fuck, pounding his thick swollen dick in that hot muscled ass. Face to face, these guys pound and jackhammer their cocks to completion, hosing each other down in thick flowing pools of cum."

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3588_006 3588_014

3586_001 3586_008

3586_016 3586_020
























Movers N Shakers, Scene 1

Berke Banks and Paul Wagner
Hot House Video

July 13, 2009

"Paul Wagner and Berke Banks take a break from packing up their office to revisit some memorable after-hours experiences they have shared in the past. Wagner kneels down and opens his buddy's pants to reveal a rock-hard footlong which he sucks to the base. Banks returns the favor on Wagner's fat cock - sucking it like it may be the last time. Wagner's hole needs attention so he knocks a box off a nearby table and sprawls out spread eagle so Banks can pound his ass. The two moving men fuck all over the empty office until they blow loads of hot cum!"

Berke_banks_003 Berke_banks_017

Berke_banks_018 Berke_banks_019

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