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Johnny Cruise

"We found Johnny Cruise, darling of muscle worshippers across the globe, online, where we get all our amazing virtual gods, er, goods! Johnny looks like a giant Tom Cruise, if Tom Cruise were big, bald, and bad ass.

This shredded musclegod loves to travel. On a recent trip to Haiti, Johnny was mobbed by crowds of awe-struck children - clearly third world kids know a superhero when they see one! Even on our shoot in Venice Beach, total strangers propositioned him for photo-ops. Everyone wants a piece, and Johnny has so many pieces to pose with!

Johnny's biggest turn-off is smoking, but a fireman uniform is his favorite fetish gear. Must be the hose! For the record, this often-naked, always-hard bodybuilder is straight, but “open”. Especially to threesomes on a flight! Talk about a cabin pressure! This stud gets away with everything.

He’s a lean mean, gigantic machine. And the kicker? He eats Big Macs for breakfast!"

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Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Cruise

Bodybuilders' Jam #30 Solo

Featuring Johnny Cruise
Jimmy Z Productions

November 14, 2010

"Here’s a solid piece of man beef for you. This rock hard stud is ripped to the core. Johnny’s a hotty as he hits the stage in business clothes. Of course they come off to reveal one really built dude. Johnny crams his crotch with well deserved dollars as he loves to be touched."

Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Cruise



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Jimmy Z Productions Johnny Cruise



Featuring Johnny Cruise
Jimmy Z Productions

July 18, 2010

"In our private session with Johnny we find him in the garage cleaning up and doing some repairs. He realizes the true intent of being hired and proceeds to put on an incredible pumping posing muscle show completely nude while talking us through each beautiful power-packed body part. Johnny is a real sweetheart that loves to show what he’s spent years building. You’ll really enjoy this one."


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Muscle Worship

Cinemas 451, 459, 480, 491, 536, 787

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Cinema 787 Gary Coughlan
Manifest Men Johnny Cruise

Johnny Cruise

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 225
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Chest: 50"
Waist: 30"
Biceps: 19"
Quads: 29"
Body Hair: Shaved

"Handsome Johnny Cruise knows how to work every single carved muscle on his body.And every muscle on Johnny Cruise's remarkable body will work on you. You can tell he spends hours in the gym sculpting his body and this discipline allows him to create many looks for himself. The gym trainer. The super-hero. The tough guy. The nice guy. These are all equal facets of handsome muscleman known as Johnny Cruise."


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Manifest Men Johnny Cruise

"Bound Part 1"

Johnny Cruise
Video Gallery Update

"Love watching a muscle man in bondage? Struggling and straining, muscles flexing to get out of his predicament? That's what you'll see as fantastically built and ripped Johnny Cruise in held captive by an unseen assailant. Things go from bad to worse as cocky bodybuilder Johnny has his clothes stripped away, every inch of his sweaty muscled body exposed and vulnerable for you to see. By the end of part one you pulse will be pounding wanting to see what price the straining naked hero will pay to get free."

Manifest Men Johnny Cruise
Manifest Men Johnny Cruise

"Bound Part 2"

Johnny Cruise
Video Gallery Update

"In Bound part 1 muscle god Johnny Cruise flexed and strained to no avail after being stripped and bound. Even a god can be defeated and in part 2 Johnny relents and flexes willingly for his freedom. But that's not all! Afterwards Johnny Cruise is allowed to finish up with a hot erotic shower running his hands over his body, pumped up from all the struggling and straining."

Manifest Men Johnny Cruise

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Legendary Bodies 2, Scene 1

Starring Johnny Cruise
Colt Studios

October 29, 2009

"A hot summer day, an inviting outdoor pool and a luxurious manor estate serve as the backdrop for big muscles on display. COLT Man Johnny Cruise arrives on the scene sporting jeans and a bulging-tight tank top. He quickly realizes he is wearing far too many clothes and strips down to his swimsuit, letting his fine sculpted physique bask in the hot summer sun.

As he applies tanning lotion, Johnny lovingly massages each rippling muscle to a fine glistening sheen. Muscles flex and contract in a symphony of movement as this bronzed god hits pose after pose, displaying a body of steel shining in the sun. As he steps out of his swimsuit we are treated to the full glory of a body at the peak of perfection."

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Johnny Cruise


• 5'10"
• 220 Pounds
• 32 years old
• 20-inch biceps
• 50-inch chest

"Ripped Canadian beef is on the menu when Johnny is around! We caught him a day after he won his bodybuilding show, the first of many I think!"

JockButt Johnny Cruise JockButt Johnny Cruise

JockButt Johnny Cruise JockButt Johnny Cruise

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