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ALIASES: Coupe, Elijah
SITES: My Friends Feet, North American Bodies, Repetrope Productions, Thunder TV Wrestling


Elijah's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

Comments from MyFriendsFeet:

"Elijah - or Eli for short - came to me because he wanted some photos taken. He is a competitive bodybuilder - and a very successful one at that. I noticed that he had nice feet and I asked him about modeling for the site. His size 11 feet are very sexy to me because they are very masculine and rugged looking. They aren't overly 'pretty' but still taken care of. Eli also said that he is very ticklish on his feet (and all over). Being in competitions, he was reluctant about doing a tickle scene, but I'll keep working on him...Enjoy!"


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Elijah Tickled Naked

"Elijah is one of my favorite men on MyFriendsFeet. His body is killer. Tall and lean. And he's really easygoing too. He's got those rugged good looks that go a long way with me. Elijah turned out to be very ticklish and we had a great time together. I kept his flip flops on for a while, teasing his gorgeous feet with my fingers and a feather. It ended up driving him insane. Not as insane as by the time I got his shoes off though and had him naked!"

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Josh Cooperman

"Josh is a 32 year old bodybuilder and fitness model from Florida. He stands 6'1" in height at a contest bodyweight of 215 lbs. He bulks up to 235 lbs. in his off season. With biceps of 18", a 48" chest, a 32" waist, 17" calves and 30" quads, Josh has a well- proportioned and heavily-muscled physique. His background includes wrestling, soccer and mixed martial arts. He has been bodybuilding for 8 years and is an in-home personal trainer. Josh has had much success in bodybuilding competitions, including the 2003 Tampa Bay Classic (Novice Middleweight Class 2nd Place), 2008 Tampa Bay Classic (Light Heavyweight Class 1st Place), 2007 Hurricane Bay (Light Heavyweight Class 2nd Place), 2009 Hurricane Bay Heavyweight Class 2nd Place), 2009 Mid-Florida Classic (Heavyweight Class 2nd Place) and 2010 Southern States (Heavyweight Class 11th Place). We met and photographed Josh Cooperman at the Southern States contest, and got some really fantastic photos right before he went on stage for the finals. Josh would like to do more modeling, and is available for fitness modeling opportunities. We hope to photograph Josh again in the future, but for now we are very pleased to add Josh Cooperman to our roster of top bodybuilders and fitness models at!"

Josh Cooperman Josh Cooperman

Josh Cooperman

2010 NPC Southern States Championships

"Over 2.5 hours with more than 70 bodybuilders! For over two decades the NPC Southern States Championships drew scores of competitors from the southern regions of the country to Ft. Lauderdale for one weekend of incredible muscular competition. Repetrope is pleased to bring you our signature contest coverage of this legendary contest which produced many notable pros who compete within the sport today. This Men's Finals video features the men's teenage, novice and open bodybuilding divisions as they each perform their choreographed posing routines and receive their hard-earned trophies. This massive video also features guest posers Mark Alvisi, Fouad Abiad, David Henry, Manuel Romero, Victor Martinez, and Hidetada Yamagishi."

With Dave Riley (Johnny Bravo) in the background









Thunders Arena Coupe


Coupe vs Frank the Tank

Bodybuilder Battle 18

"This is an amazing match between two of our best bodybuilders. Frank The Tank really wanted to put Coupe in his place because he has no respect for guys who are all cut up and not thick bodybuilders. Where as Coupe may be shredded in his muscle definition he was not afraid to take on Frank's thick size and power. Coupe's plan was to use great wrestling technique to bring the big man down. Still Frank power is displayed overwhelmingly in this match. You would think that Coupe is some 98 lbs. weekling in certain places. The power Frank has to just pick people up and crush them in his bearhugs and/or body scissors is amazing. Coupe does get a few good licks in on Frank with an amazing head scissors and few other surprise holds. While we did lose the original audio on this match you will laugh a lot listening to the guys talk about this match. Plus the visuals are stunning to see two great bodybuilders tear into each other on this level. We know you will enjoy this match!"

Johnny Bravo vs Coupe

Bodybuilder Battle 51

"Mystery Solved and Revealed! Coupe has stepped up to the plate to take on Johnny Bravo. Coupe gives it his best shot at taking down Johnny, but we all know Johnny likes to toy with his victims. Johnny plays with coupe like a cat toying with a mouse before killing him. Using moves like full nelsons, head locks, cradle, bear hugs, arm bars, head scissors, and sleepers, will Coupe survive this onslaught of raw power from Johnny Bravo, or will he be crushed by his massive power."

Thunders Arena AJ

Coupe vs AJ interupted by Cameron Mathews

Rough & Ready 17

"We're very proud to welcome our newest rookie wrestler to the arena: AJ!

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CONTEST HISTORY 2019 IFBB Hurricane Pro Men's Physique Masters Over 40 (4th)