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SITES: MuscleHunks


On the Beach from "Muscle Eden Episode 4"

Featuring Jardel Barros

July 14, 2010

"Imagine you're walking along the beach and you stumble across a hot, Brazilian muscle hunk like Jardel Barros. He's standing knee-deep in the ocean, flexing his muscles as the surf crashes in around him. You don't have to imagine any more. This series features Jardel showing off those cannonball shoulders, broad chiselled pecs, and ripped six-pack abs. He's wearing a thong so when he turns around, onlookers get an eyeful of his beautiful round ass."




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Construction Cock

Featuring Jardel Barros

December 18, 2008

"We sure wish the construction workers on our last reno project looked like this. Brazilian muscle god Jardel Barros is wearing a jacket and a pair of tattered jean shorts. He's hammering away at something and working up a sweat. When he starts to strip, his round massive ass explodes out of his shorts. His meaty uncut cock is standing rock hard and in need of attention. After jerking his dick for a few minutes, Jardel's cock finally erupts sending his watery load in all directions. Fuck! This stud sprays like a hose."


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Brazilian Heat

Featuring Jardel Barros

May 6, 2007

"Dynamite fans may remember young muscleboy Jardel as he was being nudged out of the posedown by the bullying, over-confident muscleman Fabio Augusto, in Alejandro Vega's video "Built for Action"....Well, pretty boy Jardel's back and ready to rumble! With 17 video clips including Jardel's posing routine at the 2006 Mister Santos and wrestling match with Mike Rogers...and just added 135 images!"




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Brazil Carnaval Musclemen Roberto Bueno, Jardel Barros, Felipe Gigante, Mike Rogers, Bruno Divino

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