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ALIAS: Gregg
SITES: Bait Buddies, ChaosMen, Cop Feet, My Friends Feet

Grant Tic 02

Sexy Coach Grant Tied Up and Tickled

"Coach Grant met his match in Jack. I knew these two studs would have a great time together, but I didn't think this good. Jack wasted no time in tying up his workout buddy so he could tickle torment him silly. Grant turned out to be quite sensitive all over his body and feet, too. He has a very adorable laugh and the more he laughed the more Jack tickled him!"

Grant Tic 08

Grant and Chris 2-76

Chris & Grant Worship

"Grant, who is a coach, cames home after a long day at school to find Chris waiting for him. Chris has had an equally long and hard day at the office, and he wanted to blow off some steam. Grant had hinted earlier in the week that he was curious what it would be like to worship a man's feet and socks. The brief conversation they had stuck in Chris' mind all week, and today he wanted to find out what it would be like too. The two friends couldn't deny that there was a growing attraction between them. Lately they have been ditching their girlfriends to spend time together, but there had not been anything sexual between them. Today, however, was the day that would change. When Grant walked into his room and saw Chris sitting on his bed he knew exactly was on his best friend's mind.

Grant knelt down and took off Chris' shoe, exposing a sweaty and fragrant dark sock. The other shoe came off and Grant took whiffs of his friend's foot smell. Chris' cock stirred inside his pants and he knew that this is what he had been missing in his sex life - a man at his feet sniffing his socks. Chris then took the lead and reached for Grant's shoes and pulled them off. The smell of the muscular man's socks made Chris' cock even harder. The two looked at each other and kissed passionately for the first time. Their socked feet intertwined. They held each other for a long embrace and then, still desiring to explore each other's socks, formed a sock worship 69 position. They inhaled, bit and sucedk on each other's socks.

Chris finally took Grant's white sock and ripped it off to expose his beautiful toes. He licked Grant's bare toes as the coach moaned with pleasure. Each man's underwear filled with their erect organs. Grant pulled Chris' dark socks off and joined in -- licking and sucking his friend's bare soles. After several minutes of mutual foot worship the two hugged and kissed again. They felt so good together and they wrapped their legs around each other as tightly as their arms. Their toes traced along each other's soles as they enjoyed the feel of each other -- body pressed against body, foot exploring foot. They knew that this was only a first, and that there would be many more afternoons of passion between the men and thier emerging foot and sock fetish..."

Grant and Chris 2-45

Grant and Chris 2-69

Grant and Chris 2-72

Grant and Chris 2-82

Coach Grant's Flip-Flops and Bare Feet

"Coach Grant has been busy lately coaching the baseball team at his high school. He told me that his feet have gotten a little rough - he said he has been too busy to take care of them well. He came over for a shoot in his flip-flops and his feet looked so masculine and strong. They are definately the feet of an athletic man who works hard and plays hard. They are also some of the most ticklish feet I have ever tickled. These size 10 1/2s always turn me on. I hope they turn you on too..."

Grant3-01 Grant 1-44
Grant 2-45

Coach Grant Nude - Socks and Bare Feet

Bare Feet Area

"Getting to know Grant has been a great pleasure. Not only is he a great guy and fun to be around, but he is also handsome, sexy and not shy at all about his body. He loves to show it off - and I'm not just talking about his feet. He also has some of the sexiest feet I have ever seen! They are also VERY ticklish too. If you haven't seen Grant getting tickled, be sure to look at those photos and clips!

The day we took these photos Grant came over wearing jeans with casual socks. His shirt hugged his chest in all the right places. Grant is a high school coach and he keeps his body in great shape. First he modeled those socks for me and then he pulled them off with his beautiful toes - a real turn-on for me. Once his socks were off it wasn't long before he asked if he should take his jeans off too. Before I knew it he was there barefoot and naked on the bed as I took photos. I also got some good video clips of his bare feet and naked body - check them out too!"

Grant 2-54 Grant 2-69

Grant's White Socks and Bare Feet

"Grant is a handsome guy who contacted me about being on my site. He thought he would like to show off his feet, because he thought his feet were pretty nice. I think he is right! He has very strong-looking, masculine feet. Plus, his body is great too! Grant is about 5'11" with size 10 1/2 feet. He drove from about an hour away to meet me for this shoot. Grant works as a coach at a high school here in Florida. He pulled off his shoes and let me get some shots of his ankle-high white socks. Then after posing those he pulled them off and let me get some close-up shots of his bare feet too. He has some of the nicest tops I have seen in a long time. He said his feet are ticklish too, so maybe he'll let me get my hands on those soles..."

04 32

Anthony Oakley

Cop Feet Archives

Officer: Oakley, Anthony
Age: 38
Height - 5' 11"
Weight - 193 lbs
Precinct - Mitchell, ND
Boot Size: 10, 14" shaft

Allegation: Officer Oakley is suspected of breaking into houses and stealing socks and shoes of men. He is suspected of wearing these stolen footwear items for his own sexual pleasure...

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14 38

51 53





T.J. Jordan and Gregg

August 14, 2008

"When Gregg answered the ad for straight porn actor, he seemed pretty laid back and easy going so we thought maybe he had done this before. Little did we know he was just divorced for the 3rd time and now he was ready to make up for all the fucking he’s missed out on.

When he walked into the studio, his jeans were so tight it looked like his bulge was going to burst out of the front. We brought in TJ, our bait boy, pretty damn hot himself, but what can you expect though from a sexy young nightclub dancer.

The guys hit it off really well and were ready for the girls. Of course you know the rules, first we have to see how they can perform. We told them to strip down and show us what they can offer. They took their shirts off and the light glistened off their smooth ripped bodies, but when their pants came off we know these guys were meant to be porn stars! Both had huge, thick cocks and no trouble getting them up. Gregg was rock hard and ready for some new pussy.

When we told him the girls couldn’t make it, he was so disappointed. He had been saving his big load just for this and really needed to get his rocks off. TJ’s mouth was watering the whole time as he watched Gregg stroke his piece."

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18 20


"Gregg is from Tampa and he's definitely got that hot daddy thang going. And what a smile! He's a professional type of guy who I think came Out late in life. His suit and tie really fit with the image I have of him going through his every day work routine.

His partner and him are both body builders of a sort, and you can tell his hard work in the gym has paid off, especially when you take a look at his age.

Gregg likes travel and hitting up the occasional circuit party. He and his partner are staying with me over the upcoming Labor Day weekend, and will likely attend most of the Perfect Day festivities. Depending on their schedule, I might sneak in a shoot with both of them, so if you've become a fan of Gregg's, there surely will be more to follow!

I really gotta get a video of him, cuz this guy raises the roof when he gets over"

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