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Brock Traynor


ALIASES: Brock Houston, Rambo
SITES: My Friends Feet, Paragon Men, Randy Blue, Thunders Arena

Brock's Dress Socks & Naked Feet

Featuring Brock Traynor

April 20, 2020

"I love the combination of a sexy man in a wife-beater and dark dress socks. You can tell just from looking at Brock's big arms and shoulders that he is no stranger to hard work. He moved up the ladder from the factory floor to management, and he still has the body of an ironworker. Today after work he just wants to get a bit more comfortable, take off his shoes and put his tired size 12 feet up. Luckily we get to watch as he does this, and he isn't shy. This sexy manager is very ticklish too - be sure to watch his video scenes in the links below."








Brock's Size 12 Dirty Bare Feet & Sweaty Socks

"A hot summer day with Brock and his sweaty, stinky socks and dirty size 12 bare feet at MyFriendsFeet is a dream cum true for us. Those soles of his are REALLY ticklish too! We found that out a while ago in a really hot tickling shoot. For this day though, Brock kicked back and showed off his sweaty, dirty socks and bare size 12s!"







Brock's Size 12 Feet In Flip Flops & Bare

"Brock is an MMA fighter and all around bad ass. We met him through a friend and we were talking to him about the site to see if he would be interested in modeling. He told me he didn't think he had nice feet because he is so hard on them with his fighting and his other job as a waiter. Right there in the restaurant he pulled his shoe and sock off to show me his foot. That was surprising! We told him we thought his size 12 feet are very masculine and very sexy. He said, "Man they are really ticklish too!" He is such a tough guy that the thought of his jock feet being ticklish made me get excited right there in the restaurant. He came by a few days later and he posed for these photos. We did test out those hot soles and he is indeed awesomely ticklish!"





Brock Is Tickled Naked By Two Guys

Brock Is Tickled Naked By Two Guys

"Brock was a surprise for the MyFriendsFeet tickle table. He's a pretty serious guy most of the time and a tough guy. But Dev was working out with him for a while and managed to talk him into being tied up and tickled. Awesome! It's always great to be able to turn the tables on dudes like Brock. They act all tough and stuff most of the time but once you get them tied up and start tickling them they turn into your play toys!"

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Brock's Sore Feet & Socks Worshiped

"Brock works long, hard hours so we offered to massage and worship his sore feet at MyFriendsFeet. Brock was a bit leery at first, being straight and all. But once the owner had his deft hands on Brock's socked feet the lad was soon changing his mind. What man in his right mind could turn down a professional foot massage' Not to mention the best heel licking and toe sucking in the business. Brock is smoking hot with his killer body and he sure loved being worshiped properly!"

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Super-Ticklish Jock Tickled Naked

"Brock was ripe for some tickle torture as soon as he walked into the MyFriendsFeet office. I knew I'd have him and after some coercing, I did. This muscular jock looks SO good tied up while getting tormented with tickling. Brock is very ticklish. On pretty much every part of his body. His lean abs were really fun to tickle the hell out of and his size 12 feet are a dream to touch, fondle and torment with lots of tickling!"

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Brock Houston

February 2010

"Suit freaks, here’s your fix! We also did not forget jock aficionados, and those who just love to ogle hot and hung nude body builders! Brock works out to heavy metal, plays football, and strokes his 9 inch cock twice a day. If you aren’t hot and bothered by this man’s man by now, pleas check your pulse!

He’s a sworn "tits and ass" man. Got em? Apply here!

For a living, Brock installs carpets. How about that shag? At the Paragon shoot, Brock arrived early and watched us shoot a couple other guys. This really brought out his competitive streak because Brock gave our cameras a primo side of his USDA-approved man meat!"







Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross

June 24, 2010

"Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross have been eyeing each other up for months. Two mountains of hot jock muscle just dying to get their rock hard cocks primed and ready for some intense hardcore fucking. Cayden starts off by engulfing Brock's monster member all the way down that talented throat of his. Brock is still new to getting sucked off by a dude and this technique drives him crazy, so he grabs Cayden's head and starts face fucking him. And since Cayden likes it rough, this turns him on even more until he's practically begging Brock to plunge his huge dick deep inside his hungry hole. And when their muscular bodies get slick with sweat and lube and Brock is busy ramming Cayden's ass with his huge meatstick it's all bulging biceps, flexing abs and bouncing pecks. Not to mention some sexy Glutes. And these two dirty musclemen are loud! There is so much moaning, groaning and dirty talk that you could get off just by listening. And it's all so damn hot that Brock shoots a big creamy load all over Cayden's six-pack abs."

WATCH Brock Traynor and Cayden Ross


Brock Traynor and Sean Everett

Marc 1, 2010

"The other day a friend of mine was going on and on about one of our newest models, Brock Traynor. I told him how Brock had done such a great job on his debut solo and I wanted to do something really nice for him when he came back to LA. My friend jokingly said that I should send Sean Everett over with a bottle of wine. Now, my friends should know better than to throw something like that out there because if it's a good suggestion, I'll use it. Sean shows off just how much he loves the cock and it's obvious that Brock is loving the attention of not only a really hot guy but also a very versatile performer, it made me realize that maybe my friends do know me better than I know myself because if they really want to see some cum gushing action with their favorite models, all they need to do is find a creative way of expressing it to me."

WATCH Brock Traynor and Sean Everett






Brock Traynor

January 17, 2010

"As the body spends hours and hours at the gym lifting weights and following a strict regiment of exercise it gets bigger, stronger and more defined. Muscles grow as the body takes on the appearance of a greek sculpture. Brock Traynor is no stranger to the gym. He's spent a long time honing his body into a strong, muscular work of art. He started out as a street fighter, using his body as a well oiled machine. But he soon found out that it was the working out and the building of muscle that was his biggest interest and he got more into bodybuilding. But don't let all of Brock's muscle scare you away. Beneath his rough exterior he's got a softer side and describes himself as kind hearted. And even with all his time working out, he still remains really active outside the gym getting into activities such as hunting and fishing. And you can tell he really likes working his cock. His huge bicep flexes beautifully as he works his arm up and down his thick rod. And the sounds that he makes while getting closer and closer to cumming remind one of the guttural grunts that you hear when the big guns are at the gym pushing themselves harder and harder."

WATCH Brock Traynor







Wrestler Rambo


Batar vs Rambo

No Holds Barred 08
Thunders Arena

"Batar (Gunner Pierce) and Rambo are trash talking each other when Batar catches Rambo off guard and jumps on his back. He wraps his arm around Rambo's neck and holds on while Rambo carries him around trying to get him off his back. Rambo finally drops down to the mat to get Batar to let go, then picks Batar back up into a fireman's carry. After carrying him around for a minute while he trash talks him, Rambo Drops Batar off his shoulders onto the mat. He quickly grabs Batar's arm to make him stand up and puts him right into a headlock. He holds Batar in the headlock while he wrestles him down onto the mat. Batar finally breaks free and flips Rambo over onto his back and schoolboy pins him. He holds Rambo there as long as he can, but Rambo pushes his way out of the hold. As soon as Batar stands up, Rambo rushes him and grabs him into a reverse bearhug. He holds him there for a while, then drops him, flexes for the camera, then grabs him again in a camel clutch. He lets go of the camel clutch, and immediately drops down to get Batar in a body scissors that he holds while flexing for the camera. When Batar has had enough, he uses dirty tricks to get free from Rambo's legs. Batar quickly grabs Rambo's leg to put him in an ankle lock. He doesn't get to hold it for very long before Rambo uses dirty tricks to get out of it. Rambo jumps up to his feet, grabs Batar's arm and pulls him up into a bearhug. He drops him on the mat and after a second, Batar recovers and uses dirty tricks to knock Rambo off balance and quickly flips him over his shoulder. With Rambo over his shoulder, Batar shows off by doing squats. He drops Rambo on the mat and flexes for the camera. He continues to torment Rambo with dirty tricks for a bit then bearhugs him and throws him down on the mat. Rambo uses dirty tricks of his own to grab Batar and put him in a headlock. He parades him around the mat in the headlock, then shoves him back down and starts kneeing him the gut repeatedly. While Batar is lying on the mat recovering, Rambo grabs him from behind in a headlock and uses more dirty tricks to torment him. Batar reaches back and grabs Rambo by the neck to flip him over onto the mat to return the dirty tricks. Batar is in control and steps over Rambo's shoulders to leg scissor his head. He falls over, bringing Rambo with him and keeps him in the leg scissors. Rambo manages to turn over and stand up while still trapped between Batar's legs. He uses dirty tricks to make Batar let go of him and gets free. Before Batar can get back up, Rambo jumps on him and pins him down on the mat and continues with the dirty tricks. Batar attempts to roll over out of the pin, but Rambo just wraps his legs around Batar's waist and traps him again. But Batar isn't out yet..."