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ALIAS: Lantana
SITES: Jimmy Z Productions, JockButt, Live Muscle Show, Muscle Worship, Powermen


Yummi Cosmin


"Work Out Routine and Diet: I train hard, 6 days per week. I love to train hard and use huge weights. I want to become Romania's first IFBB Pro. My offseason diet is KFC, Ice Cream, and Bananas. When I am in competition season, my diet is most tuna and food with very little fat.

Turn Ons: Nice people with good sense of humour, honesty, friendship. The sea, the mountains and sunsets, I like to travel and see new places and people, I like movies, food, cars, shopping, fashion, music, cooking, ice cream,and more.....;)

Turn Offs: I Cannot stand negativity! People who don't know how to live in the moment and enjoy simple pleasures. Unasked for criticism. Closed minds, jealousy, rudeness, laziness, lack of good manners!

Favorite sexual fantasy: I'm bisexual, and I love to fuck girls with big tits and love to fuck men outside in the open air.

Other Stuff: I am an open person, I like to live my life I am finishing my second year of University in Bucharest. I am a personal trainer and teacher. I have been competing since I was quite young, and I am the largest bodybuilder in Romania. I pray that god to help me in competition, and that I get a good sponsor to help me become Romania's first IFBB Pro."

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Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Melvin

Pure Muscle Worship

Featuring Yummi Cosmin and Melvin

"Melvin is a real muscle worshipper who finally got to explore his deepest desires. Worshiping Yummi Cosmin! We can't say we blame him, with Yummi's massive biceps, mountainous pecs and huge thighs! Persistent, dogged little pipsqueak Melvin gets to go where many have barely dared to dream. To get up close up and personal with a massive bodybuilder man toy: Yummi Cosmin has it all. And now, Melvin's got Yummi! Well, at least for the hour."

WATCH Pure Muscle Worship Featuring Yummi Cosmin and Melvin at Powermen.com!"






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Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Double Trouble

Featuring Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

"When big, MACHO European musclemen get together all they want to do is show off. Prove who the top dog is. We told Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck, we didn't want to wrestle with them...well, at least not for a few hours, yet. But sooner or later, those Eastern European men always get at each other. Sooner or later. LiveMuscleShow.com's Yummi and Yakov are like bodybuilding fantasies come true! They're ripped, huge and built. These two make everything they do a contact sport. From flexing in the gym to horsing around in the showers. We didn't direct these men, we just turned the camera on and let them play and you get to see the tension that builds between them. Friendly hugs become tugs of war as they fight to keep their hands off of one another; but they soon find a way to release their pent up urges."

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck

Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck Powermen Yummi Cosmin and Yakov Mukileck
Powermen Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

Romanian Trio

Featuring Yummi Cosmin, Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas

"Three more of those hot built, and horny Romanian musclemen meet to work out, box, wrestle, flex, and enjoy a mutual shower room jo session! Watch as steamy, lean-muscled Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas take on heavyweight Yummi Cosmin for the title of top muscledog... wonder who is going to win? One thing is certain....you're sure not going to lose when you check out these powermen in the native muscle-grunting habitat."







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Jimmy Z Productions

September 14, 2008

"This colossal Romanian Muscleman is as sexy as he is massive. With Herculean proportions, his size alone will amaze you. You'll quiver during his shower scenes wishing you could hand him soap on a rope or be his personal towel boy! This burly super freak is absolutely YUMMI!"



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Muscle Worship

"The Man I Met at the Muscle Beach"

Cinema 627

"There was no other way to describe it, it was a fantasy come true. For years, I'd had this fantasy where I would find some huge, hot bodybuilder at Muscle Beach in Venice, offer him some cash to come home with me and for the rest of the day and night, he would flex and pose and make love to me as no other powerful stud had done before."

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