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ALIASES: Lunt Dodelstrom, Martin Surovic, Suro Fiala, Steve Paradi
SITES: ManAvenue, Mark Wolff, PowerMen, William Higgins

Steve Paradi

Steve Paradi


April 22, 2010

"This muscle freak is all you need to start your weekend right. With a tight ass body, unshaven body hair, an ass to eat breakfast from and muscle worshipping while he poses and flexes with that rock hard cock...Steve is your man to jack to this weekend. Steve plays with himself on the sofa, walks fulled boned up to the hall for some more meat beating, then back into the living room to show you his straight-man asshole. After blowing a huge load on himself, he stands up while the cum is dripping down his abs for that final flex. Great show, Steve. Hurry back...."

Martin Surovic


"Shot on location in Prague. Martin has been bodybuilding for over 10 years and it shows. He packs plenty of thick rock hard muscle on his 5'10 frame. I capture a very hot scene in the shower with him stoking his 8" dick and the water slowly washing over his slick muscle. His massive cum shot at the end is pretty impressive as well."

Martin Surovic Martin Surovic
Martin Surovic Martin Surovic
Lunt Dödelström

Swedish Zippers are Loose!

Featuring Lunt Dödelström

November 30, 2009

"You know, when you're born with a name like Lunt Dödelström, you just have to take what life sends to you. And not unlike Johnny Cash's celebrated A Boy Named Sue, there's a certain thick skin that grows around such a man. Just check out that skewed smile on the right. Poignant, isn't it?

On the other hand, Providence saw fit to make it up to Lunt from the outset, because if you allow your eyes to wander down his torso a little ways, as we're sure you already have, you pigs, you'll see that Mr. Dödelström père, as it were, passed on a lot more to his son than just a weird ass name. Life has its balancing act. If you can pronounce his name - he's all yours. He'd be so grateful."

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Lunt Dödelström Lunt Dödelström

Lunt Dödelström Lunt Dödelström