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ALIAS: Mark Dalton
SITES: Falcon Studios, Jet Set Men, Muscle Worship, MuscleHunks, Paragon Men, Zeb Atlas

Muscle Worship

Mark Dalton

Cinema 713

"He is certainly one of the most handsome presences I’ve ever seen. Video can’t do this face and physique justice. It just can’t. Well, perhaps in the studio under highly controlled lighting and adjusting the camera to its most filmic cut. Even then, I doubt it’s possible to record the perfect features that require another spatial dimension offers the eyes. This sequence is from a tape we made with Mark a number of years ago,“The Model” and it remains among both his and my favorite muscle worship movies. I like Mark. His eyes window a kindness and basic goodness that are as clear and true as the soul behind them."

Mark Dalton

Mark Dalton


"Mark Dalton: Abs..olultely YES! His name is myth, which is why we flew all the way down to DALLAS—to find a city and a male model devoid of the drama you might expect. We found Mark ready to roll in his blazing HOT ROD!

Blond male beauty and an orange 70’s sex machine go together like the Dukes of Hazzard. And who wouldn’t want Mark to slide right into their front seat? He’s a life-long Texan, where they do everything bigger.

Check these photos and we dare you not to subscribe to see the sizzling videos of Mark Dalton's 210 pounds of tattooed bodybuilder muscle...milking it good!"

Mark Dalton Mark Dalton

Mark Dalton Mark Dalton

The Naughty Texan

Featuring Mark Dalton

"Mark Dalton is a country boy, in fact a farm boy from Texas. His Texan slang and his innocent looks might leave a wrong impression though: this farm boy had been around the haystack, the block and - now - the world. While we were taping his video we discovered a naughty, very sexual side in Mark. He is eager to please and has no limits!!! He goes all the way (hmmm)."

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Getting Levi's Johnson, Scene 1

Mark Dalton & Casey Monroe

March 12, 2010

"Levi’s backstage security guard confesses that he posed nude and was on the cover of magazines, doing exactly what they are asking Levi to do. And that it was no big deal. At Levi’s insistence, Mark starts stripping, removing his coat, shirt, shoes, pants and tie. He leans his tan, muscular and tattooed body back against the dressing room wall and works his big dick hard in his shorts. Finally, he takes them off, showing his great muscular ass as he jacks off. He bends over, exposing his butt hole to the camera, and keeps on stroking. He’s dying to go down on his own dick, but it always stays inconveniently out of reach. Massaging a pec and nipple and then thrusting a bunch of fingers in his mouth, he shoots his load in a long moaning cum shot. Levi, who has sat passively throughout, rubs a hard-on in his pants."

Jocks Studios Super Soaked

Super Soaked, Scene 4

Jocks Studios / Falcon Studios

May 23, 2011

"Super Soaked features the unforgettable debut of Falcon’s two latest spectacular Exclusives Roman Heart and Erik Rhodes, as well as a jaw-dropping performance by bad boy Mark Dalton -- in his first movie for Falcon -- doing things he’s never done before on camera for anyone else.

This sun-drenched summertime fantasy stars Falcon Exclusives Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Tristan Adonis and Josh Weston, and marks the Falcon debut of Mark Dalton. Also featuring Falcon Favorites Thom Barron, Jason Ridge, Christoph Scharff and Justin Wells, and introducing Newcomers Brent Everett and Drew Sumrok.

In Scene 4, Open as the mammoth Mark Dalton strokes his cock for the camera poolside... he pulls, plays with his ass and shows off his form for the camera.Cut to another poolside setting where rugged studs Christoph Scharff and Thom Barron double-team Josh Weston, ending uniquely with Josh erupting in a huge cumshot while submerged completely.When the last of Josh’s load has dispersed in the turquoise water, we return to watch Mark Dalton stroke off his own load... tugging and teasing he finally spills a hot shower of cum."

Jocks Studios Mark Dalton Jocks Studios Mark Dalton

Jocks Studios Mark Dalton Jocks Studios Mark Dalton
Mark Dalton Classic
"Mark Fantasizes on Me"

"After a Hot day that Zeb Atlas and Mark Dalton spent together, Mark woke up the next morning trying to forget but his hard cock couldn't."

2019 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic

Light Heavyweight (1st)
Masters Over 35 (1st)



2019 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic

Men's Classic Physique Class B (2nd)
Men's Classic Physique Masters Over 35 (1st)