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Gino from My Friends Feet


ALIASES: Anthony, Carlo, George, Jorge, Mystery Date, Penetrator, Rafael Gallo
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Rafael Gallo


March 10, 2010

"One look at Rafael Gallo and your heart begins to race, you feel a tightening in your shorts, if you're wearing any, and maybe, just maybe, your mouth begins to water. He's the kind of guy who not only turns heads, he turns bodies. With a beautiful olive complexion, his Greek heritage has given him some amazing genes and the hours he spends at the gym have given him an incredible body. He's done some modeling before but if you saw him waking down the street in a suit and tie you'd never imagine he had such an exhibitionist streak. Even though we talked about what happens when your pics go on a site like Randy Blue he still made a comment just before I took the first shot, 'I hope nobody I know finds out'. I love that about him, not afraid to take risks. And I think it's the idea of getting caught that was so alluring to him. Like guys that have outdoor sex with the threat of someone catching them being half the boner. And speaking of boners, Rafael's is really big. And when he shoots it's like a huge geyser that goes flying up into the air and lands splashing back down on his cock, lubing it up for more stroking until he's finally spent."




Vinnie D'Angelo, Nick Capra and Carlo

Fucking on the Job

Featuring Nick Capra, Vinnie D'Angelo, and Carlo

March 5, 2010

"In these tough times we decided to help a couple of our models out by offering them a job to paint the studio for some extra cash. They couldn't even get one damn corner of the room taped off before Nick Capra has his cock out! Boys will be boys we guess. At least we hired one professional painter, Carlo, who just shakes his head and does his best to ignore them. If Vinnie and Nick put 5% of the energy they use to suck cock and eat ass the room would practically paint itself. Nick, as always, is a beast in bed. Vinnie's thick cock has him writhing around in pure ecstasy. If fact, the action gets so hot that now Carlo isn't even working anymore! Well, the room may not get painted, but Nick certainly does. First Vinnie splatters his back and ass, then Nick pops onto his stomach, and finally Carlo sprays all over his furry chest. Break time is over boys, back to work!"








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Laundry & Leather Bareback Fantasy

Featuring Brock Armstrong and Penetrator

April 10, 2009

"Brock Armstrong is busy doing his laundry when he stumbles upon his leather jock. He puts it on, lays back and drifts asleep into a world of bareback fantasy... In this dream he finds a beautifully muscled hunk standing in the corner jerking off wearing nothing more than a mask, leather harness, and cock ring. Brock is also in a hot leather harness and sports a cock ring all his own. He makes his way over to The Penetrator and gets the mysterious stud hard and ready to fuck bareback. Brock takes it hard and fast, like any good bareback power bottom should, before he sprays his load while riding reverse cowboy. Laying next to each other Brock jerks off the Penetrator until he cums on his own rock hard stomach... Like all good things this fantasy comes to an end when Brock is awoken to find that he had fallen asleep masturbating on the couch. After getting cleaned up he finds a little something left in the laundry basket; maybe dreams do come true!"










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Mystery Date Massaged


April 28, 2009

"It's no mystery why I've brought back my "Mystery Date" for a massage scene. That gorgeous muscular body and amazing rock-hard cock of his just begged for a long, leisurely rub-down on my table. OK, so maybe I was the one doing the begging. Either way, you'll get to enjoy one of my favorite massages to date."






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Mystery Date Barebacks Jake


April 4, 2008

"My "mystery date" may be shy about showing has face, but he sure isn't shy about showing off the rest of his hot body. This ticklish, but not-so-shy guy fucks me bareback from behind nice and slow, just the way I like it. Then I mount his hard bare cock and ride him like a cowboy. Even after he comes, he stays hard enough for a second round of fucking. I'd really like to see this guy again, if only I knew who he was..."








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Jorge's Dark Socks & Bare Feet


"All we can say about Jorge is, "WOW!" This guy has a great body and he isn't afraid to show it all off for us. His big feet are great too. He has size 11 feet on his 5' 11" frame. We got him on my couch and he kicked off his shoes and let me take photos of his socks while he lounged around. Jorge is a really easy going guy with a very handsome smile. He pulled off his socks to expose his perfect feet for me too. We got photos from every angle of his socks and his feet. Then he pulled off his jeans and soon after the underwear came off too! As you can tall, Jorge is not shy about his body. We think the photos speak for themselves, so I'll let them talk to you now...Enjoy!"





Mffhq0216_jorge_054 Mffhq0216_jorge_058

Mffhq0216_jorge_074 Mffhq0216_jorge_081

Jorge's Bare Feet & White Socks


"Jorge is the "strong silent type" of guy. He has a beautiful body with great feet, handsome face and a great smile. Still, he is very quiet and reserved. There is something in his friendly demeanor that put me right at ease when we met him. He is also very funny and easy to be around. He loves cars and motorcycles and loves to talk about them. He works construction for a drywall company. We got the impression when we first met Jorge that he was shy, but once we got him in front of the camera the seeming shyness went away. He is not shy about showing off his beautiful body that's for sure! He came over and we had him model some white socks on his size 11 feet. First one sock came off and then the other as we took the photos. His feet are wide and fleshy and we could tell that he takes good care of them especially because he wears work boots all day on the job. Soon he was down to underwear and then...nothing at all. There's nothing like having a tall, hot barefoot man pose for you. We do love our job! Hope you like his pics..."




Mffhq0294_jorge_033 Mffhq0294_jorge_051

Mffhq0294_jorge_055 Mffhq0294_jorge_062

Jorge's Sandals & Bare Feet


"Always a favorite here at the site, we got together with Jorge again to so he could show off that awesome body and sexy bare feet. This time he was wearing soccer sandals, which we LOVE. His size 11 feet looked so great in them. When he took them off his wide soles still had the indentations from the "massaging points" inside the sandals. It was a hot morning when we got together and Jorge didn't look like he was quite awake when we started, but he perked up quickly as we started talking, shooting and interacting. Jorge curled his toes back and forth so we could see the soles of his feet get all those crinkles on them. He loves to tease me like that! we hope you like these photos as well!"


Mffhq0364_jorge_028 Mffhq0364_jorge_039

Jorge's Size 11 Feet By The Pool


"Jorge is a Latino dream cum true. He's SO sexy and mysterious. He smiles a lot, but there's some mischief in those dark eyes of his that I want to get to know more about. Jorge loves swimming, so I shot pics of him by a pool. His size 11 feet are incredible to look at when they're wet. They made me wet. Or rather, hard! He He."




"If you think that this young man looks like a classic Greek god, it is due directly to his Greek ancestry. I think he got the best gifts that the gods had to give. His heritage also added to his passion for sports and fitness. He has been featured in many fitness publications, calendars and greeting cards."


George0112 George0201

George0206 George0208

George0307 George0406

Anthony G


Age: 30
Height: 6'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Brown
Shoe Size: 12

"I have been wanting to shoot Anthony for a long time, finally our schedules worked out. And boy was I glad I did. Really hot feet and a body to match!"




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Anthony G



Anthonyg1_038 Anthonyg1_063

Anthonyg2_021 Anthonyg2_066