Luke Powers
Harold Holden
Claude Carroll


ALIASES: Claudio, Arthur Cosentino
SITES: Badpuppy, Muscle Worship, MuscleHunks, PowerMen

Powermen Claude Carroll

The Man Nobody Resists

Featuring Claude Carroll

"The hugely dicked, arrogant, bad-attitude muscleman Claude Carroll makes an appearance at, and he considers you lucky to get him here. As usual, bad boy kickboxer Claude would just as soon give you a black eye as talk to you on the street. But get him close and let him know - through very careful words and signals - that all you really want to do is admire the man's monster cock. Claude has a weakness for that. He just might indulge you there. In fact, he'd be glad to. Right after he's given you the black eye."

Powermen Claude Carroll

Powermen Claude Carroll Powermen Claude Carroll

Powermen Claude Carroll Powermen Claude Carroll

Powermen Claude Carroll Powermen Claude Carroll

Powermen Claude Carroll Powermen Claude Carroll
MuscleHunks Claude Carroll

Ruggedly Handsome Muscle

Featuring Claude Carroll

December 17, 2006

"You've asked for more Claude Carroll, and now you're going to get it! And Claude's going to make sure he's the one giving it to you, too. 10 all-new video clips featuring the amazing bad boy Claude himself. Presented to you in the MuscleHunks way....and you know what that means. Lots of muscle, lots of flexing, lots of cockshow, and a great manhandler jo scene!"

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MuscleHunks Claude Carroll

Young, Hung and Handy

Featuring Claude Carroll

March 5, 2006

"Claude's something of handyman. Can handle all kinds of odd jobs. He rents out by the half day. What's on your mind? What do you need done? Car repair? Electrical? Plumbing? At 6'1", 240 pounds, with a spectacular physique, and 20-inch cannonball guns, Claude would seem to have all the tools he needs: but wait: he has more. This man is ENDOWED. He's HUNG. In fact, he's HUGE. HUGELY HUNG. In other words, Claude Carroll has an uncommonly large, swingin' and swayin', heavy and pendulous cock. He thought you might like to know this before you both get down to work. So once again....what kind of work do you need done? And how bad do you need it?"



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Muscle Worship


Cinema 316: The Wall

"You're cruising in some strange city...suddenly you see movement in a darkened alleyway behind a beat-up gym; and there he is, waiting for you to admire him, up against the wall."

Muscle Worship Claudio










Model: Claudio
Age: 25
Location: Brazil
Job: LifeGuard
Hobby: The Beach
Sport: Weight lifting
Food: Seafood
Music: Pop/Dance



Arthur Cosentino

"Big Boy!"
Photography By Alexander Pictures
Men Magazine August '06

"Arthur Cosentino has a figure that commands attention. With a deep voice that rumbles in his chest, and his arms crossed, it's hard for us to tell whether he wants to be getting dirty with us, or start hurting us. Maybe both."


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