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Live Muscle Show Ustin Galtov


Ustin Galtov


"Ustin is a flirt. He’ll turn his head down just a tad, look at you with his fiery blue eyes, and you’ll know what it’s like when the hottest guy in the bar approaches you. He’s tall—everywhere. Once he gets naked and hard, you’ll gasp. Take a look at his videos on Musclehunks.com for a preview, then come on board to take ride on a long, long hose. Once you get going, Ustin will show you his devilish side. He’s a bit of a joker, but you’ll find yourself playing along. Especially when he turns around and shows off his amazing, beautifully rounded ass. Now, we’ve seen plenty of backsides around here, but Ustin’s perfectly shaped mound of two bubbles falls into its own category. And he knows exactly what to do with it. He gets up close and personal, showing you every part of his beautifully proportioned body. Ustin isn’t musclebound; he’s got definition. The muscles look natural—and hot. Very hot. But just wait until he takes his best muscle—that long pole we were telling you about—and shows you how far a long hose can shoot."

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MuscleHunks Ustin Galtov


Ustin Galtov


February 17, 2007

"The awesome supremacy of Romanian muscle has got to be the first big revelation of the 21st Century! Who knew that Bucharest could yield muscle men to rival Venice Beach? Welcome to Ustin Galtov, a long, lean - and hard and ripped - Bucharest bodybuilder with a bit of a difference. Huge cock? You bet. But this man also has a favorite pose...most often called the "Picking Up the Soap" pose. Check it out. Now. 16 all new video clips of 9-inch Romanian monster!"





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