Ustin Galtov
Sagi Kalev
Tucker Jennings


ALIASES: Todd, Zane
SITES: Chaosmen, Corbin Fisher, Jet Set Men

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Novak & Zane: RAW

October 16, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"I finally found someone to match Zane's height, stamina, and size!

I had been stepping Novak through the idea of doing more with dudes, and the Edge video kind of snapped him into the idea of doing full-on work.

So when he said he would top a dude, I knew Zane would love to take Novak for a ride.

And I really think Zane loved every minute of this video. He knew Novak would be nervous, got him hard with the skills he has learned, and he himself was hard practically the whole time. I think because finally someone could manhandle him!

Novak's still not ready to suck dick, but Zane did sneak a short kiss out of him and we got Novak in a position to jack Zane off, I guess pretending Zane's dick was his own. This gave ample opportunity for Zane to eat his ass out, truly one of the things he loves to do.

Novak soon got into it, and the notion of fucking Zane had him worked up.

Some amazing fucking going on as Novak and Zane are so evenly matched.

Once again we succeeded in having the cum fucked out of Zane. I love when this happens, because the top just can't believe that the bottom isn't in pain and is actually getting off to being fucked. I think that's the reason some of the "I will only Top" guys change their minds and try bottoming.

Zane was done, but Novak kept fucking him, pulling in and out and using a combo of jacking-off and plunging into Zane's tender asshole. He jizzes all over Zane's hole, and cum fucks him a bit with his rapidly wilting cock.

Extra extra HOT ending!"









Davin, Dyson & Zane: TagTeam RAW

September 18, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"I don't do very many TagTeams, mainly because they cost more, and I really don't make more on them. So if you love more than two guys, tell your friends and get them to join, 'cuz I like shooting them, but dang they get expensive.

Economics aside, I thought I would just toss three of my veteran guys onto a bed and they would just go for it. Didn't really happen that way.

Instead, all of them, even nutty Zane, seemed a lot more reserved. The video starts off a little awkward, but it does start to really ramp up during the sucking and fucking.

I had A LOT of footage and it was tough piecing it together AND keep the video to a downloadable size. Anytime a movie creeps up to the 25 minute mark, I know I will have members complaining about download speeds. There are some fast cuts and fades as I tried to edit this video down to a tolerable size, so forgive me if it seems a bit jumpy.

I thought for sure Zane would be the instigator, but Davin was the talker and he generally kept things going.

Dyson actually busts up inside Zane, and just like real life, there is just not much to show for it. I really tried to talk Zane into spreading his ass and squeezing the last drop out kind of thing, but I think I need to show them how it's down for them to get it right. Thrust, thrust, thrust, pull out, squirt once, shove back in! But it' the real deal.

What's not real is Dyson swore he could stay hard after cumming. He can with a girl after all. But can you really blame him?

So we did give him some time to reset and he continued to fuck Zane for a few. Zane loves to get fucked while he cums. Well, Dyson was spent. Somewhere along the way he plops out but keeps on thrusting, and thankfully Zane nuts in no time. I think Davin's giant cock in his face did the trick this time out.

And Davin! Talk about good timing! Zane barely catches his breath from nutting and is still in recovery mode when Davin cums all over his face.

It's dang hard to get these guys to cum near or at the same time and 3-ways are even more challenging. But each guy was able to cum in their favorite position (fucking, fucked, facial!), so not a bad ending to a crazy TagTeam!"
















Nash & Zane: RAW

July 17, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"This is like a dream pairing!

I know both Nash (Brody Wilder) and Zane really do love to fuck and get fucked, but they also are motivated to keep you fans happy.

Zane's dick tricks me every time with it's deceptively "normal size" that is in scale with his giant body. It looks like a normal sized cock, but when you see it in dude's mouth or ass, I realize I might have made the bottom bite off more than he can chew!

Thankfully Nash is not afraid of a little pain (clearly since he finished his arm tattoo!) So I thought he could handle Zane's width.

And with no muss or fuss, he sat right down on it. Slowly but surely grinding on it so he can control it. Some awesome footage here!

Nash stays wobbly during the fucking, but peps right up when it is time to fuck Zane, who is always in hog heaven when he has a dick up his ass.

Zane starts to feel like he is gonna nut while being fucked, so we switch back to Nash bottoming, and I think we got some different angles from underneath by using a nearby side table. Nash tries to nut in this way, but I think he needs to be on his back for that trick to work.

So we zipped on back to getting Zane's legs back in the air and I barely had time to get my cameras setup before he was nutting.

Nash gives Zane a facial and sucks the last bit of cum out of his dick!"














Silas & Zane: RAW

May 22, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"Wow! What a hot pairing!

I think I found someone to put with Zane that doesn't look miniaturized. Silas's body is just getting better and better, and though he is not as tall as Zane, Silas sure brought the muscle on this time.

I love working with Zane because he is down for anything. Silas has been bottoming a lot and I knew Zane likes to get fucked when he cums. So i knew it was time to have Silas top.

One thing I always forget is how meaty Zane's ass is. Despite Silas's not insubstantial dick, it's just dang hard to see him fucking Zane. Then of course each one of Zane's thighs is the size of small guy's waist, it's hard to maneuver him into position.

But Silas tries his best to fuck him and we even get to see him fuck the cum literally out of Zane.

Zane is also an amazing top, and I think we got some of the best fucking footage in this video. Lots of raw plunging in and out of Silas's hole! I put Silas in Reverse Cowboy position, one I knew he was really good at, and again, we got some amazing shots!

The video is long as they did lots of sucking, ass eating, and cock play that was just too awesome to leave on the cutting room floor.

This video has everything complete with Silas nutting all over Zane's face and Zane sucking the last drops of cum out of Silas's dick!"



















Vance & Zane: RAW

April 17, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"Vance seems to have taken a liking to bottoming especially if he gets to top.

His one requirement - Not to have the guy's dick too big.


Vance and Zane's schedules aligned and I was a bit optimistic (and evil!) thinking Vance could take Zane's big 'ole cock. And boy does he ever! It's fun to watch Zane fuck him, not realizing how big his dick is, splitting Vance in two.

The great thing about Zane, is he is equally happy being fucked, and Vance literally fucks the cum out of him.

So much great raw action in this video! Flip Flop fucking, kissing, and cum play!"
















Teo & Zane: RAW

March 20, 2009

"Once again, Zane's massiveness takes his partner a back.

I had warned Teo that Zane is a big guy, and when he got next to him on the bed, he just started laughing. But unlike Ransom, he got over it quickly and took over the situation.

I love watching Teo blow Zane till he's all hard, and then Zane turns the table and wakes Teo's dick up.

I was super happy, because both boys wanted to flip-flop. This was Zane's first real effort to enjoy the feeling, and between position changes, he thought maybe it would make him nut.

Both of them struggle to not nut in this video. In fact, look for Teo slowing down while he fucks Zane. He's trying his best not to cum! I of course had no idea what was happening, and likely would have let him blow his load in Zane, but I just thought he had run out of steam.

So after a bit back-and-forth ass-pounding, Zane gets doggy style, and moments after Teo gets it in, Zane is telling me he is gonna nut. You can hear me scrambling around as his arm came down and blocked the cock shot I had setup. I barely make it.

Teo bust his load all over Zane's ass, rubbing the cum all over the place with his cock!"










Ransom & Zane: RAW

February 20, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"This is an interesting video to watch based only on erections.

Ransom starts off by being intimidated by how huge Zane is. He felt um..petite compared to Zane's ginormous build. This was Zane's first "real" full time with a dude. Yeah, I had played with him during and Edge video, but we took baby steps, and most of the time he was blindfolded.

So I was a little worried when we got off to a shaky start. Both models suddenly feeling self-conscious.

But Zane took the lead, letting Ransom know he didn't have go slow, or he wouldn't break him.

And that's when you need to start watching the boners. Zane, who always is bone hard (He was hard in his jockstrap before starting the Edge video) just stayed pretty wobbly while Ransom gave him some really good oral.

But then Ransom takes off his pants, giving Zane a chance to play with another dude's cock, and wammmmo..his dick is standing at a attention. Maybe Zane likes playing with guys as well as girls?

Meanwhile, Ransom is focusing on getting Zane hard, and not really getting hard himself. Even when they 69, Ransom stays wobbly, while Zane eagerly sucks away, in total bliss to have a cock in his mouth.

We moved into fuck mode, and that's when Ransom's dick wakes up. Ransom was a bit embarrassed to admit it, given he thinks of himself as a Top, but he is really enjoying getting fucked. In fact, I should have put some out takes at the end, but we must have stopped 3-4 times cuz Zane was literally fucking the cum out of him. We would get going, and we'd have to stop or he'd nut, once he wasn't even touching his dick. Next time I'm just gonna let that happen.

Then Zane decided since Ransom was enjoying getting fucked, he wanted to have a turn. He was a little awkward, as he tried to find out how to put it in, but as soon as it is in him, he is riding it and actually making Ransom play with his dick so he can get off. A pro top and bottom!

Since Ransom was struggling to NOT cum, we tossed him on his back, and Zane shoved his bare dick into him until he himself a bit of a facial.

We thought maybe Zane would be able to pull out and nut, but Ransom was too tender to be played with, and clearly Zane wanted a dick to play with to help him get off.

We reset and Zane nuts all over Ransom's face, giving us a nice creamy kiss for an ending.

This video, truly, can't be missed!"









Zane: Edge

February 11, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"Did you ever want to make the high school jock sniff and eat his dirty jockstrap? I did. Maybe you do to?"









Zane: Solo

January 19, 2009

Comments from Bryan:

"Wowie Zowie! Zane is like a super hero!

Wholesome boy-next-door looks (for his secret identity), but with a body that would make any comic book hero envious.

And he is NICE too! He grew up in a small town, loves to party and meet girls in the big city, and most importantly, seems to be ok with doing guy-on-guy work.

He seems pretty confident he can do even more male-male, so I am super excited to bring you Zane, the newest member of the ChaosMen Team!"





Cade Fucks Todd

February 3, 2009

"I think it was pretty clear, when he got paired up to bottom for Brent, that Todd had a real curiosity about doing stuff with another guy and was more than willing to get fucked. It was pretty hot seeing the looks of obvious pleasure on his face as Brent did him, and immediately after I filmed that video I decided we really had to get another one shot, as well!

With Todd being so big and muscular, Cade seemed like a perfect partner for him as he is also a big, muscular, buff stud. Clearly, Todd appreciated that fact and you can see that from the looks on his face as the action gets going here! Just as he did with Brent, Todd gets this focused look on his face, as well as a smile he can't hide, that betray the fact that he couldn't possibly be more excited about what is going on. I think we've officially passed the "curious" stage and are at the point where he's just doing what he loves to do! As Todd sucks Cade's dick, it looks like a labor of love. I don't think I've ever filmed a guy enjoying themselves so much while sucking off a fellow CF stud. There are times where he's obviously sucking with the intention of making Cade feel good, but other times where he's obviously just relishing the fact that he has another man's dick in his mouth and is entirely consumed by that fact.

By the time we get to the fucking, both of these guys are in top form! Seeing all that muscle flexing, tightening, and glistening with sweat is pretty damn hot, and hearing Todd's moans as Cade pumps his ass is hot as heck. Cade's dick is definitely thicker than Brent's but Todd handles it with no problem!

There's something insanely hot about seeing a stud as big and buff as Todd getting totally worked over by Cade. He obviously couldn't be happier as Cade pumps his ass, and the closer he gets to orgasm the more he begins to talk dirty and beg for Cade to fuck him harder. Todd looks like he's in heaven as he covers his own rock hard abs in his load while Cade fucks him. He looks even more in heaven when Cade cums in his mouth!"











Fucking Todd

January 1, 2009

"Big, buff Todd made quite a splash when he first appeared on CF! He's quite a stud - incredibly tall, and insanely muscular. He has, as you can imagine, a tremendous presence when he's in a room. Likewise, that presence carries over on screen as I've been getting loads of e-mails asking about when he'll make an appearance again and whether he'll appear in action with another guy!

Well, the answer to both of those questions is right here! Not only is Todd back, but he's also getting in to some hardcore action with CF-fave Brent! What's more, Todd is getting fucked! I figure so long as we're jumping into a brand new year today, we might as well have one of CF's new studs jumping right in to the action and getting fucked for the very first time!

Todd was the perfect candidate to jump headfirst into action with other guys. Not only was there a great deal of demand among CF fans to see him do just that, but I also suspected he was pretty eager to do it as well! I never directly asked Todd if he was curious about other guys, and he never really brought it up himself, apart from to say he'd not really had any experience on that front. But none of that really matters as much as how he reacts to the things Brent does here in this video! I'm sure you'll agree that, judging by some of his reactions and the look on his face as he stares at Brent, there must certainly have been some curiosity there!

If you're curious about having sex with a guy and about to do it for the very first time, what better guy to do it with than Brent? He's a remarkable specimen of man, as well, and we know just how passionate, intimate, intense, and great he can be when breaking in a new guy! We've seen him make other CF studs' first time bottoming experiences pretty amazing, and so he was the ideal choice to do the same for Todd. Todd definitely appreciated it as well, and I don't think there's any doubt he thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

As we approach our 5-year anniversary and head in to our 6th year on-line, it's fitting that this New Years Day update features something that has become synonymous with CF - a hot stud losing his virginity on camera and discovering just how hot it can be!"










October 27, 2008

"Todd's intro video here on CF is especially striking given the recent introduction of Dylan. Whereas Dylan is 21 years old but looks quite younger, Todd has a physique that makes it quite a surprise when you find out he's just 19!

No doubt, Todd has spent a fair amount of his 19 years in the gym working out! To say he's buff would be an understatement, as he's an extremely muscular, cut, totally ripped stud! Beyond his muscular build, he's also tall, has a very masculine face, and is just a plain stud through and through! Indeed, when I first met him I was blown away by what a total stud he was and when I first saw him take his shirt off I was blown away yet again!

While he's a tall, built stud that some might find intimidating, his personality is totally chill and down to earth. He's extremely laid back, friendly, and was a real pleasure to have around when he came out for his shoot! One of the things he enjoyed doing the most was sharing workout tips at every opportunity. I'll be the first to say that with some guys, this can get kind of annoying. You almost want to say, "Is there anything else you can talk about apart from working out!?" It wasn't the least bit annoying with Todd, though, as he actually did have tons of other stuff he was always happy to talk about - from girls to music, jokes to sports, news to school - and, regardless of what you talk to him about, he almost invariably has a smile on his face, always looks interested in whatever is being discussed, and is always upbeat!

Suffice to say, I was quite eager to see him strip down, show off that body, and jerk off. As you'd expect, his muscles look insanely hot when they're covered in a layer of sweat and flexing and tightening as he pulls on his cock! He also has quite a hot pair of blue eyes that are a lot of fun to look into while he's laid back and stroking!"







TuckerJETSET-8112 copy

Pizza Boy Gangbang, Scene 2

Jet Set Exclusives Hayden Stephens & Landon Mycles, Joshua Logan, Chasen, Casey Monroe, Jesse Santana, Elijah Michaels, Parker Perry, Jake Lyons, Dayton O’Connor, Tucker Jennings
Jet Set Men

Scene #2: Landon Mycles continues to flirt, but this time with a restaurant crowded with horny guys short on patience and long on dick. Pizza “boss” Hayden Stephens sees it all and sets Mycles up to go down on all 10 guys. Cornered, Mycles delivers with very little gagging and lots of gusto to the full lineup of dudes, who then mix it up with a little butt pounding added into the mix, ending with Mycles, flat on the floor, being showered by every load and capping it off with his own creamy explosion just seconds after the last guy drops his jizz on him.

IMG_1395 copy

IMG_1496 copy

IMG_1560 copy

IMG_1697 copy

IMG_1762 copy

IMG_1483 copy IMG_2121 copy
TuckerJETSET-8112 copy

Pizza Boy Gangbang, Scene 2 & 3

Jet Set Exclusives Hayden Stephens & Landon Mycles, Joshua Logan, Chasen, Casey Monroe, Jesse Santana, Elijah Michaels, Parker Perry, Jake Lyons, Dayton O’Connor, Tucker Jennings
Jet Set Men

Scene #3: By the time all 11 guys shoot their first loads on Mycles (including himself), some are horny again, so the gang decides it’s time for the real banging to begin. Mycles and always-eager bottom Jesse Santana serve up their asses to the hungry crowd along with several other “plow me now” bottoms. Santana does double anal duty on the cocks of Stephens and Dayton O’Connor, taking both at once and also topping later himself, while the guys themselves mix and match in a relentless stream of ass slamming that cannot be ordered from the menu but sure delivers a heap of satisfaction to the almost dozen hungry, hungry hunks. The scene ends with each spraying out a second geyser of cum on the chest of the waiting pizza boy, who again shoots on himself and then, having completed his biggest delivery ever, flashes that killer smile.

IMG_2915 copy

IMG_2923 copy

IMG_3061 copy

IMG_3105 copy

IMG_3072 copy IMG_3236 copy
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